Subconscious Mind Power Exercises: Unlock Your Inner Power

Subconscious Mind Exercise #1: Autosuggestion Autosuggestion is the practice of “feeding” your subconscious mind with information which will help you to develop specific beliefs. For example, speaking, writing or listening to affirmations, especially while in a semi-trance or full trance state, injects those affirmations into your subconscious mind through the principle of autosuggestion. subconscious mind power inner genius If you make the affirmations which you’re writing, listening to or speaking consistent with goals you want to achieve or with personality traits which you want to develop, your subconscious mind will go to work and start attracting all the resources and opportunities needed to make those affirmations a reality.

Subconscious Mind Exercise #2: Afformations Afformation is similar to autosuggestion, except you’re asking questions of your subconscious mind instead of feeding it with information. Hypnosis specialists have found that a person’s subconscious mind contains information which a person’s conscious mind might have long forgotten. Many motivational experts such as Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and Deepak Chopra also suggest that the subconscious mind has access to information which a person might have never been exposed to. This information can be drawn out using Autoinquisition. This technique was used by musicians such as Ludwig Beethoven, J.S. Bach and also by inventors like Thomas Edison and Dean Kamen. Thomas Edison practiced Autoinquisition by sitting in his favorite chair and dozing off while holding metal balls in his hand suspended over a metal bowl, all the while focusing on a question about a problem he was trying to solve. The moment he would start to doze off, his hand would relax and the balls would clang into the metal bowl, waking him up. This allowed Edison to remain suspended between the sleeping and the dreaming state where he would have access to information in his subconscious mind.

Subconscious Mind Exercise #3: Visualization Visualization is one of the most popular methods for increasing subconscious mind power. Visualization is similar to autosuggestion in that you’re feeding your subconscious mind with the images which you visualize. However, visualization takes a lot more effort and concentration than autosuggestion because you’re literally using your imagination to create “synthetic experiences” including: smells, sensations, sounds, colors and full images. To practice visualization, you can start with simple shapes like squares and circles, then move on to picture more complex shapes such as letters, then to words and finally full experiences. For best results, visualize yourself having achieved one of your goals such as owning a specific car or house or being in the kind of relationship you want.

Subconscious Mind Exercise #4: Listening to Classical Music Musical therapists have found that listening to the music of artists like Mozart, Bach, Handel and Beethoven can awaken one’s higher brain functions, boost their capacity for intellectual thought and increase their intuition and creative imagination. This phenomenon was named “The Mozart Effect,” a term which was coined by first coined by Alfred A. Tomatis and was made popular by Don Campbell’s book, also called “The Mozart Effect.” An experiment published in Nature also suggested that listening to classical music, especially the music of Wolfgang Mozart, increased children’s scores on IQ tests. Some agriculturalists have even found that classical music makes plants grow faster and bear more fruit.

Your Workout Plan for Developing Subconscious Mind Power The following is a simple daily “workout plan” which you can use to increase your subconscious mind power: Morning Session: 15 minutes of solo piano music (Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms or Mozart) with guided visualization. Afternoon Session: 15 minutes of string music (Bach, Handel or Mozart) with Autoinquisition (focus on one question you want answered). Evening Session: write 5 daily affirmations and speak them out loud while looking in the mirror. Fall asleep listening to some quiet piano or string music. If you have the recording tools, add your own voiceover of your affirmations to the piano music.


The Strangest Secret in the World

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Unlock your Mind Power-The World’s Greatest Goal Achiever

Who Is The World’s Greatest Goal Achiever?

One rainy afternoon an inspired 15-year old boy named John Goddard sat down at his kitchen table in Los Angeles and wrote three words at the top of a yellow pad, “My Life List.” Under that heading he wrote down 127 goals.

These were not simple or easy goals.

They included climbing the world’s major mountains, exploring from source to mouth the longest rivers of the world, piloting the world’s fastest aircraft, running a mile in five minutes and reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica.

Now, a generation later, he has accomplished 109 of these quests, and has logged an impressive list of records in achieving them.

World-famous adventurer, explorer and goal achiever John Goddard shares his secrets on how to live your best life now, and a life without regrets.

John Goddard The World's Greatest Goal Achiever

My Life List, By John Goddard (* marks accomplished goals)


1. * Nile River 2. * Amazon River 3. * Congo River 4. * Colorado River 5. Yangtze River, China 6. Niger River 7. Orinoco River, Venezuela 8. * Rio Coco, Nicaragua


9. * The Congo 10. * New Guinea 11. * Brazil 12. * Borneo 13. * The Sudan (nearly buried alive in a sandstorm) 14. * Australia 15. * Kenya 16. * The Philippines 17. * Tanganyika (Now Tanzania) 18. * Ethiopia 19. * Nigeria 20. * Alaska


21. Mt. Everest 22. Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina 23. Mt. McKinley 24. * Mt. Hauscaran, Peru 25. * Mt. Kilimanjaro 26. * Mt. Ararat, Turkey 27. * Mt. Kenya 28. Mt. Cook, New Zealand 29. * Mt. Popocatepetl, Mexico 30. * The Matterhorn 31. * Mt. Rainier 32. * Mt. Fuji 33. * Mt. Vesuvius 34. * Mt. Bromo, Java 35. * Grand Tetons 36. * Mt. Baldy, California 37.Carry out careers in medicine and exploration 38. Visit every country in the world (30 to go) 39. * Study Navaho and Hopi Indians 40. * Learn to fly a plane 41. * Ride horse in Rose Parade


42. * Iguacu Falls, Brazil 43. * Victoria Falls, Rhodesia (Chased by a warthog in the process) 44. * Sutherland Falls, New Zealand 45. * Yosemite Falls 46. * Niagara Falls 47. * Retrace travels of Marco Polo and Alexander the Great


48. * Coral reefs of Florida 49. * Great Barrier Reef, Australia (photographed a 300-pound clam) 50. * Red Sea 51. * Fiji Islands 52. * The Bahamas 53. * Explore Okefenokee Swamp and the Everglades


54. North and South Poles 55. * Great Wall of China 56. * Panama and Suez Canals 57. * Easter Island 58. * The Galapagos Islands 59. * Vatican City (saw the Pope) 60. * The Taj Mahal 61. * The Eiffel Tower 62. * The Blue Grotto 63. * The Tower of London 64. * The Leaning Tower of Pisa 65. * The Sacred Well of Chichen-Itza, Mexico 66. * Climb Ayers Rock in Australia 67. Follow River Jordan from Sea of Galilee to Dead Sea


68. * Lake Victoria 69. * Lake Superior 70. * Lake Tanganyika 71. * Lake Titicaca, S. America 72. * Lake Nicaragua


73. * Become an Eagle Scout 74. * Dive in a submarine 75. * Land on and take of from an aircraft carrier 76. * Fly in a blimp, balloon and glider 77. * Ride an elephant, camel, ostrich and bronco 78. * Skin dive to 40 feet and hold breath two and a half minutes underwater. 79. * Catch a ten-pound lobster and a ten-inch abalone 80. * Play flute and violin 81. * Type 50 words a minute 82. * Make a parachute jump 83. * Learn water and snow skiing 84. * Go on a church mission 85. * Follow the John Muir trail 86. * Study native medicines and bring back useful ones 87. * Bag camera trophies of elephant, lion, rhino, cheetah, buffalo and whale 88. * Learn to fence 89. * Learn jujitsu 90. * Teach a college course 91. * Watch a cremation ceremony in Bali 92. * Explore depths of the sea 93. Appear in a Tarzan movie (he now considers this an irrelevant boyhood dream) 94. Own a horse, chimpanzee, cheetah, ocelot, and coyote (yet to own a chimp or cheetah) 95. Become a ham radio operator 96. * Build own telescope 97. * Write a book (On Nile trip) 98. * Publish an article in National Geographic Magazine 99. * High jump five feet 100. * Broad jump 15 feet 101. * Run mile in five minutes 102. * Weigh 175 pounds stripped (still does) 103. * Perform 200 sit-ups and 20 pull-ups 104. * Learn French, Spanish and Arabic 105. Study dragon lizards on Komodo Island (Boat broke down within 20 miles of island) 106. * Visit birthplace of Grandfather Sorenson in Denmark 107. * Visit birthplace of Grandfather Goddard in England 108 * Ship aboard a freighter as a seaman 109. Read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica (has read extensive parts in each volume) 110. * Read the Bible from cover to cover 111.* Read the works of Shakespeare, Plato, Aristotle, Dickens, Thoreau, Rousseau, Conrad, Hemingway, Twain, Burroughs, Talmage, Tolstoi, Longfellow, Keats, Poe, Bacon, Whittier, and Emerson (not every work of each) 112.* Become familiar with the compositions of Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Ibert, Mendelssohn, Lalo, Liszt, Rimski-Korsakov, Respighi, Rachmaninoff, Paganini, Stravinsky, Toch, Tschaikosvsky, Verdi 113.* Become proficient in the use of a plane, motorcycle, tractor, surfboard, rifle, pistol, canoe, microscope, football, basketball, bow and arrow, lariat and boomerang 114. * Compose music 115. * Play Clair de Lune on the piano 116. * Watch fire-walking ceremony (In Bali and Surinam) 117. * Milk a poisonous snake (bitten by diamondback during photo session) 118. * Light a match with .22 rifle 119. * Visit a movie studio 120. * Climb Cheops' pyramid 121. * Become a member of the Explorer's Club and the Adventure's Club 122. * Learn to play polo 123. * Travel through the Grand Canyon on foot and by boat 124. * Circumnavigate the globe (four times) 125. Visit the moon ("Someday, if God wills") 126. * Marry and have children (has five children) 127. * Live to see the 21st century