7 Steps To Turn Your Dream Into Reality

7 Steps To Turn Dream Into Reality

Do you want to achieve your goals in life with certainty?
What can you do to turn any goal from a dream into a

Here are definite 7 steps you can make today:

#1. Be very clear on exactly what it is that you want.

If it is money, decide how much you want. Write your
goals down on paper. Get a notebook to write down all
your goals in.I Make $6513 per Day!

#2. Be excited and motivated! Why do you want it?

Find compelling reasons that drive you forward.
How will you benefit from achieving these goals? Write
them down.

#3. Set a deadline. If you’re serious about achieving
your goals, decide by when you’d like to have your
goals materialize. Write this deadline down.

#4. Design a plan. Find out what you will need to do
to achieve these goals. Who will you need to talk to,
what books will you have to read?What courses you
need to enroll to equip yourself. Who’s ideas and
techniques will you have to follow? Design a plan
and follow it!

#5. Have faith. Believe in yourself, have absolute
faith that you will make it happen. This is one of
the most important steps. If you can believe, all things
are possible to him who believe!When you truly believe
in your heart that you will accomplish your goals,
when you can visualize it in your mind, you will
achieve them!

#6.Let go of your past failures and follow through.
Decide that whatever happened in the past has nothing
to do with now or the future. Take what you’ve learned
from your past mistakes and do it better!

#7. Review your goals every single day! Visualize
yourself already achieving these goals and living the
life that you want! Make it so real in your mind,
that you feel as if you have already achieved these
goals. Do this daily! And let this vision get you
through challenging times and/or temporary states of
boredom. Then, take massive actions. Do everything in
your power to make it happen!
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If something doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to,
adjust your plans accordingly and keep going.
Persist, persist, persist until you succeed!Get
started and never give up. Follow these steps and I
guarantee you will accomplish any goal!
Will you?

“As long as you are going to be thinking anyway,THINK BIG.”
~Donald Trump
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Tap Your Mind Power With Effective Affirmation Technique

Is there a powerful way to unleash your inner power?
Yes! By tapping your mind secrets with fffective
affirmation techniques!

Affirmation technique has been used by many successful
people for centuries. It has helped many ordinary people
achieved extraordinary results in their lives.
It has turned many failures into successes. It has made
many miracles in the history of human revolution.

However, majority of the people who have used affirmation
find it is not working. Why is this case? What are the
elements that people have missed out when they use
the affirmation techniques? I constantly ask myself
these questions, and seek for the answers. The result
is no one book gives the compete answers. Some tips
given in this book work for this specific situation,
and not for other situation. Another books give other
tips work for other situation, but not for this.
I have tested and filtered out the ineffective ones,
and left only what I call the ultimate secrets
for effective technique.

The purpose of affirmation:

Before I give you the effective techniques, I must
make you understand the true purpose of affirmation.
Simply stated, the purpose of affirmation is to pass
a command from the conscious mind to the subconscious
mind. The subconscious mind has this ability, if
anything it accept as true, it will do whatever it
takes to turn it into reality. The affirmation is to
pass a message to the subconscious mind, and let it
believe the message is true. So this brings to the
first element of an effective affirmation.

1.The affirmation must be believable to the
subconscious mind

Most of the affirmation the people used fail at this
first stage. They tend to give an unrealistic
message to the subconscious mind, and hope they can
get response. If you are financially broke, you say
to yourself “I earn $100,000 per year.” is this
believable to your mind? If your body is totally
out of shape, you say to yourself “I am very
attractive”, is this believable to your mind? I doubt it.

What if you are currently broke, and you want to make
$100,000 per year? What if you are out of shape,
and you want to make yourself attractive? I find the
best and easiest way is to use the word “I choose”
in your affirmation

Instead of saying “I earn $100,000 per year.”

Now say “I choose to earn $100,000 per year”

Instead of saying “I am very attractive”

Now say “I choose to feel that people find me attractive”

Do you feel the differences?

2.The subconscious mind seeks for proof

There is a misconception that the affirmation must
be repeated thousands of times before it could be
installed in the subconscious mind. This is not
necessarily true. You can use the repetition method
to embed your affirmation, but there is an easier way.
It is at the time you find the proof, state your
affirmation. Many people stay in poverty is because
they had associated pain to money. Whenever they spend
their money, they will think of their bills, loans etc.
This will automatically lead to ultimate pain. It is
the feeling you attached to money makes you rich or poor.

How can we turn this into our advantage? Instead of
feeling pain to spend money, what if we associate
pleasure to it. Next time when you go out for shopping,
at the moment you take out your money or credit card,
say this affirmation to yourself “I always have more
than enough to spend.”

See how you will feel. This works because the
subconscious mind sees the proof. As long as you
have some money left in your pocket, this affirmation
is always true, so the subconscious mind will believe.

How about we combine the first and second methods
together and make an affirmation like this “ I choose
feel that I am always have more than enough to spend.”
Say this at the time you spend your money. See how
you feel. You don’t have to repeat it thousands of
times, a few times of real life proof will make your
subconscious mind believes.

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3.The affirmation must trigger feelings

A fact about the subconscious mind is that it does
not speak in words, you can only communicate with
it through feelings, emotions. There are two methods
that you can use to trigger your feelings. First method
is to use words that involve feelings. Words like “fun,
enjoyable, comfortable, delightful” will work effectively.
Second method is to use imagination. Visualizing the
situation stated in your affirmation already comes true.
See yourself in that situation and feel the feelings.
Use effective visualization technique.

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4.The affirmation must obey the 3 Ps factors

The 3 Ps are positive, present tense, and personal.

Affirmations must be stated positively, instead of
saying “I am not fat”, say “I choose to stay slim”.
The reason for this is that before the mind knows
the meaning of I am not fat, it must think of what
fat means first. So saying that statement will
inevitably leads to the feeling of being fat.

Affirmations must be in present tense. Many books have
mentioned this. However, I only agree to some extend.
If you say “I have a luxury car”, your mind will not
believe you. The reason I include this P here is that
once it combined with the first technique, it will work
perfectly. Now say “ I choose to have a luxury car”.
Your mind will do its best to bring it into reality.

Affirmation must be personal. Your subconscious mind
only work for you, not for others. If you say
“Ann loves me”, it will not effective, because you have
no any control on Ann. Now say “I choose to feel
that Ann really loves me”. This time you are in control,
because you can control your own feelings.

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5. Personal development affirmation should be stated
in comparative

“I am confident” may not be as effective as “I am
becoming more and more confident”

A even better affirmation could be “I choose to
feel more and more confident”

The reason to use comparative is because there is no
end to how much confident you should become. You mind
may think you are already confident enough, and it
will not need to do any more work.

These 5 techniques are the most effective ones that I
have found from my research on affirmation. If you
can use all the 5 techniques, I guarantee your results
will be amazing. Even you only use one or two techniques
stated here, you will find your affirmations become
far more effective.

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Your Intention Power To Create Wealth

Power Of Intention To Create Wealth

Do you possess a magnificient obssession to attain wealth,
health and love and happiness in life? How do you
deliberately create these burning desire into reality?
Robert Anthony has discover the key to intentionally
materialise your desire goals.He called it
Rapid Manifestation.
Once you master the secrets to making things happen
intentionally and deliberately,You are on your way
to an abundant,joyful and happy life!

You are given the amazing creative power within your
subconscious mind.Using your mind power,you can make
things happen.Dream big dreams and go after them!
Once you understand the power of intention,you hold
the key to wealth, health,love and happiness beyond
your expectation! It works for the law of life is the
law of believe.If you can believe, all things are possible
to him who believe.Understand the power of intention .
Master the true secrets of deliberate creation.
The success is yours!
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Enjoy the following insightful article!
How the Power of Intention Alters Matter
by Dr. William A. Tiller

Scientific proof that human intention raises local
symmetry in the substratum of space.

As described in Celeste Adams's interview (see The
Conscious Creation of a New Paradigm),
Dr. William A. Tiller's studies and experiments have
proven that human consciousness "changes space."
And he explains how this works in a way that's easy
for us to follow and understand.

But further ?and of importance to the subject matter
of our current issue ?he demonstrates not only that
Zero Point Energy is, for all practical purposes,
absolutely limitless, but that in it lies our future

It's not a hoax, and it's not "science fiction."
It's science fact. It's real, and it's coming soon.

Proving Scientifically that Mind Affects Matter

Dr. Tiller's experiments to demonstrate the effect of
mind over matter began by imprinting electrical
devices with a specific intention. The imprinting was
done by four experienced meditators, people who
Tiller says were "highly inner-self-managed people."

Then this device ?imprinted with the intent ?was
wrapped in aluminum and sent by overnight shipping
to a laboratory 2000 miles away, where it was placed
beside the "target experiment" and turned on.

So, for example, the electrical device might be
imprinted with the idea of raising or lowering the
pH of water. And if the device was turned on in
the vicinity of a jar of water, the expectation was
that the pH of the water would be raised or lowered,
depending upon the original intent.

In the case of that particular experiment, they were
looking for at least a full pH unit of difference,
something large enough that the results could not be
attributed to faulty measurement (it's possible to
measure 1/100th or even 1/1000th of a degree of change
in pH, so one full unit is a lot).

So the first result was that they were in fact able
to achieve an unambiguous change in the water's pH state
simply through its being in the vicinity of an electrical
device that had been imprinted with that intent.
And they were able to raise pH (or lower it, depending
upon the intent) in this way by as much as 1-1/2 full
units, a very large amount.

The Effect of Repeated Experiments

It was when the same experiment was repeated over and
over, however, that the really significant effects
began to show. For Tiller has found and proved that
when intent is repeated in the same space, eventually
it becomes permanent. And when that happens, the laws
of physics in that space no longer operate as they did
before! (For a homely but meaningful analogy, can you
remember when it was "impossible" for man to run a
four-minute mile?)

When they kept running the same experiment over and
over again, Tiller says, the laboratory began to become
"conditioned," so that the same result would happen
more strongly or more quickly. And eventually, it would
happen even after the device was no longer in the room.

"In one of the spaces that we have used," Tiller says,
"the alteration in the space of the room has remained
stable for well over a year, and it's still going strong."
(Today, if you can't run a four-minute mile they won't
let you on the track team.)

In physical terms, what does this mean? What has actually
happened to the "space" of the laboratory room?

Tiller explains, "The experimental data we gather seems
to indicate that it raises what is called the 'physics
gauge symmetry' of the room."

For example, in one experiment they would put a disk-like
DC magnet under the jar of water for three days with
the north pole up, and measure the pH. Then they
would do the same with the south pole up. They wanted
to know whether there would be a difference in pH
change in the water depending upon which pole was up.

"In a 'normal space,' which is called a U{1}-Gauge space,"
Tiller says,. . .the magnetic force is proportional to the gradient
of the square of the magnetic field. This simply means
that if you do that experiment in a "normal space,"
there will be no difference, no matter which way the
magnet is turned.

In this "conditioned space," though, we have been able
to get differences of 1-1/2 pH units depending upon
which way the magnet was turned. Very big effects.

What this basically means is that the law of physics
which says that the magnetic force is proportional
to the gradient of the square of the magnetic field
has been changed in this space! Tiller says:

The only way that can happen is if you've raised the
gauge symmetry from the U{1} Gauge to something
approximating what is called the SU{2} Gauge. With
SU{2}-Gauge symmetry, you have electric monopole and
magnetic monopole substances functioning, not magnetic
dipoles as you have in a U{1} space.

So somehow, by our procedures, we have created mixed-gauge
symmetry. We've produced some elements of SU{2}-Gauge
symmetry, because that's the only way you can get a
polarity effect.That says that we are producing
domains of order in the vacuum!

The Vacuum Contains Non-Physical "Stuff"

But isn't the vacuum a ?well, a vacuum? Like, nothing?
No, Tiller points out, actually a vacuum contains
dense energy potential. But in U{1}-Gauge symmetry,
that potential is chaotic and amorphous. It has no
basic effect on the physical universe.

But with SU{2}-Gauge symmetry, he says, there is an
ordered alteration, a change that takes place.
SU{2}-Gauge symmetry actually changes the state of
the particles that make up physical reality. And since
Tiller has shown that the order thus created in the
vacuum is based upon human intent, this shows that
we can actually harness the power of the vacuum
through our consciousness.

How Much Power Are We Talking About

Assuming that we can use experiments like this to
learn how to tap the energy of the vacuum, how much
potential is there within this "vacuum stuff"?
Again, the answer to this begins with the understanding
that the vacuum is not empty or void. It's empty
only of physical matter. However, the vacuum contains
"energy density." This is actually the central
concept of "free energy."As Tiller says:

Quantum mechanics and relativity theory are the two
prime theoretical constructs of modern physics,
and for quantum mechanics and relativity theory to be
internally self-consistent, their calculations
require that the vacuum must contain an energy
density 1094 grams per cubic centimeter.

How much energy is that? To find out, Tiller says,
you simply use Einstein's equation: e=MC2.

Here's how this comes out in practical terms. You could
take the volume of, say, a single hydrogen atom
(which is incredibly small, an infinitesimally small
fraction of a cubic centimeter), and multiply that by
the average mass density of the cosmos, a number which
is known to astronomers. And what you find out, Tiller
says, is that within the amount of vacuum contained in
this hydrogen atom there is, according to this calculation,
"almost a trillion times as much energy as in all of
the stars and all of the planets out to a radius of
20 billion light years!"

If human consciousness can interact with that even a
little bit, it can change things in matter. Because
the ground state energies of all particles have that
energy level due to their interaction with this
stuff of the vacuum. So if you can shift that stuff
of the vacuum, change its degree of order or coherence
even a little bit, you can change the ground state
energies of particles, atoms, molecules, and chemical equations.

In conclusion, despite our attachment to it and our
feeling of its solidity and persistence, what we
think of as the physical universe is an almost
incomprehensibly miniscule part of the immensity of All That Is.

Our future, Dr. Tiller is telling us, lies in harnessing
the energies that lie hidden in the spaces between the
particles, atoms, molecules, planets, stars, and galaxies
of the physical universe. . .

"Matter as we know it," Tiller concludes poetically,
"is hardly a fragrance of a whisper."

Dr. Tiller's website is at
SOURCE: Spirit of Ma'at,
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How do you attract what you want into your life? What
is the true secret in the law of attraction?
There is one fundamental principle for you to attract
your desired-goal. It is your feeling.There is dynamite
and magnetic force in feeling which will attract
whatsoever you desire into your life situations.It is not
thinking,but feeling what you think about that bring
success to your desire or bring failure to what you fear.
As a man think in his heart, so is he.The heart is seat
of all emotions which really activate your inner
creative power for success.Mastering The Secret
Of Deliberate Creation Now!
Rapid Manifestation

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Your Inner Power To Transform

Your have the Inner Power to transform your life.
By changing your conscious thought,you are able to
change your life's experience,condition,and facts
of life! Your thought is magnetic and powerful.
How do change you thought?

The Principle Of Transformation

What you think about intently, with attention and
feeling is attracted to you. It can be material and
it can be spiritual. The power of attraction is a
universal power and manifests everywhere and in
everything. It is the power that holds the Universe
together. Without it there would not be any world.

On the other day, I was listening to Dr Wayne Dyer's
tape on transformation. Here is how he talked about
transforming. Think about the word transform, it is
made up of 2 words. The second word is form,
referring to our physical form, our body.
The first word is trans, meaning going beyond.
Transforming means going beyond the form, going
beyond our body, going beyond the material world.

Life is really about transforming. Since the date we
were born, we are consistently transforming. From
scientific point of view, this is absolutely true.
You, the one reading this book at this moment, are
different from the one minute ago. As you read this
material, millions of biological reactions are happening
in your body, your body is constantly changing.
Our body is consistently exchanging with the
environment every moment of our existence. For every
breathe we take, there are billions of atoms going
out of our body, and billions of new atoms coming
into our body. We are not a fixed solid entity.
We are energy that's constantly transforming.

Did I say that? Yes, we are energy. According to
quantum physics, every thing in this material world
is made up of atoms, every atom is made up of
sub-atomic particles. These sub-atomic particles
are nothing but energy vibrating in different
frequencies. So is our body. Our body is nothing
but a whole bunch of energy. Now, we have a new
point of view on our body, we are energy that is
constantly transforming.

Here comes the question that who is governing
this process of transformation. What is the force
behind? The answer is there is a divine
that is passing through everything. This is agreed
by both scientists and religion leaders. Some people
call this force God; I would like to refer it as
intelligence. This intelligence passes through everything
that we can see, touch and feel. It governs all
the material creation. If we could get in touch with
this intelligence, we can create anything we want
through its divine power. It is in fact within us
in every moment, even before we were born. The technique
used by many successful people in the human history
to get in touch with this intelligence is meditation.

Here is a meditation technique taught by Dr Deepak Chopra.
I find it is extremely effective and easy, I would
like to share it with you.

Sit comfortably in a chair,with your feet flat on
the floor. Put your hands on your thighs, facing upwards.
Keep your spine straight. Close your eyes and start
focusing on your breathing. As you inhale,
think of the word "So", as you exhale, think of
the word "Hum". Gently follow your breath, and repeat
the words in mind, don't try to control. Anytime your
mind goes away, gently bring it back to your breathing.
Do this meditation until 20 minutes has passed.

How to put this principle into practice?

Rapid Manifestation

Start shifting your perception about your body. Repeat
words "Energy, Transformation and Intelligence" many
times a day. You will start to see the world very
differently.See Deepak Chopra's book "Grow Younger, Live Longer"

Forgive yourself for any mistakes you made in the past,
knowing that you are no longer what you were in the past.
Every moment, there is a new you born and you are living
in this present moment with a new you.

Start focusing on your desires everyday; believe they
will come true absolutely, knowing that the intelligence
of creation is within you, you are the creator.
Communicate with this intelligence, and pass to it
your desires through daily meditation.

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There is magntic power in your thoughts.Your thoughts
attract their own kinds in material,physical,emotional
and mentally form.

Many activate the magnetic power of their mind
unconsciously, without knowing what they are doing.
When you know the rules, you become able to activate
the magnetic power of your mind consciously, positively
and effectively.

Visualizing and thinking with concentration, desire
and faith, and repeating these thoughts often,
unleashes powerful energy. Your thoughts get radiated
and broadcasted, influencing the minds of other people,
and attracting to you people who think along the same
lines as you do and who can help you with your plans.
This process also heightens your awareness and
perceptiveness of any opportunity connected with
your thoughts that comes your way, and fills you
with the inner power and initiative to utilize it.

Why not become conscious of your thoughts, choose
to think the ones that are beneficial for you, and
consciously and advantageously utilize the power of
attraction? You can attract people, circumstances,
events, possessions or a life style with the magnetic
power of attraction of your mind.
Transform your life with
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4 Secret Laws Of The Mind

4 Secret Laws Of Your MindPower

There are four basic laws of the mind that are used
to achieve instant, lasting success and self mastery:

1. Whenever the will and subconscious are in conflict,
the subconscious always wins.

If you have a negative thought pattern and try
to combat it with positive thinking you end up
strengthening the negative pattern. This is because
when you try not do something you have already
energised it in the subconscious mind. So, if I
say to you, "Try not to think of a pink elephant."
What happens? It is called the law of reverse effect.

2. Whatever image you hold before you will come
about whether you like it or not.

When imagining something you are programming
the subconscious mind. As there isn't time or
space at the subconscious level you have in effect
created your future. The subconscious mind is the
perfect servant and will create for you whatever you
imagine, whether positive or negative. That is why
you always get what you want and also what you don't want.

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3. Negative thoughts become positive thoughts when reversed.

In order to change negative patterns into
positive patterns all you have to do is change your
mind. This is achieved by turning the thought pattern
around thereby giving the opposite positive instructions
to the subconscious. Stumbling blocks become stepping-stones.

4. Your point of power is now and the effect is instant.

You have the power right now to turn your life around.
Any problem you did have was only there because you
continuously recreated it by energising the distorted
pattern. When reversing the negative 'mind set' the new
positive thought pattern is energised and the problem
disappears. In other words, if you don't work at your
illness you will get better.

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Tap Your Mind Power During Economic Uncertainty

You still can achiever financial success during
economic uncertainty if you know and use your
powerful subconscious mind power!

Tap Your Unlimited Mindpower Secrets!

Here is an interesting article for succeeding
in econamic bad times.

How to Thrive During Economic Uncertainty
By Alex Goumakos / Source:

If you’ve been following the news over the last couple of
weeks, you’ll know that there’s been quite a stir happening
on Wall Street.We’ve heard about collapses, bailouts and the
possibility of more to come.

On September 30 the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell
nearly 778 points, the largest single point drop in history.
Thankfully, a few days later, it had the 3rd HIGHEST
point gain on record.No question, the financial markets
are definitely unstable.Whether the situation quickly
improves or gets worse before it gets better, remains
to be seen.


The road to abundance and prosperity starts in your
own mind.

Many people believe that a new government will help
them to succeed.Many feel that lower food and gas
prices will make things better.

Still others blame the economy, taxes, the war in
Iraq and countless other factors which are beyond
the control of most people.

While all of these issues do have an impact on our
collective abundance and prosperity, they are all
inconsequential compared to the most important factor of all…

Your focus…

Energy flows to where attention goes.

What you focus on has the greatest impact on your
abundance and prosperity.

Now more than ever, it’s important to realize that
YOU and YOU ALONE hold the keys to your financial success.
In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really
matter what happens on Wall Street or any place else.

The only thing that matters is what happens inside of YOU…

“All personal achievement starts within the mind
of the individual. ~ W. Clement Stone

The fact is, you can still make money and enjoy a
wonderful lifestyle regardless of what’s happening
in the economy.

All it takes is focus, simple knowledge, and realizing
how powerful you really are.Sadly, many people relinquish
their personal power by inadvertently giving it to other
people, institutions and the government.

Personal power is also dissipated when we listen to
the news, especially economic news, most of which has
been terrible lately.

Now, I’m not saying to ignore economic and financial
news. That would be irresponsible.But what I am saying
is to not let it sour your entire outlook on what
is and isn’t possible financially.

“99.99% of what happens is not on the news.” ~ Loesje

For many people, bad economic news is a self-fulfilling

It gives them an excuse to complain and be negative
instead of being positive and focusing on opportunities
to succeed.

Please keep the following in mind…

Aside from the cold, hard statistical facts, most of
the financial pundits you hear on the TV and radio
are discussing opinion, not gospel.

And opinion doesn’t turn into prophesy unless you let it.

The reality is, opportunities are endless and everywhere.

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities
brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”
~ Charles R. Swindoll

The fact is, you are ONE IDEA away from your greatest
opportunity, regardless of the economic climate.

You are one idea away from solving any one of your
problems, whether it’s personal, financial or anything else.

One idea. That’s all it takes.

“Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Circumstances may “appear” tougher during uncertain
economic times, but in reality, opportunities to succeed
are still all over the place. They just may not be in
the same place you originally thought.

The Law of Cycles and Why Money is Still Really Everywhere

There is a natural, rhythmic order of things.

Everything you can see, hear or touch, everything
you can sense is subject to the natural law of cycles.

If you observe closely, you’ll notice that many events
tend to recur in cycles at regular intervals; the
four seasons, the rise and fall of the tides, optimum
agricultural plantings, animal populations,
and yes — even economic activity.

If you carefully observe your own life, you’ll probably
notice that you too experience natural rhythms of moods,
circumstances and energy levels.

In a recent article, The Secret to Money is Having Some,
I discussed the fact that the flow of money is governed
by physical and natural laws.

The fact is, the entire universe is subject to the law of
cycles and money is no exception.

But since money is merely a shadow of the value we place
in goods and services, there’s really no change in its flow.

Instead, there’s only a natural shift in the opportunities
required to create it.

“Resources are unlimited because our minds are unlimited.”
~ Paul Zane Pilzer

In other words, if you want a constant flow of money
in your life, you need to focus on two things:

1) You must properly structure your financial life
so no matter which phase of a cycle you’re in, money
continues to flow, and…

2) You need to be aware of and act on any new opportunities
presented to you.

Despite the bad news about the economy, some people are
still making a lot of money.

There’s no reason why you can’t be one of them.

Rapid Manifestation

Tips for Thriving During Economic Uncertainty

#1 - Start Your Own Business

I’ve been urging and showing people how to start their
own businesses for a very long time.

If one of your goals in life is to achieve material
wealth and financial independence, one of the quickest
and surest ways to achieve those results is through
owning a business of your own. Period.

Owning a thriving and profitable business beats
investing in the stock market, speculating in real
estate and other money-making ventures.

Believe it or not, but a recession can actually be a
wonderful time to start a new business venture.

Having been a business adviser for nearly 25 years,
I can tell you that some great businesses were started
during a recession.

The owners simply addressed a need during an economic
downturn which continued to be successful even when
the economy rebounded.

“Starting a business in a recession is like vacationing
in the off-season. It’s a little less crowded,
and everything starts going on sale.” ~ an entrepreneur

During a recession, entrepreneurs have to be resourceful
with their money in order to succeed.

A recession forces you to be smarter with your cash
than you might be otherwise.

It teaches patience and money wisdom; two qualities
needed to make a fortune.

If you already have a business, make it better by engaging
in strategic thinking.

Strategic thinking, or planning your business’s future,
often takes a back-seat during boom times because business
owners are too busy working in their business instead of on it.

By taking advantage of downtime to think strategically,
you can spot new opportunities you didn’t think you had.

This includes tapping new markets, launching new products,
streamlining operations and countless other
growth-oriented maneuvers.

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#2 - Pay Close Attention to What You Think and Say

During tough times, it’s easy to get into the habit
of thinking negative thoughts and making negative
comments, especially when the mass media makes it easy
for you to do so.Constantly thinking and talking about
the bad stuff will only serve to bring you — and anyone
around you — down.Before you know it, you’ll end up
in one of those self-fulfilling prophecies we talked
about earlier.Stay informed, but don’t keep repeating
what you hear on the news.
Remember, energy flows to where attention goes.

Monitor your thoughts and speech (including self-talk)
at all costs.

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” ~ Frank Outlaw

By focusing on the positive, you’ll also do wonders
for your creative thinking.
Creative thinking allows you to come up with solutions
to your problems.It also allows you to see new opportunities.

One of the biggest downsides to being in a negative frame
of mind is that it blinds you to opportunities.

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#3 - Take a Sharp Axe to Expenses

Not too many people like to talk about this, but if
you want to thrive during uncertain economic times,
it may be the perfect time to take a serious look at
every single one of your personal expenditures.

Actually, this is good practice at ANY time,
regardless of how much or how little money you have.

“Do not confuse needs with wants. All are burdened
with more desires than they can gratify.” ~ George S. Clason

Despite what many prosperity teachers claim, reducing
your expenses does not send out the wrong message to
the universe that you don’t have enough money,
and therefore you’ll just get more of the same.

On the contrary; I believe it tells the universe
that you are smart enough to handle more money.

Simple truth: the better you are at managing money,
the more of it you end up having.

#4 - Count Your Blessings Not Your Problems

If you really take stock of all the things you do
have in your life, I bet you will be amazed.

Too often people focus on what’s missing in their
lives and as a result, they ignore the riches they
do have; like a great family, a loving spouse, wonderful
children, fantastic pets, loyal friends, and the
freedom to be or do whatever they want.

Every so often someone will write to me and tell me
how desperate things are for them. Since I’ve been
there myself at one time, I can surely sympathize.

But I always point out the same thing…
How bad can it really be?

I mean, how bad can it really be if you are still
alive and reaching out to others?Many people around
the world haven’t had a bite to eat in days….

How bad can it really be if you are sitting at a
computer and writing emails?Some people around the
world don’t even have electricity or running water.
Ask yourself: how bad is it really?

Focusing on your blessings will cause you to feel

“Reflect upon your present blessings of which
every man has many - not on your past misfortunes, of
which all men have some.” ~ Charles Dickens

And when you feel grateful, you create a shift in your
thinking from the negative to the positive.

Being positive opens the doorway to your mind. Only
when its open, can opportunity can jump in.

Your Financial Destiny is in Your Own Hands

Remember, the road to abundance and prosperity begins
in your own mind.Money is unlimited because your
mind is unlimited.

Stay focused on opportunity and learn to take full
control over your personal finances.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not the bankers
or politicians who are ultimately responsible for
your financial situation, it’s you and you alone.


Tap Your Unlimited Mindpower Secrets!


Your Hidden Mind Power Screts

Do you know that there is a trementous hidden
mind powers in you? Not many people use it for their own success!

Yes!Within yourself is a hidden giant that can help you
to extraordinary success!Awaken the giant within within
you. Where is the giant?

The truth is the sleeping giant within you is your
subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is 30,000
times more powerful than your conscious mind.
To unleash your hidden potential, you have to tap
into your subconscious mind power. You hidden mind power.

World No.1 motivation guru, Tony Robbins, once said,
“All personal changes must take place at the
subconscious level.” To have permanent changes in our lives,
we must change the thinking of our subconscious mind.

How to program your goals into your subconscious?

"It is a psychological law that whatever we desire to
accomplish we must impress upon the subjective or
subconscious mind." Orison Swett Marden

Here are 2 simple exercises you can use right away to
program your goals into your subconscious mind.To tap
your hidden mind power .

1. Create a dream board.

Create a pictorial version of the goal that you want
to achieve and paste it at a place where you can see everyday.

A good place is your study table or at the right hand
corner of the windscreen of your car.

Richard Brooke wrote in his book Mach II With Your Hair On
Fire that he purchased a mock-up of the cover of SUCCESS
Magazine with his picture on the cover and looked at it
every day. 9 years later, he was chosen for the cover
of SUCCESS Magazine.

I used to paste a picture of my first dream car when I merely
had a couple of thousand dollars in my bank account.
1 years later, I bought the car.

These stories are not coincidence. That’s the power of
the subconscious mind.

As what Earl Nightingale said, "The mind moves in the
direction of our currently dominant thoughts."

Scientists will tell you that this method works because
of the R.A.S. (Reticular Activating System) in our brain,
which is our antenna or radar that attract things that
we focus to us.

2. Write your goals every night just before you sleep.

Every night, just before you sleep, write down your
top 5 goals, 20 times each. Continue to repeat your goals
in your mind until you fell asleep.

The reason for this exercise is to dominate your mind
with your goals while your subconscious mind is most active.

Do you have 'Lightbulb' Genius Moments which make you a success?

Have you got some very great ideas while you're showering, relaxing,taking
your dog to the garden?

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In fact, after reading the eBook I believe I hold the keys
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It's simply the power of the sub-Alpha state.

You see, the brain emits brainwaves and these brainwaves
can be categorized into 4 categories which range from
the most active to the least active. And one of these
brainwaves is the alpha state.

When the brain vibrates in the range of 7-14Hz - the alpha state,
many people experience sudden flashes of creative insights
or what I deem as 'Lightbulb' moments!

And this tends to happen when we are doing innocuous
activities such as bathing, or just relaxing. Now, there's
immense leverage behind this alpha state, doesn't it.

Can you imagine the possibilities you can create if you're
able to bring yourself to the alpha state whenever you need to?

Thankfully, the eBook went on to discuss several strategies
you can take to bring you to the alpha state.
Simple exercises but effective.

After reading the eBook, I went on to listen the interview
the author, Joel Chue did with Mind Science expert,
Master Coach Dev. And according to the source, Master Coach Dev
has been in this Personal Development industry for close
to 16 years and he did packed lots of good content in the
interview. He talked a great deal about influencing and
harnessing the power of the mind. The interview itself
is worth the investment and I did pick up some good information
from there. Furthermore, the interview was accompanied with
a transcript for easy reference to information revealed
in the interview.
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Probably the only flaw in this product is the sound quality
of the interview itself... but thankfully it was compensated
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I give this product 5 out of 5 knowledge points. You've to
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Your Winning Mindset For Success

Develop A Winning Mindset For Success

Achieving success begins with creating the right
mental mindset. You cannot expect to attain the levels
of wealth and achievement you desire unless you are
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In order to attain the income and life of your dreams,
you must reprogram your brain for success.

Your past does not have to equal your future when you
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Stop trusting in luck, hard work or positive thinking
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sabotages your financial success at every turn.And you
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You can only attract and earn the amount of income that
the signals (vibrations) your brain sends out resonate
with-no more and no less. (The irrefutable, eye-opening
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skeptical people.)

It will be an eye opening and even shocking experience
when you realize how much this determines your life-your
health, your wealth, your success, your level of achievement.
And it will be a tremendously empowering experience when
I show you in this program exactly how to control what
your brain is sending out and receiving in a way that
attracts the income and the life you've always wanted.

To sum up: You cannot expect to attain the levels of wealth
and achievement you desire unless you are in control of
the messages your brain is sending out.

You'll Learn the Real Reason "the Rich Get Richer
and the Poor Get Poorer" AND How You Can Use this
Knowledge for Your Own Enrichment!

Think of people who are wealthy-people you know
personally or people you've heard about. Have you
noticed that they seem to attract money? I would
suggest to you that they don't attract money because
they are rich. They are rich because of their
conscious-and unconscious-wealth building mindset.
They are programmed-at all levels-to consistently attract
and make money.

After all, almost all our actions (95%) are
automatically programmed responses that come from
our conditioning-not from what we're really capable of.

That's why most welfare recipients are the fourth,
fifth, and even sixth generation that has been on
welfare. It's not because of their ability. It's
because of their conditioning. But it's also why a
millionaire's child is more likely to make millions-they
are conditioned for and actually expect financial abundance.

This is why if you're not as successful as you would
like to be...if you're not making as much as you would
like to be making...if your life isn't yet everything
you would like it to need to know how to communicate
with this previously unknown part of your mind and re-program
it for what you really want now.

In addition, you need to get rid of the outdated and
mostly erroneous programming that came from what
parents, teachers and society have been feeding it
for so many years --- about what you can achieve and
how much you truly can earn.

In short, you need the mindpower operating manual
for your brain and you need it now!

I will share it with you in my Mindset for Success Program.
It's part of a process I call "Neural Reconditioning,"
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It cost me $500,000 and over 20 years studying millionaires
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>>>>Your Resources To Beat The Recession<<<<

You've heard it over and over: words like "recession,"
"credit crunch" and "market collapse."

The nay-sayers are broadcasting a lot of gloom and doom
right now. People are feeling panicked. It's almost impossible
to avoid.

Maybe you've given into the fear a little bit and
started worrying about what's going to happen next.
That's only natural.

But it's a dangerous place, because once you go there,
the negativity begins to feed upon itself. Pretty soon,
failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and that
is definitely not where you want
to be… so read on for some free resources that will
help you avoid going there.

Listen, this whole recession-depression thing is really
beginning to annoy me. We've all been through tough
times, and if you look backthrough history, the tough
times are when resourceful people find the really incredible
opportunities that end up making them rich!

Look, the way I see it, the recession is optional.
And I opt not to participate!

Here's the truth: The only economy that matters
right now is your own personal economy, the one inside
your brain, where one of two things are happening.
Either you are:

* Thinking the thoughts that are going to grow your
business now – no matter what.

* Or you're not.

It's really that simple. Of course you have to follow
through and act upon those thoughts (or else they'll
haul away your furniture).
But everything you want – more clients, more money,
your own financial freedom – is within your reach,
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I know this because I've actually been studying the
art and science of goal achievement for decades.
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power than you know over your destiny –regardless of
what's happening in the economy!

Again, I know that people are nervous, and maybe
you are too. But it's critical that you stay focused
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Reprogram Your Mindset for Success

Scientists were shocked to find that your conscious
mind controls only 4-6% of your brainpower (This means
that your self limiting "thermostat" or "autopilot"
which runs your non-conscious brain, controls 94-96%!)

Let me ask you: What do you think is the number of
connections-thoughts, memories, and pieces of knowledge-you
have the ability to make over your lifetime? Billions?
Maybe even trillions?

Another fact is that all that brainpower of yours
probably isn't where you think it is. Scientists have
also discovered that your brain has six completely
different levels. And fully five of these levels
(a whopping 83%!) are not known to-or controlled by-you
and your conscious brain.

But here is the most important fact about this very
significant part of your brain-a fact that can make
all the difference in your future financial success...

Without your even knowing it, this huge, powerful,
full-time processing system controls the rest of
your brain, the rest of you, and your entire life!

What's been programmed into it not only controls your
conscious thoughts-the thoughts you are aware of-but
also your feelings, your health, and the type of life
and income that you seek out for yourself. And your
brain's Google-like search system and neural
thermostats are only two of the ways it does this.

You've probably been at least somewhat successful in
your life so far-even if not to the degree you would
like. But can you imagine what you will be able to
achieve and earn with this additional 83% of your brain
when it's working 24-hours a day for you to create
greater success and income --- instead of against you
--- limiting what you can achieve in your life?

Want to know how? Once again, science now has the answers...
Your Brain Can Be a "Radio" Transmitting and Receiving
Information Critical to Your Success! What is your
radio broadcasting and receiving?

Your brain constantly communicates with itself,
your body, and the rest of the world. Yet you are
aware of only a very small fraction of these communications.

Think of it as a radio that is constantly broadcasting-and
receiving. You cannot see or hear the messages because
they happen automatically and non-consciously.

It is exactly like your situation where you are at this
very moment. Radio waves from dozens of radio stations
are in the air, waiting to be turned into music or talk
by a radio receiver. And just because you cannot hear
them does not mean they are not there!

Quantum physics is now showing us how powerful our
thoughts really are and how every thought we have affects
everything else around us.

You are constantly communicating with the world around
you and the world around you is constantly communicating
with you. And if you can't tune into and control what's
going on, you are at a tremendous disadvantage!


Comparison Between Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind

Psycho-Cybernetic Mechanism

---The author,John Assaraf is the publisher of

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winning mindset for success,prosperity,health and wealth creation.

Self-Affirmation for the day:
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Unlock Your Inner Power For Rapid Success

How do you tap you creative inner power for success,
prosperity,good health,love and wealth? Is there a
scientific method to unleash your subconscious mind power?
How desperate are you to achieve your major goals in life?

Here is a great article for your mind power success!Enjoy!

The article is entitled "You Get What You Expect"
By Dr. Robert Anthony,Excerpt from Advanced Formula
For Total Success

Whatever you expect to happen is determined by the thoughts
you dwell upon plus the intensity of the emotions behind
those thoughts. It is worth repeating that our subconscious
does not question the validity of the data we present to it.
It merely processes it and attracts to us what we believe
to be true.

If we are using imagery to change habit patterns,
we must see ourselves acting and reacting the way we
want to be in the future. It doesn't matter how we
acted today or yesterday. Once our subconscious gets
hold of our new thought, our brain-mind, functioning
together through our central nervous system, will take
over and we will automatically assume the new behavior
patterns. The key is to be able to picture or imagine
the end result so vividly that it appears real.

Your subconscious mind functions in terms of goals or
end results.Once the subconscious has accepted an idea,
you can absolutely depend upon it to take you to that
goal. If we will supply the end results, our subconscious
will supply the "how to." It will show you how to reach
that end result.

Think of the end results in terms of present
possibilities. They must be seen so clearly that they
seem real to your brain and nervous system.
The ultimate aim of affirmation and visualization is
to evoke the feeling that the goal is already achieved.

Feel as though it has already been achieved and your
imagery will pull you toward the end result that you
desire. Imagine it in as much detail as possible.
Keep using the imaging process over and over again for
the same goal. In the beginning, don't worry about
whether you are putting in enough detail. Every time
you visualize you will automatically incorporate more
and more detail.

Always put yourself in the picture.See yourself
involved in the activities of your goal. If you do
not put yourself in the picture, you may not be in
the end result. Suppose you want a new car - let's say
a new BMW. You visualize the car and faithfully
infuse your imagery with emotion, detail and repetition.
And then, all of a sudden, a new BMW comes into your
life. You look out the window of your house and your
neighbor is driving a new BMW! You now have new BMW
in your life, but you are not in it!

So, make sure you identify yourself with your goal.
All successful individuals have started with a
picture held in their mind. They visualized and
affirmed what they wanted to be, to do and to have.
And then they instructed their subconscious with
clarity and repetition.

---By Dr. Robert Anthony. This article is reprinted
with permission from the best-selling Advanced
Formula For Total Success and Rapid Manifestation Program.---

How do you RAPIDLY turn your dreams into reality?
Do y0u know that there are certain immutable laws that
govern the process of materializing our desires,
and once these laws are complied with, anyone can make
their dreams a reality -- with absolute certainty?

Why is Intention so powerful? Because whatever you
focus your intention on is what will show up in your
life. Said another way - your consistent thoughts
create your consistent results.

You should already know by now that you are the
cause of everything that happens in your world.
What this also means is that your present results
are the effects of your previous thoughts.

In other words, when you look at your world today,
you are actually looking at yourself as you were
yesterday. The world at any present moment of NOW
reflects your thoughts and state of being BEFORE
the present moment of NOW.

Your Intention sets the Universe in motion.
Intention initiates the creation of everything
you experience in your life. Your intention
literally sets the forces of the universe in
motion. Intention is powerful in itself.

But now... imagine multiplying the power of
your intentions exponentially so that the results
would not only be more dramatic -- but would also
manifest your desires at record speed.

Is there a formula that allowed you to bring
whatever you desired into your life almost magically.
How do you rapidly create the things you truly desired?

Dr Robert Anthony has created a surefire process
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The speed at which you attract anything in your
life is in direct proportion to the vibrational energy
you attach to your thoughts. The problem is most
people create the lives by default because they do not
consciously focus their energy on what they want. Instead,
they focus on what they don't want.

In order to attract what you want you must enter into
a clear, non-resistant state of mind. Once this
happens, the process works with mathematical
exactitude. There is no variation. It works perfectly
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Dr. Joe Vitale, author of the #1 best seller,
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My Million Dollar Desire

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A Review of Mind Power Secrets

How do you use your mind power and the tremendoue power of
the subconscious mind within you for great success and wealth
at any time?

I'm sure you've read about how personal development has
changed the lives and businesses of hundreds of people.

I'm sure you've heard about how Law of Attraction has
positively impacted the lives of so many.

Yet, not many people are aware of this but Law of Attraction
in the world of personal development is simply Mind Power!

The question you've to answer today is how would you
like to integrate both personal development and the
Law of Attraction and apply them for greater results?

If so, I hope you've heard of the "Mind Power Special Report",
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Go Mind Power Special Report

In the "Mind Power Special Report", you'll learn practical
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Don't miss out on this. There's nothing more thought-provoking
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Here is a newly released, "Mind Power Special Report: Secrets to
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were great content... discussing about the laws of the
subconscious mind and how you can unlock you real potential
when you understands it.

The metaphor given is that the subconscious mind or some would
call it the unconscious, superconscious or even universal is
akin to a magnet. It draws to itself things that correspond
with what it believes.

In brief, this is the Law of Attraction and Vibration.
If you've seen "The Secret", you probably know this better than
I do. So as I was saying about the Law of Attraction and Vibration,
our subconscious mind vibrates on the basis of our beliefs.
That is to say it will attract people and events related to these beliefs.

Your life is a reflection of the inner beliefs you have. As long
as one takes control of his thoughts and reprogram his
subconscious mind(with the tools given in the eBook), you can
attract and achieve whatever you want and put all that
self-sabotaging to an end.

And of course, the eBook goes on to discuss the different tools
one can used to reprogram his subconscious mind. They are
explained in an easy-to-understand manner and anyone can
really pick up those tools easily.

Probably the best surprise is the enclosed private
interview the author, Joel Chue did with Mind Science expert,
Master Coach Dev. According to the source, Master Coach Dev
has been in this Personal Development industry for close to
16 years and with his experience and expertise, he did packed
lots of good content in the interview. He talked a great deal
about influencing and harnessing the power of the mind. The
interview itself is worth the investment and I did pick up
some good information from there.

Probably the only flaw in this product is the sound quality of
the interview itself... but thankfully it was compensated with
the information given. Then again, at the end of the day,
for a product that costs $19.97, this is an excellent product.

I give this product 5 out of 5 knowledge points. You've to take
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Success Using Your Power Of Concentration

There is tremendous subconscious power being unleashed when you
use the power of concentration!

You may ask, "How to Focus Your Mind to Get Anything You Want?"
How do I tap my subconscious power for success and financial gain?

Read this story by Joel Chuev ,author of
'Creator of Mind Power Special Report'---

I was literally broke just 13 months ago... But I earned over
$250,000 in 2007... How did I do it?

It wasn’t rocket science... You just have to do CERTAIN THINGS
everyday... You can’t expect success by doing the same things
that lead you to failure

Read the following quote from MIT scientist Stuart Lichtman
that changed my life:

What’s the reason why you haven’t yet achieved what you
want? It’s not your parents, it’s not your friends, it’s not
your spouse, and it’s not your "bad luck"... It’s not the
world’s economic situation, it’s not the competition, it’s not
your boss... and it’s not president Bush...

The reason is you...

To be more exact, the reason is in your mind... and the
things you do everyday...

So, how did I finally do it?

First, I gave my mind a brand new, positive, empowering shift!

You have to know what you really want. Instead of focusing
on 3-4 goals at once, focus in ONLY 1 goal you want to accomplish in the next 30 days.

Write the goal in a piece of paper, in this format:

In my case, it was a monetary goal so…

"By the first day of January 2009,
I'll have in my possession $250,000, which will come
to me in various amounts. In return for this money,
I will have done whatever is necessary and
appropriate in my business (describe the business you already
have or intend to build) in an easily and fun manner."

Spend at least 30 minutes creating a mental picture of you
having achieved your goal in the exact date specified.

You will have to close your eyes and make it as vivid as possible,
involving all 5 senses (smell, sight, touch, hearing and taste)
as fully as possible in the picture you create in your mind’s eye.

The Focus Primer: You have to read aloud your description and
re-create your mental picture twice a day. First thing upon
waking up, and 10 minutes before bedtime.

This is how the mind works. Give it a target and it will hit it.

Now here comes the best part…

Translating Goals, Desires into Immediate Actions

Most people’s goals are nothing but weak desires. As a result,
they will always find excuses to stay within their comfort
zone and put it off. The ultimate way to achieve anything you
want lies in ACTION.

The 48 Hours Challenge

Grab a blank piece of paper and divide the page into two. On
the left side, write the goal you want to accomplish in the
next 30 days. And on the right, list down 5 things you can do
to bring you closer to your goal. Ensure that you have one
task that you can carry out immediately upon finishing this exercise.

And for the other 4 action steps you have listed, assign the
specific time and date that you will have it done, within the
48 hours assignment period.

Once you have done that, pin that piece of paper on your bathroom
mirror and start working on that first task you have set. Get
it done before continuing reading the rest of the report.

They say that taking the first step is the most difficult one.
We are often held back by inertia. The moment we start taking
the first few steps towards a goal, we will gain momentum and
continue on until we realize it.

By taking on the 48 hours challenge, to act on 5 action steps
within 48 hours of setting the goal, you break out of your
comfort zone and excuses and you are telling your brain that
you are SERIOUS in getting what you want!

And at the end of the 48 hours challenge, set aside 3 hours to
plan further action steps you HAVE to take EVERYDAY
(excluding weekends) to get you where you want to be.

Getting what you want is easy.

But if it’s as easy as I’ve said, why doesn’t everybody do this?
For every 100 people who had read this article, only 1 or 2 will
end up putting it into practice. Why? Everybody desires to
succeed, but only a few are truly COMMITTED to their goals.
Unless you truly want what you want… you will never take the
necessary action outlined in this report… for there’s always
something more important that comes up to fill up your time.

Are you ready to commit?

Are you ready to make the change?

Are you ready to get what you want?

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Just do it-Your power to success and prosper!
Nothing happen until something moves!

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"What the mind of man can conceive and believe,
the mind (subconscious power within) can achieve!
" Napoleon Hill


Your Creative Power Within For Success

Unlock Your Creative Power Within For Success!

Do you aware that you possess one of the most powerful forces in
the universe? How do you use it for your success and
wealth creation, that depends on knowing some secret
techniques in applying this potent creative power within?

An article by David Cameron Gikandi entitled
>>>Creator of Amazing Lifestyle Creation Formula<<<

Albert Einstein said that imagination is the greatest
creative force in the universe. Why would such a
great man say something that sounds
so silly and trivial? Look at those words again:
‘greatest creative force’.
Imagination? Not education? Nor money? Nor luck?

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich,
said that imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous,
inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known.
Before you pass him away as a crackpot, know that Mr. Hill
was an advisor to two U.S. presidents, was commissioned
by the great and wealthy Andrew Carnegie to teach people
about making their dreams come true, and has been thanked
by many of the greatest people around the world for the
success he helped them achieve. People like F. W. Woolworth
(founder of Woolworth’s), Woodrow Wilson
(former U.S. President), George Eastman (founder of Kodak),
W. M. Wrigley, JR. (Wrigley’s), and many others
have used his teachings to manifest their dreams.

Imagination is the force that takes you to places
you have never been.

Henry Ford relied on imagination and belief.
Walt Disney said that had he not seen Disneyland in
his mind, the rest of the world would not have
seen it on earth. Bill Gates first imagines his
products before they become actual software that we
rely on. And it would serve you well to remember
that many of the world’s greatest people started with
nothing and built empires. They had a dream. And the
universe conspired, as it always does, to let them
experience their imagination.The universe always lets
you experience your imagination, whatever it may be.

The Bible says ‘As a man thinketh, so shall he become’.
It also says ‘Without vision we perish’.

Your mind’s images are literally the blueprint from
which your world is built.

Your mind is infinite. What are your limits?
What are limits, except those that you say are so?
Why else would two different people have different ‘limits’?

Life is images of the mind, expressed. What this
means is that Life, The Source, uses your thoughts,
your mental images, as the instructions by which to
create your reality in the material world. Life expresses
your mental images into physical reality.

To express is to make known, to state, articulate,
communicate, convey. The force of Life makes known
your thoughts to yourself and everyone else by forming
them into experiences and objects that can be experienced,
here in the physical world.

You experience your own thoughts first hand, your images
of your mind, so that you may know which ones are suitable
and which ones are not. That is how you know yourself,
that is how you experience your self, and that is how you grow.

This is the supreme purpose of this physical world
that we are now in. It is designed to enable you to
experience your Self. It is designed to enable you
to experience an idea and its effects and consequences.

Life does not select which ones of your images to
express and which ones not to. How would it choose
for you? It therefore expresses all of them to the
extent that you have them and believe them. You have
true free will. This free will is truly free because
of the fact that all of it is acted upon without
filtering or favoring. Free will is truly free because
of the fact that it actually gets results all the
time, not just some of the time, and it gets them exactly.

Your ideas, visions and dreams, whatever they may be,
are the prophecies of what you shall one day become
and achieve. You can predict your outer life tomorrow
by looking at your inner self today. You can change your
tomorrow by changing your inner self today.

As you think, there do you find yourself. You attract
the people that have something to teach you in line
with your thoughts, people who have something to learn
from you in line with your thoughts, and you repel
those who have nothing more to learn from you and give
you in line with your thoughts. The same goes for
places and conditions, situations and environments.

Many things influence your imagination – past fears,
desires, poor mental training, lack of awareness,
sub-personalities, lack of goals – any much
more. But anything that influences your imagination
is under your control.

You can stop it simply by becoming aware of it and
releasing it. And this is where awareness,
consciousness, comes in as the key to clearing your mind
of the debris that brings suffering to you and sabotages
your success. If you would like to know more about
these things, see

Unlock Your Creative Power Within For Success!
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Use Your Inner Power To Profit In An Economic Downturn?

How to success in bad time?

Is It Possible To Profit In An Economic Downturn? Yes! Apply your mind power.Regardless of outside condition, you still can success when you awaken to your creative ppower within.Be creatively empowered.

“You define abundance. You decide whether or not to shrink or expand. You choose whether or not to participate in this line of thinking. This is wealth.”
Christine Kane

Recession? Seriously?

Well. The market is having some troubles. What can you do? Do you cower in fear, doubt, and uncertainly like the masses or do you…please forgive me for the cliché; do you make lemonade from lemons?

It’s true. Right now we’re living in some pretty uncertain times financially speaking. However, there’s always opportunity. The online world is still thriving. In fact, it’s growing. The self help and home based business is booming! The investment market is actually thriving – people are anxious to learn how to invest their money, protect their money, and still live the same quality of life they’re used to.

Warren Buffet just invested 5 billion into Goldman Sachs. Of course he had 5 billion to invest in the first place but this is a guy who isn’t casual with his money. And he just invested 5 billion in what many would consider the most unstable sector in the world.


He sees an opportunity.

It’s what successful entrepreneurs do.

Successful entrepreneurs are typically risk takers. Not blind risk takers who jump into a pool of hungry sharks without looking first.

Instead, they spend a bit of time evaluating the risk and then deciding whether it’s worth jumping in. That doesn’t mean that every single light is green and it’s 100% okay to make the jump, or investment. But it means they know what they’re getting into. They understand the risks.

Along with understanding the risks, successful entrepreneurs understand, and look for, opportunity.

Think about Amazon, Paypal, and even the folks over at MySpace. They saw a potential opportunity and took some very big risks – boy did they pay off.

Despite what the mainstream media will have you believe – those opportunities are still available. The only difference between five years ago and today is the collective consciousness – if the media is telling everyone that the economy is good and invest, invest, invest – the collective buys into it and boom – everyone and their brother are taking huge risks with the comfort that the financial guru they saw on CNN the other night said it was a good thing to do – the economy is great.

Now the same financial guru is telling everyone to buckle down. Save money, don’t spend. Hold tight to your investments. Don’t take any risks.

And the collective conscious believes it. They hold tight to their money.

The result…missed opportunity.

Assuming you do your homework, analyze the market, and understand the risks – the risks are the same as it was 5 years ago. The opportunities are the same.

What is required to recognize and take advantage of these opportunities?

A good attitude is a must.

A good attitude means you’ve established the desire to be wealthy. Now that may sound very simplistic. Everyone wants to be wealthy, right? No, not really. Some people are quite content at their current income level what ever it may be.

And many of those who do desire great riches let other desires, beliefs and myths about money get in the way. Napoleon Hill outlined six steps to achieving Desire as it relates to attaining wealth. They are:

#1 Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. (This is very much part of the visualization and goal setting process and is critical to success) At first you may think, “Oh okay, I want a million dollars.” Then you’ll think, “No, this is a visualization exercise, right? How about six million dollars?” Then the doubts will start to enter your mind and you may drop down to $100,000. The goal here is to let go of those limiting beliefs. If you want six million then fix that amount in your mind.

Perhaps you need to do a little bit of thinking, meditating, or even planning on how much money you want. That’s fine. Take your time. It’s important that you’re comfortable with the number you’re seeking.

#2 Determine exactly what you are willing to give in return for the money you desire. It’s the old you don’t get something for nothing philosophy. This is actually a great way to help let go of your limiting beliefs about money particularly if they relate to money being inherently bad. What would you do if you achieved the monetary goals you’ve set forth? Will you donate a specific amount to charity each year? Will you volunteer your time? Will you employ people and offer a great salary and benefits package? What are you willing to put out there?

#3 Establish a specific date for receiving or earning the money goal you’ve established. Tomorrow, right? You’d like that six million dollars tomorrow, please. Okay, now step back and consider what may be more reasonable. Not too reasonable mind you, you probably don’t want to set your goal 20 years in the future however 12 months isn’t unreasonable is it? Neither is six months, or even three.

#4 Carry out a plan to begin – Mr. Hill recommends taking action whether you are ready or not. You can’t spend your life planning, it’ll just pass you by. So how are you going to make this money? What’s going to happen or change in your life to make it happen? Are you going to write the next Harry Potter? Are you going to develop a software product or game that sells out all over the world? What skills, talents, and knowledge do you have, or you have access to, to make it happen?

#5 & #6 Create a written statement for the first four actions described above and then read it aloud twice a day. Once when you’ve just woken up and once before you go to bed.

This process as it was laid out by Napoleon Hill in 1937 and supported by wealth coaches, personal coaches, professional coaches and mentors all around the world, may seem a bit simplistic at first glance. However, upon implementing it you will see it has a very powerful effect on not only your attitude but your motivation as well.

Visualization is a technique that successful people in all walks of life utilize to improve and to achieve their desired results. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home parent who aspires to build a six figure business or an Olympic athlete – visualization and establishing a desire to achieve are a necessary first step to real success and wealth.

An economic downturn matters. Of course it does. However, where there’s the desire to succeed, where there’s openness to success, wealth, and the power of opportunity, there’s a real chance to profit – desire is the first step. Apply your inner power for success, wealth and prosperity! You can if you think you can! Believe.Your beliefs of success and prosperity will one day create the facts! Use your creative and tremendous subconscious power now!

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