4 Secret Laws Of The Mind

4 Secret Laws Of Your MindPower

There are four basic laws of the mind that are used
to achieve instant, lasting success and self mastery:

1. Whenever the will and subconscious are in conflict,
the subconscious always wins.

If you have a negative thought pattern and try
to combat it with positive thinking you end up
strengthening the negative pattern. This is because
when you try not do something you have already
energised it in the subconscious mind. So, if I
say to you, "Try not to think of a pink elephant."
What happens? It is called the law of reverse effect.

2. Whatever image you hold before you will come
about whether you like it or not.

When imagining something you are programming
the subconscious mind. As there isn't time or
space at the subconscious level you have in effect
created your future. The subconscious mind is the
perfect servant and will create for you whatever you
imagine, whether positive or negative. That is why
you always get what you want and also what you don't want.

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3. Negative thoughts become positive thoughts when reversed.

In order to change negative patterns into
positive patterns all you have to do is change your
mind. This is achieved by turning the thought pattern
around thereby giving the opposite positive instructions
to the subconscious. Stumbling blocks become stepping-stones.

4. Your point of power is now and the effect is instant.

You have the power right now to turn your life around.
Any problem you did have was only there because you
continuously recreated it by energising the distorted
pattern. When reversing the negative 'mind set' the new
positive thought pattern is energised and the problem
disappears. In other words, if you don't work at your
illness you will get better.

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