Attracting Prosperity And Success

Attracting Prosperity And Success

How do you attract prosperity ? By reprograming your subconscious mind?
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How do you attract success and prosperity in life? Here is an excellent
article for you.

>>>>Attracting Prosperity - 4 Tips for Changing the Way You Think About
Money By Pete Koerner <<<<<

Attracting prosperity is easier than you might think - unless, of
course, you've never been prosperous before. In other words, some of
the people who are trying to use the Law of Attraction to bring
themselves money already know what it's like to have money; they have
just decided to try and attract more money than they've had before - in
which case, more of what has already worked may be in order. But, if
you have never "owned" the feeling of prosperity, you'll need to learn
new thoughts and develop new points of reference for the way you think
about, and relate to, money.

Of course, even people who already have a "prosperity consciousness"
need to think, reflect, or consider the way they've been thinking and
acting all along. Many of these people weren't conscious of what they
were doing to become prosperous; they were simply "unconsciously
fortunate" - a condition that arises from certain kinds of parenting or
upbringing (programming and conditioning). To create a different
version of the same thing requires using a similar recipe; and, like
trying to discern the ingredients in your favorite desert by tasting
it, great attention must be given to the more subtle ingredients of
their own life.

But what about people who have always been at some level of poverty or
disarray in their lives? How do they create something new when they
don't have any idea how one of those "things they wish to become"
thinks, speaks, or acts? Typically, these folks also keep doing what
they've always done; they just do it HARDER - hoping for different
results. Of course, they get different results; but those results
amount to "more of the same." To attract something different than you
already have, you need to think differently than you've thought up to
this point.

Here are some ideas you might consider when thinking about attracting

Stop thinking about money. That plan has not worked so far; the way you
have been conditioned to think about money has produced, and will
continue producing, the results you are currently experiencing. The
only way to stop thinking about money is to train your mind to think
something else when a money-thought arises. Try thinking about what you
can do for others and the Universe will start thinking about what it
can do for you.

Give money away. If you can't do this, you have found an underlying
fear that is showing you the truth about your "true," unconscious
thoughts about money: "There's not enough. And, if I give it away, I
might not get anymore." This is not only a "diagnostic test," but a
sure-fire way to create money flow in your life. When money flows out,
it always flows in - unless you keep thinking constricted thoughts
about it. Be generous -- not wasteful, or "showy." If you're trying to
be the "life-of-the-party-lighting-cigars-with-hundred-dollar-bills-
guy," the Law of Attraction may have some surprises in store for you.

Of course, if you give away all your money without releasing your
attachment to it, you will feel, first-hand, the misery of your
addiction. Don't give in to fear or greed; these are phantoms that kill
the creativity you will need in order to create a new condition for

Don't make people ask you for money; offer it if you think there is a
need -- anonymously, if possible. You want to release any "money
control," or other "control issues," in order to open the flow of money
THROUGH you. Not one penny has ever originated FROM you - money always
flows through you. Be kind and charitable; and help in any way you can
whenever you see a need.

Think Rich. When I say, "Rich," I don't mean, "Extravagant,"
"Wasteful," or, "Excessive." Rich people don't waste all their money
buying lots and lots of stuff; they buy the best of what they need, or
truly desire. Make no mistake here, not all people with lots of money
are "Rich;" you will encounter many "affluent cheapskates" in this
world. Don't think too much about them; those are poor people with
money - a much worse affliction that simply being poor. Learn to be
rich; then create lots of money if you want it.

Just imagine Peace, Joy, and Fun in everything you do. Develop a plan
to serve other humans doing something you love, or truly enjoy, and the
fruit will be heavy on the vines before you know it. If you truly find
joy in the way you spend your time, you are already rich in spirit;
just relax and let that energy spread through the other areas of your
life. The key to happiness is not money; the key to creating money
(unless you have no ethics at all) is happiness, love, and service to

Do these things, and think "rich" thoughts, and your expressions will
ultimately sustain you beyond your current ability to dream. Remember,
money is not the ultimate goal; people want money because of the
happiness or peace they believe it will bring them. If you find that
happiness and peace first, you are on your way to mastering the Law of
Attraction. Do what you love, and let the money follow. It always does.

>>Pete Koerner, author of The Belief Formula
Pete Koerner has put the Belief Formula to the test throughout his life
– flying airplanes, helicopters, driving fire trucks, scuba diving,
mountain climbing, kayaking, ...

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