Use Your Power Of Attraction For Success

Tap Your Subconscious Power By Using The Law Of Attraction
Within For Prosperity,Health And Success Now!

How to use the law of attraction for success?

If you want to use the law of attraction to automatically
program abundance,healthy and wealthy thoughts
into your subconscious mind.There is a definite program to
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Here is an interesting article on how to use the law of
attraction for business success.

>>>>>“The Power of Attraction” by Matt Bacak<<<<<

The power of attraction concept has become very popular
in recent months. The power of attraction is a mindset
that you can have things attracted to you if you take
the right steps. For example, if you change your mindset
from worry to confidence then you will attract the things
you desire. Another example is to let your desire be known
and send this information out into the universe.
The universe will respond by sending the things you
desire your way. Many people believe that this concept
is extremely powerful.

Are you looking for ways to improve your business?
What specifically do you desire? Do you want to make
more contacts? Do you want to earn a higher income
each month? Begin by writing down the things that you
desire. For example, you might want to earn $10,000
per month. Then set a goal a little higher than this
amount. For example, make your goal $15,000 per month.
Believe that you can achieve this goal each month.
Set your mind on a positive path.

In other words, look for the impulse that comes from
within and act on it. You have planted a seed within
yourself. Your job is to act on the signals from
this seed. Those actions will set you in the direction
of your dreams and intentions.

Here’s an example of the power of attraction at a
conference. There are hundreds of people at the conference.
They were instructed to get out 3 business cards.
On the back of the first card, they were to write down
something they wanted that someone on this planet can
provide. They had to be specific.

For example, they are looking for a particular product
or person. The power of attraction dictates that they
can find somebody in the room that has what they are
looking for or know someone who does. They repeated
the process with the two other business cards as well.
They have planted their order in the universe because
these people wrote their desires down.

Here’s another example. One man wanted to talk to the
famous business man Richard Branson. This man thought
about it in the airport and suddenly a magazine
article about Richard Branson appeared to him in the
airport gift shop. The man now has a chance to contact
the author of the magazine article so he can eventually
meet Richard Bronson. This shows the power of attraction
and networking. This also shows you that your desire
can come to you in some surprising way.

Follow this exercise and get your desire out in the
universe. They may just come true.

This article is written by Matt Bacak,

How to you use tha law of attraction to make more money?
Well,your money is a manifested condition or effect of your
inner beliefs .Your convictions about money becomes the cause.
You attract money as you have first built the equivalent of
money beliefs into your subconscious mind.The law of
attraction will bring about the manifestation of money
supply to you.No doubt you need to work toward achieving it
by exchanging value added services or products.But money
would not come to you in abundance until you believe and
accept the abundant supply of money.

How to use the simple but amazing power of your mind to
attract money? You can reprogramming your subconscious mind
with a self-affirmation or self hypnosis tool.As you build the
consciousness of prosperity and wealth into your subconscious
mind,the creative power within will surely bring it to
materialize as your new conditions-wealthy and successful

Use the
Sculptor Software
to reprogram your
subconscious mind,to build a success consciousness of prosperity ,
making more money,health and wealth .Your new consciousness
will activate the law of attraction to work for you!
This powerful affirmation tool is one effective way to
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works for your success and properity today!


How To Succeed With The Law Of Attraction

There is a Law of ATTRACTION operating within us.
We are ‘living magnets’. We attract people, events
and circumstances that ‘harmonize with our own dominant
thoughts’. As the saying goes,
” Like Attracts Like,Always.”

Here is an article by Byron Stuart,enjoy!

—The Law Of Attraction-What It Is And How To Use It.—-

There is one very important thing you need to know about
the mythical Law of Attraction and that is that it is
not a myth. Perception is projection, we all have the
ability to make choices to change our perception and
therefore what we project. What you focus on in your
thoughts matters as your subconscious will direct your
conscious mind to get that which you think about. If you
are convinced that you are going to fail at something you
most likely will, you need to focus on ensuring your actions
contribute to positive outcomes.

The Law of Attraction dictates that your thoughts, words and
deeds will attract similar thoughts, words and deeds from
those you have contact with, as the Bible states
“as you sow, so shall you reap”.
Once you understand The Law of Attraction you can make a
conscious effort to radiate positive energy. You should
analyze how you treat others and look inwardly to discover
your true motivation. Apart from changing your thoughts
you can start by smiling more and frowning less, a smile
will actually improve your mood as well as that of others.
If you find negative emotions re-entering your life then go
back and examine your thoughts again, ask yourself questions
like “Am I manifesting these emotions into my life with my
thoughts?”. Do not be discouraged when you find yourself
slipping a little, it’s OK, step back, reflect and refocus
your thoughts.

The Law of Attraction fundamentally requires you to recognise
your own self worth and have a positive self image. You’ll need
to be careful about your thoughts as well as your actions as
what you believe about yourself will attract like minded individuals.
Spend time in quiet reflection or meditation to enhance the
peaceful vibrations you send out. Be at one with the lifeforce
of the universe (God or whatever your belief is) for this is the
source of real love. Tap into the power of incantations, say
your positive self beliefs out lound with emotion, use present
tense as if you already possess the qualities you desire.

Do not allow yourself to think negative thoughts, you’ll get what you
focus on. Ensure that any decisions you make have a self honoring
outcome. Keep thinking about the energy you’re projecting,
if it’s not the sort of energy you want back then you’d better
change it.

There are other laws that work in conjunction with The Law of
Attraction, The Law of Pure Desire, The Law of Paradoxical
Intent and The Law of Harmony.

The Law of Pure Desire requires belief and surrender. Be motivated
by love and chase your desires passionately. Incant what
you’re hoping for and let your subconscious drive your beliefs.
Do not self sabotage by believing yourself unworthy.
Visualise your future often and with feeling. Trust that
the outcome you desire will come, totally surrender any attachment
to it. Be prepared for answers that are not quite what you
anticipated but nevertheless achieve the result you were
looking for.

The Law of Paradoxical Intent above all requires trust,
letting go and knowing that happiness will come to you.
Be very clear about your intent and do not allow yourself
to be distracted. Be calm and relaxed, desperation will
not achieve what you want. Your happiness must be measured
internally, not by external factors. Be thankful for what
you have and do not concern yourself with what you have not.
You cannot control the future, revel in the present and enjoy
the journey or fear may get in your way.

The Law of Harmony is about not judging people. Create loving
relationships with everyone and everything you come into
contact with, the universe will pay you back in kind. All things
in moderation, try and be balanced as to how you spend your
time, honor yourself as well as others. Life is not a
competition do not live as if it is. Be on the lookout for
opportunities to be compassionate, one day you may need it
yourself. Be motivated by love to serve, guilt has no place
in attracting light. Seek unity with your fellow human beings.
Will you choose to focus on beauty, peace, happiness, and love,
or to dwell on the faults of others or the world? It’s up to you.

Remember your subconscious mind does not know the difference
between your imaginings and reality so your focus can become
your destiny.

Let your true desire guide your thoughts, let
your thoughts guide your words and actions, The Law of
Attraction will take care of the rest.

>>>>>By Byron Stuart.Copyright (C) 2005 My Life Primer Helping
people find their life path

Use this
Affirmative Software
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to build a success consciousness of prosperity ,making more money,health and wealth .Your new consciousness will activate the law of attraction to work for you! This powerful affirmation tool is one effective way to reprogram you inner being.Let's put the law of attraction works for your success today!

Like Attracts Like,Always. Here is your answer to your success-

Use Affirmative Software for Subconscious Mind Reprogramming


Tap Your Thought Power To Get What You Want

"Whatever you vividly imagine,ardently desire,
sincerely believe,and enthusiastically act upon
must inevitably come to pass.”
William Arthur Ward

“A person cannot directly choose his circumstances,
but he can choose his thoughts, and so indirectly,
yet surely, shape his circumstances.” James Allen

The Power Is Within You!
When troubled times come,
And they surely will,
Don’t lose courage!
Be ever mindful that something great
Comes out of every misfortune
Never forget that after the darkness
Comes the light!
In your gravest hour, know
That this too shall pass.
Believe in yourself, trust in God,
Open your mind,
And accept that anything is possible
As long as you possess the daring
To dream it!
You can reach for the stars
And be all that you desire to be.
The power of life is within you;
Find it, and you shall find yourself!

Tap Your Subconscious Power Within For Prosperity,
Health And Success Now!

If you want to automatically program abundance,healthy
and wealthy thoughts into your subconscious mind.
Here is a definite program to help you to achieve this goal.
It is a proven subconscious reprogramming program called Sculptor 3 Affirmwave.

Money is a manifested condition or effect of your beliefs or cause.
You attrat money as you have first built the equivalent of
money beliefs into your subconscious mind. No doubt you need
to work toward achieving it by exchanging value added services
or products.But money would not come to you in abundance until
you believe and accept the abundant supply of money.
How to use the simple but amazing power of your mind to
attract money? You can reprogramming your subconscious mind
with self affirmation or self hypnosis software.

Use the
Affirmative Software
to build positive money,health and
wealth consciousness beliefs is one effective way to reprogram
you subconscious mind. Put the law of attraction in action.

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of your subconscious mind:
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Develop Business Success Attitude That Never Fail

Develop Business Success Attitude That Never Fail!

Here are some positive attitude to build your business-the
fundamentals of building highly profitable business.

In The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles suggested
that:"Give every man more in use value than you take from
him in cash value; then you are adding to the life of the
world by every business transaction."

"... you do not have to get something for nothing, but can
give to every man more than you take from him."

The key word here is *more*.

"You cannot give every man more in cash market value than
you take from him, but you can give him more in use value
than the cash value of the thing you take from him."

"The paper, ink, and other material in this book may not
be worth the money you pay for it; but if the ideas suggested
by it bring you thousands of dollars, you have not been
wronged by those who sold it to you; they have given you
a great use value for a small cash value."

On the other hand...Wallace D. Wattles continued...

"Let us suppose that I own a picture by one of the great
artists, which, in any civilized community, is worth
thousands of dollars. I take it to Baffin Bay, and by
"salesmanship" induce an Eskimo to give a bundle of furs
worth $500 for it. I have really wronged him, for he has
no use for the picture; it has no use value to him; it
will not add to his life."

"But suppose I give him a gun worth $50 for his furs;
then he has made a good bargain. He has use for the gun;
it will get him many more furs and much food; it will
add to his life in every way; it will make him rich."

Therein lies the secret to getting and keeping customers,
and thus the secret to building a *highly* profitable business...

Give every person with whom you deal more in use value
than you take from them in cash value.

By giving every person with whom you deal *more* in use
value than you take from them in cash value, you're *adding*
to the life of the world with every business transaction,
rather than taking away from the life of the world with
every business transaction, and thus putting yourself in
the way of increase.

In The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles had
this to say on the subject:

"You must so impress others that they will feel that in
associating with you they will get increase for themselves.
See that you give them a use value greater than the
cash value you are taking from them."

"Take an honest pride in doing this, and let everybody
know it; and you will have no lack of customers. People
will go where they are given increase; and the Supreme,
which desires increase in all, and which knows all, will
move toward you men and women who have never heard of you.
Your business will increase rapidly, and you will be
surprised at the unexpected benefits which will come to
you. You will be able from day to day to make larger
combinations, secure greater advantages, and to go on
into a more congenial vocation if you desire to do so."

Giving more in use value than you receive in cash value
is the single, most important concept you could possibly
apply to your business...

It's the secret to building a highly profitable business...
one that'll last!

Give and you shall receive. Give more than you receive always.
This attitude of life will guaranteed you an abuundant
living, successful business and enjoying loving relationship!

Your succes attitude of "Giving More" will create wealth, health
and happiness in life!

You need to master the art of "Know How To Be Rich" too!

There are many motivations behind the desire to be rich…

Security… riches and abundance… the admiring stares from
beautiful woman and handsome men… or how about simple “certainty”…

Certainty that you’ll never have to worry about paying the bills,
certainty you’ll be able to shower your partner with surprise
gifts whenever you want to, certainty you be in a position to
send your kids to college or help a loved one in a time of need.

Certainty that you’ll never run out of money – ever!

The truth is, abundance is a natural state. If you don’t
have abundance you are flowing against the universe instead
of with it. You are focused on survival and not consciously
creating what you want. Instead you are unconsciously creating
what you don’t want.

Dr. Robert Anthony specifically designed “Know How To Be Rich” to breakthrough
this default mode of survival… to convincing both your logical
or conscious mind and your subconscious mind of the benefits
of going TOWARD what you want instead of AWAY from what you don’t want.

Once you do this abundance will flow into your life effortlessly…

You see, knowing how to be rich is far more important than
the actual making of money. If you don’t first know how to be rich,
you will never hang onto any money you do make. And in most cases,
you will struggle to ever amass money in any great amount
in the first place.

But now there is a guaranteed no-nonsense way to get the results
you want…

You can toss aside all the self-improvement, goal setting and
positive thinking programs that HAVE NEVER YET delivered for you…

I say that quite confidently: I personally do not teach positive
thinking. To me,by the time you think positive it is too late.
It is important to understand that is not our thinking that
creates our circumstances, but the emotion that is attached to
our thoughts.

All of this Dr Robert Anthony explains in crystal clear detail in
“Know How to Be Rich” program that has helped thousands to be
rich and enjoy financial freedom ...Now is your chance to be rich...

Guaranteed Results…Check Out
Know How To Be Rich
Risk Free for 180 Days…

Develop Success Attitude That Create Wealth

Anything you can believe, you can achieve!

The Secret to Building a Success Attitude That Make You More Money!
"It's not your aptitude, but your attitude that determine
your altitude in life !" Zig Ziglar 's motto to success
holds true throughout the ages . That lies the secret to
tap your inner power for success, wealth, health and
happiness and enjoying loving relationship, joy fulfilment too!

William James concluded that the greatest discovery of
the 20th century is that-human beings can alter their life's circumstances,conditions and outcomes by changing their attitude!

Your attitudes directly or indirectly affect your creative
power within your subconscious mind to either work against
you or for you. That depends on whether the nature of your
attitude. Positive and constructive right attitude will
bring you success; negative and destructive attitude will
destroy your dreams, relationships , health and happiness
faster than anything! Negative attitudes bring failures.
Positive attitudes attract success. The choice is yours!
Choose to be positive and constructive in what you think
and feel and say and act!

*Think positive.

*Talk positively and If it is not 'UP', don't listen for free!

*Feel positive emotions of faith, confidence,enthusiasm, joy, gratitude,
kindness..and love. There is dynamite in feelings!

*Act enthuasiastically toward your definites goals!

Develop your succes attitude,it will create wealth,
health and happiness in life!

Know How To Be Rich

No matter how much money passes through your hands,
you’ll never be truly rich until you understand your MONEY REALITY…

What is your money reality?

Do you ever worry that there will never be
enough money, or worry that you’ll eventually
lose what money you have?

Then you need to take the “KNOW HOW TO BE RICH” test…

Know How To Be Rich” program
will take you through groundbreaking material and steps that
will transform you thinking and transform your results…

In the six intensive audio lessons in MP3 format – each
accompanied with a 4 – 6 page summary of the key essential
points – you will discover:

*How to put Quantum Physics, the Law of Attraction
and Cause and Effect to work FOR YOU instead of AGAINST YOU…
Discover how to automatically attract success and riches
into your life…

*How to dissolve the shackles of POVERTY and
instantly turn your life into one of abundance and wealth…

*How to immediately tune into the “wealth frequency”…
tune into the same frequency the world's wealthiest
and most successful individuals operate on… and start to
enjoy the same rewards they do…

*How to “flip-switch” and take command and control
of ANY situation — FAST… Instantly move from a "powerless"
state to an “in control” state…the key to directing Cause
and Effect to deliver the results you want…

*How to avoid the single, most pervasive problem
that plagues almost everybody today… Avoiding this pitfall
is essential for your success and wealth…

*How to achieve results in 10 minutes a day,
even if you've tried everything else… Follow the blueprint
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8 Mind Power Techniques For Success

Here are some Powerful Techniques for Living
With Your True Purpose.

Whenever I ask people this question,
"What do you really want in your life?"

They will usually give me answers as follows.

"I want to have more success in my life."
"I want to have more money."
"I want to have a better relationship."

Then I ask them “What will success give you?"
“What will money give you?"
"What will a good relationship give you?"

They will always come down to one answer -"Feeling Good!"

Yes, "Feeling Good” is the Ultimate Need of any human being.
Nothing is as important as feeling good. Therefore,
the quality of your life comes down to one thing --your
ability to feel good.
Did I say that? Yes, feeling good is an ability.
It is like a muscle; the more you use, the stronger it
will become. You either use it or lose it. Unfortunately,
the majority of people today have forgotten how to use
this powerful ability.

Today I will give you some powerful techniques.
As long as you use them, they will awaken your ability
to feel good. The quality of your life will increase
dramatically, you will have a tremendous amount of energy,
and live a life of total fulfillment. These techniques
are so simple that you won’t believe it. I only ask you
to keep a ten-day commitment, use them for ten days,
and see how your life will change.
After ten days, you decide to keep them or not. I bet
you will get addicted to it. Ok, let's begin.

Technique No 1: Flip Switch
Although we know the importance of feeling good, most
of the time in daily life we forget about it. We are
so busy dealing with the "important matters" we meet
everyday, that we forget the
more important matters of "Feeling good, living a stress
free life". At the time we realize this, we are already
in a deep state of negativity.

The Solution is to do a "Flip Switch" throughout the day.

What is Flip Switch? Flip Switch is a technique whereby
you hold in your mind a positive image, a moment from
your past when you felt really good, or just an imagined event
that makes you feel good. Hold it for a few seconds.
At the moment you do your Flip Switch, it will cancel out
all the previous negative emotions. The key is to do it often.
Don't wait until your negative emotions get big,
and dominate you thoughts. Kill the monster when it is little.

Do this exercise throughout the day, and you will see
the changes in your life simultaneously. I can't stress
enough how powerful this exercise is, try it out for yourself.

Some people find it is hard to hold a image. My answer
to them is, just pretend you see. The importance is not
how clearly you see, but how strong you feel.

Technique No 2: Capture Magic Moments
We don't remember all the things that happen in our lives,
but we remember some moments.
Unfortunately, most people only remember the unhappy moments,
and forget the happy moments.
These unhappy memories only make them unhappy, and they
don't even notice. The purpose of this technique is to help
you consciously memorize those magical happy moments so
that they will make you happier. It is very simple, keep
a magical journal, every night before you go to bed, and
recall all the good things that happened in your day.
Note down things you enjoyed, things
you learned, and most importantly things you have
achieved. Every week, record your top achievements during
the week, and every month, record your top achievements
during the month.
You will be amazed at how many things you have achieved,
and wonder why you did not notice them before.

Take the 10 day challenge; you will love the positive changes
in your life. When you find your ability to feel good
increases, you will really live with your true purpose.

Technique No 3: Be grateful for everything
Do you know what the most powerful emotional state that
people can have is? Yes, that is gratitude. When you are
in the state of gratitude, you are in line with the
source energy of the universe. You get to see things clearly.
Any obstacles become an opportunity for you.
People feel depressed, or unhappy, most of the time
because they focus too much attention onto the problems
they have, and forget that they have many wonderful
things happening in their lives.

Be grateful for the love you receive from your family,
your friends, your colleagues. Thank them in some way.
Treat them a meal, buy them a gift, just give them a
word of greeting, or just give
them a prayer in your heart.

Be grateful to yourself, to your body. Say thanks to your
feet for supporting you for such a long time, say thanks
to your eyes for letting you see the beauty of this world,
say thanks to your ears for giving you the beautiful
sounds of the universe. Say thank you to every part of your body.

Thank the universe for all the blessings it gives you,
and all the blessings you are receiving. Be grateful
for everything you have now, and you shall receive much more.

Technique No 4: The secret of giving
What you give you shall receive! You can see much evidence
that shows you this is absolutely true.
The wealthiest men on this planet are always the people
who give most. The more they give, the more they receive.
Bill Gates is the richest man on earth, because he gives
the most. No any other person in history has ever given
as much money to the world as Bill Gates does. You must
give the very thing that you want to receive. If you want
money, you must give money. If you want love, you
must give love. The best way to stay happy and feel loved
is to make other people feel happy and loved. Give love to
everyone you meet, a simple greeting or a word of compliment
will go a long way. At the very moment you show your love
to other people, the universal law has already guaranteed
you will receive it back, and it will give it back to you
in the most amazing way.

A point to note is that you must give out unconditionally;
don't expect return from the person you give to, the
universe will orchestrate all the details.

Give love, and you will receive love!

Technique No 5: I am a VIP
Nothing is so important as feeling good. Your outer
world is a direct reflection of your inner world.
If you want to experience joyfulness, and richness
in your outer world, you have to have a
joyful, rich inner world. The only way to have a happy,
prosperous life is to experience happiness and prosperity
in your inner world. Nothing is more important than this.

Where can you find these wonderful feelings? Who can
give you these good experiences? The answer is YOU!
You are the creator of anything you experience in your
life. Only you can control your own feelings. If you
don't give permission, no one can ever influence any
of your feelings.
But what I find is that people always give power to
their environment, they allow others to control their
feelings. They feel bad because some bad things happen
in their lives, they feel
bad because others have done bad things to them.
They blame the world, they blame others as the cause
of their bad emotions. What they don't know is that
others will never have any influence over their
inner feelings if they don't allow them to.
From this day onwards, take full control of your
own feelings, never give control to others.
You are 100% responsible for your own feelings.
You decide to feel good every moment in life.

No one can make you feel bad if you don't allow
them to. You are in total control of your own
feelings, and you decide to feel good. The
question is how you are going to feel good. You
do this by treating yourself as a VIP, a very
important person. Think about what you would do
to a VIP. Wouldn't you do anything to make him or
her happy? Wouldn't you do something good for him
or her? Wouldn't you put him or her as your first
priority? From this day onwards, treat yourself
as a VIP, do anything to make yourself happy.
Treat yourself a meal; buy yourself a gift, give
yourself a break from time to time. You deserve
this, because you are your own VIP, no one is
more important than yourself.

Technique No 6: The power of focus

I am sure you have heard sayings like "What you
focus on tends to expand.", " What you focus on
becomes your reality.", "You are what you think
most of the time.". Basically they are saying one
thing "You become what you focus on."

We all want a prosperous life, we all want a life
of fulfillment, but very few people focus on
this. They only focus on what they are worried
about, and in the end that is what they get. You
will attract the very thing that you focus on.
This universal law never fails, it works 100%
accurately. If you focus on poverty, you will get
it; if you focus on riches, you will get them. If
you focus on happiness, you will get it; if you
focus on sorrow, you will get it too. This law
works perfectly.

The question is what should we consciously do to
focus our attention on things we want. We have
been taught to focus on the fears and worries for
years. The answer is simple. We must use the same
way that we used to focus on negative things to
focus our attention on the positive things. What
do you do when you are focusing on the things you
worry about? You probably talk to yourself
consciously or unconsciously. Most of the time,
your self talk is carried out in a form of Q&A .

Q: "Why do these things happen to me?" A:
"Because I am stupid?"; Q: "Why am I so stupid?"
A: "Because I am a fool."

Do you find you have ever had this kind of
conversation with yourself? The way to deal with
it is to be aware of it, and use the same way to
focus your attention on the positive things. Ask
yourself empowering questions. Ask questions in
such a way that you will always get the answers
that make you feel good. No matter how bad the
situation is, ask yourself, "What is great about
this?", “What can I learn from this?"

If you continually ask yourself, you will always
find something great, and something you can
learn. Will that make you feel better? You'd
better believe it.

From now on, make a commitment- no matter how bad
the situation is, you will always find a question
to turn your attention to the positive. You
become what you focus on!

Tap your mind power for success,prosperity and health

Technique No 7: No Competition

Many of our disappointments and bad feelings come
from competition, or comparison. We feel bad
about ourselves; because we see others are doing
better than we do. As long as we focus our
attention on our weakness, we will never feel
good about ourselves. We feel bad, because others
are more handsome or more beautiful than us; we
feel bad because others have more money, better
cars, better houses than we have; We feel bad
because others get promoted, but we don't; We
feel bad just because others are happier than we
are. As long as you compare yourself with others,
you will always find someone who is better than
you. And you will never feel good enough.

Instead of falling into this trap of endless
competing, why not free ourselves, and live life
in our own way. Instead of focusing on what
others are doing better than we do, and feeling
bad about ourselves, why not focus on learning
from others and improving our own skills? Life is
about growing, not about competing. Focus your
attention on self-growth, go for the best, and
you will finally see the big rewards.

In the Athens 2004 Olympics, the Chinese athlete
Liu Xiang won the first gold medal in the 110
meters men's hurdles competition for China. He
has made new Chinese history in the Olympic
Games. When he was asked, if the four-time world
champion Allen Johnson crashed out in the
qualifying heat, whether his own performance
would be affected, he said, "Not at all, I just
follow my own plan, and perform for the best." In
his mind, he does not care who is running against
him, he just does his best.

Forget about competition, go for the best!

Tap your mind power for success,prosperity and health

Technique No 8: Get in touch with your higher self
Nowadays, we are too busy in our daily activities.
We even forget who we really are. We really need to
find some time for ourselves; get in touch with our
higher self. There are two ways
you can do this. The first is nature. Find yourself some
spare time every week, and take a walk in the park,
or go to the forest. Listen to the sound of nature,
and feel the power of it.
See the greenness of this beautiful nature, and enjoy
being with it. Feel that you are safe, and you are close
to Mother Nature. The second way you can get in touch
with your higher self is
through meditation. There is too much misconception
about meditation, and people tend to make it really
complicated. Meditation is easy to do, and everyone
can do it. The simplest way
is to just sit quietly, and count your breath.
Whenever you attention goes away, bring it back to
your breath. The purpose of meditation is to clear
your conscious mind, so that you can get in touch
with your subconscious mind. There are some
advanced meditation techniques that can manifest
your desires fast. I will reveal them to you in my
future articles. For the time being, practice this
simple meditation, it will give you a lot of benefits.

If you want overcome mental blocks to success, health and
wealth and achieve MEASURABLE success – then this is
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Use Your Power Of Concentration For Success

How To Use Your Power Of Concentration For Success

You can get everything you WANT by sheer ‘Concentration!’
Most people who fail to succeed, don’t fail because of
lack of ability….but falure comes because of an
inability to concentrate on the goals they want.
Concentrate on what you really want and get It.
Learn how to use your God-given powers within with the
power of concentration.There is power in concentrated-thought.
It activates your inner power for your success.
The Law of CONCENTRATION stated that - Whatever we
concentrate on - and think about repeatedly - becomes
more a part of our inner life
The first step in concentration is to form a Mental Image
of what you wish to accomplish. This image becomes a
thought-seed that attracts thoughts of a similar nature.
By forming a strong mental image of your desire, you
plant the thought-seed which begins working in your
interest and, in time, that desire, if in harmony with
your higher nature, will materialize.According to
the Law of ATTRACTION - We are ‘living magnets’.
We attract people, events and circumstances that
‘harmonize with our own dominant thoughts’.
Like attracts like.
Form the habit of thinking of something you desire
to accomplish for five minutes each day. A great
aid in the development of concentration is to write out
your thoughts on that which lies nearest your heart
and to continue, little by little, to add to it
until you have as nearly as possible exhausted the subject.

“Hold a picture of yourself along and steadily
enough in your mind’s eyes, and you will be draw
toward it.If you do not conquer self, you will be
conquered by self.The ladder of success is never
crowded at the top,” said Napoleon Hill.

So,picture yourself vividly as winning and that alone
will contribute inmaesurably to success!

You become what you concentrate on!

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Burn The self-Image Of Success Into Your Brain-pt 2

What is this self-image anyway?

It is the design of your personality that you have created.
You may have developed it carefully, or you may have done
it carelessly--in any event, the personality you have is
your own creation. It's no good saying that you are like you
are because of an unsatisfactory upbringing or previous difficulties.
The opportunities you didn't get don't count anymore.
All these things arebthe unchangeable past--your life is
the controllable present.

You will live that life in accordance with the chart of it
that you've given your subconscious mind.Your self-image is
the chart, the map, the blueprint of yourself--It's the layout
of what you want from life.

The greatest power that anyone or anything can have over us
is our self-image. That power is so great that it would be
terrifying except for one saving thing.

Since we are the ones who developed our own self-image, we
have the power to change it any time we choose to do so.

When we do change it, our new self-image takes over and runs
our life along the new lines we've set up.

In other words, the self-image of yourself that you have created
is the one that you will live up to--or down to.

Build your success self-image into your brain!Say affirmatively
often enough the following new self-image blueprints:

"I love success.I work smart and hard for what I get, so I
deserve it all."

"Nobody makes me feel guilty about being successful.If anybody
can't handle my succes, that's tough. I'll find new friends who can."

Build the following new self-image for your Business Goals:

I begin each day with enthusiasm and joy.
All my actions are divinely guided.
Ideas come to me easily and effortlessly.
I am now attracting all the right people into my life.
I now desire to better my life and those I care about.
I awake each day with happy, loving and joyful thoughts.
I create positive images of a success.
I act and move toward my goals easily and effortlessly.
I Feel powerful, excited and passionate about today.
I take positive actions towards my goal.
My business is divinely guided in all ways.

Burn The Self-Image Of Success Into Your Brain

Your self-image control everything you do. Since your actions
and inactions are the largest influnce on what happens to you,
over a period of time your self-image not only controls
everything you do,it also controls everything that happens
to you.

Luck,misfortune, and the forces of nature and nations
might seem to be totally beyond our control; in reality we
always retain far more power to cope with how these events
will affect us than we ever use.In the deepest sense, we create
the results that those events have on us--by doing what our
self-image tells us to do.

Boost your self-image by learning to see who you really are.
There are ways you can maintain a positive outlook,
improve your confidence, and feel better about yourself.

Assess what is truly important in your life. Making a list
of priorities in terms of career, travel, education, or
relationship commitments can put body image into better perspective.

Turn your attention toward something other than your weight.
Weight loss is a long-term commitment; for a short-term
confidence boost, try a new hair style or get a makeup lesson.

Stop thinking negatively. If something negative comes to mind,
write it down and then think of a positive statement to counteract it.


The Secrets to Self-Acceptance

The Keys to Self-Acceptance
By: Brian Tracy

Psychologists today generally agree that your level of self-esteem, or
how much you like yourself and consider yourself to be a valuable and
worthwhile person, lies at the core of your personality. Your level of
self-esteem determines:

Your level of energy and the quality of your personality how much you
like other people and, in turn, how much they like you your
willingness to try new things and to venture boldly where perhaps you
have never gone before the quality of your relationships with
others-your family, your friends and your coworkers and how successful
you are in your business, especially if you are in sales.

But before you begin enjoying the wonderful effects of high
self-esteem in your life, you have to learn to accept yourself
unconditionally. And even before you achieve self-acceptance, there
are other steps you have to take.

Self-acceptance begins in infancy, with the influence of your parents
and siblings and other important people. As a child, you have an
overwhelming need for love and approval and acceptance from the
important people in your life. A developing child requires this
emotional support the way roses need rain. Healthy personality growth
is absolutely dependent upon it. A person grows up straight and strong
and happy to the degree to which he receives an abundance of nurturing
in his formative years, prior to the age of five.

Someone once said that everything we do in life is either to get love
or to compensate for the lack of love. Almost all of our problems, as
both children and adults, can be traced back to “love withheld.” There
is nothing more destructive to the evolving and emerging personality
than being unloved or unaccepted for any reason by someone whom we
consider important.

As adults, we always strive to achieve what we felt we were deprived
of in childhood. If you grew up feeling, for any reason, that you were
not totally accepted by your parents, you will be internally motivated
throughout your life to compensate for that lack of acceptance by
seeking it in your relationships with other people. To the growing
child, perception is reality; reality is not what the parents feel
toward the child, but what the child feels that the parents feel. The
child’s evolving personality is shaped largely by his perception of
how he is seen and thought about by his parents, not by the actual
fact of the matter. If your parents were unable to express a high
degree of unconditional acceptance to you, you can grow up feeling
unacceptable-even inferior and inadequate.

It’s quite common for a youngster to grow up in a household where he
or she feels a lack of acceptance by one or both parents, especially
the father. When the young person becomes an adult, the psychological
phenomenon of “transference” takes place. The individual goes into the
workplace and transfers the need for acceptance from the parents to
the boss. The boss then becomes the focal point of the individual’s
thoughts and feelings. What the boss says, how the boss looks, his
comments and everything that he does that implies a feeling or an
opinion about the individual is recorded and either raises or lowers
the individual’s level of self-acceptance.

Your own level of self-acceptance is determined largely by how well
you feel you are accepted by the important people in your life. Just
as the Law of Correspondence says that your outer life tends to be a
reflection of your inner life, your attitude toward yourself is
determined largely by the attitudes that you think other people have
toward you. When you believe that other people think highly of you,
your level of self-acceptance and self-esteem goes straight up.
However, if you believe, rightly or wrongly, that other people think
poorly of you, your level of self-acceptance will plummet.

The best way to begin building a healthy personality involves
understanding yourself and your motivation. Toward this end, I’d like
to introduce what is called the “Johari window” and explain its effect
on your personality.

The Johari window provides a view into your psyche. According to this
theory, your personality can be divided into four quadrants, like a
square divided into four smaller squares.

The first part of this window is the box in the upper left-hand
corner. It represents the part of your personality that both you and
others can see. This is the open part of your personality. The lower
left-hand box of this window into your psyche represents the part of
your personality that you can see but that others cannot see. It is a
part of your inner life.

The upper right-hand box of this window represents the parts of your
personality that others can see but of which you are unaware. You have
somehow blocked these parts from your consciousness.

Finally, the lower right-hand box represents that part of your
personality that is hidden from both you and other people. It’s the
deeper, subconscious part of your personality that represents urges,
instincts, fears, doubts and emotions that are stored away below a
conscious level, but that can exert an inordinate impact on the way
you behave, often causing you to feel and react in certain ways that
sometimes even you don’t understand.

One of your goals is to develop a fully rounded personality, to become
a fully functioning human being with a sense of inner peace and outer

A measure of your maturity is often manifested in the way you treat
different people. When you are at your very best and your self-esteem
is at its highest, you’ll find that you are genuinely positive and
friendly toward everyone, from the taxi driver to the corporation
president. When your personality is completely together, you treat
everyone with equal respect.

The way to move toward a higher level of personality integration and,
therefore, a higher level of peace and personal effectiveness, is to
expand the area of your personality that is clear to both you and
others. And you do this through the simple exercise of
self-disclosure. For you to truly understand yourself, or to stop
being troubled by things that may have happened in your past, you must
be able to disclose yourself to at least one person. You have to be
able to get those things off your chest. You must rid yourself of
those thoughts and feelings by revealing them to someone who won’t
make you feel guilty or ashamed for what has happened.

The second part of personality development follows from
self-disclosure, and it’s called self-awareness. Only when you can
disclose what you’re truly thinking and feeling to someone else can
you become aware of those thoughts and emotions If the other person
simply listens to you without commenting or criticizing, you have the
opportunity to become more aware of the person you are and why you do
the things you do. You begin to develop perspective, or what the
Buddhists call “detachment.” You can stand back from yourself and your
past and look at it honestly. You can “disidentify” from the intense
emotions involved and view what has happened to you with greater
calmness and clarity.

Now we come to the good part. After you’ve gone through
self-disclosure to self-awareness, you arrive at self-acceptance. You
accept yourself for the person you are, with good points and bad
points, with strengths and weaknesses, and with the normal frailties
of a human being. When you develop the ability to stand back and look
at yourself honestly, and to candidly admit to others that you may not
be perfect but you’re all you’ve got, you start to enjoy a heightened
sense of self-acceptance.

One of the keys to happiness is to “live in truth” with yourself and
others. And one of the ways to live in truth is to stop trying to be
perfect and to see yourself honestly, as you really are. Attempts to
achieve needless perfectionism, and an intense, often unconscious
desire to impress people with how good you are, are real time wasters
and energy killers.

There is a joke that cuts to the heart of this issue: “When you are in
your 20s, you are very concerned about what people think about you.
When you are in your 30s, you don’t really care that much about what
people think about you. And when you get into your 40s, you discover
the real truth: Nobody was even thinking about you at all.” A valuable
exercise for developing higher levels of self-acceptance involves
doing an inventory of yourself. In doing this inventory, your job is
to accentuate the positive and minimize the negative. The real
difference between optimistic people and pessimistic people is that
optimists are always looking for the good in every situation, the
opportunity in every problem, while pessimists are always looking for
the down side and the problem in every opportunity. When you honestly
analyze yourself during this inventory, you will be amazed at how
extraordinary you really are and how incredible your potential is for
accomplishing the thing s that you really desire.

Begin your inventory by recalling your accomplishments. Think about
all the things that you have achieved over the course of your
lifetime. Make a list of them. Think of the subjects you passed and
the grades you received. Think of the awards and prizes you won. Think
of the people you have helped and the kind things that you have done
for others. Think of the adversities that you have triumphed over.

Think of the goals that you have set and achieved. Look at the
material parts of your life; think about all the things that you have
managed to acquire as the result of hard work and disciplined effort.

Now, to increase your level of self-acceptance, think of your unique
talents and abilities. Think of your core skills, the things that you
do exceptionally well that account for your success in your profession
and in your personal life right now. Think of the results that you
have achieved by applying yourself to the challenges of your world.

Think of your earning ability and your ability to accomplish your
goals. Think of your ability to make a contribution to your company
and to your family and to the world around you. Think about all the
things that you have to offer to your world.

Finally, to boost your level of self-acceptance, think about your
future possibilities and the fact that your potential is virtually
unlimited. You can do what you want to do and go where you want to go.
You can be the person you want to be. You can set large and small
goals and make plans and move step-by-step, progressively toward their
realization. There are no obstacles to what you can accomplish except
the obstacles that you create in your mind.

Here’s an important fact to keep in mind when it comes to
self-acceptance. What we work for more than anything else is respect.
The British author E. M. Forster once explained, “I write to earn the
respect of those I respect.” Almost everything that we do, or refrain
from doing, is somehow associated with gaining, or at least not
losing, the respect of the people whom we respect the most. And only
when we feel that we are respected by those we respect do we accept
and like ourselves to a great degree.

One way to raise your level of self-acceptance, then, is to pick a
role model, someone you admire and look up to and want to be like, and
then pattern your life and your work after that person’s. Many
businesspeople have become top executives by selecting a role model
who had already reached the top and then patterning their lives along
the same lines. Everything you do that you feel is consistent with
what someone you admire would do increases your level of

A second way to assure a higher level of self-acceptance is to develop
good work habits and to work efficiently and effectively toward the
accomplishment of high-value results. The most respected people in any
organization are those who can get the job done. Your level of
self-efficacy, in other words, your belief in your ability to do what
is expected of you, has an incredible effect on how much you accept
yourself as a good and valuable person.

A third way to increase your level of self-acceptance is to be very
aware of your image and the way you appear to people. If you want to
be respected and admired by others, you need to act like a person who
is worthy of respect. And remember, everything counts. Everything you
do or don’t do can either contribute to or take away from your image
and the impression you are making on others. When you know that you
look absolutely excellent on the outside, your level of
self-acceptance shoots up.

A fourth way to raise your level of self-acceptance is to take
complete responsibility for the various parts of your life. Refuse to
make excuses or to blame other people. Never complain; never explain.
Volunteer for assignments and responsibilities, and then carry them
out without comment.

The key to achieving a feeling of mental well-being is having a sense
of control, a sense of self-determination and internal mastery. This
sense of self-control is tied directly to your willingness and ability
to accept full responsibility for every part of your life. When you
criticize others, or you make excuses for things that you did not do
well or complete on time, you actually feel more negative about
yourself, and your sense of self-acceptance declines. When you take
charge of every part of your life, you feel terrific about yourself,
and your level of self-acceptance and self-esteem goes up. A fifth way
you can build up your level of self-acceptance is by interpreting
events in a positive way. Dr. Martin Seligman of the University of
Pennsylvania calls this your “explanatory style.” He concludes that
high-performing men and women have a tendency to talk to themselves in
a positive way and to explain things that are happening to them and
around them in a way t hat allows them to stay optimistic.

Look for the silver lining in whatever cloud may be hanging over your
head right now. Look for the lesson or opportunity in each obstacle or
setback. Look for reasons to excuse others and let them off the hook,
rather than becoming angry or upset. Play mental games with yourself
to keep your thoughts on the things you want and off the things that
you fear or that make you unhappy.

A sixth way to raise your level of self-acceptance is to become a
habitual goal setter. Write down clear goals and a plan for what you
want to accomplish and then work your plan every day. Develop of clear
sense of direction for your life. Work on track and on purpose. Know
exactly who you are and where you are going. Each step that you take
toward the accomplishment of a predetermined objective raises your
self-esteem and improves your level of self-acceptance at the same

Finally, a seventh way to raise your level of self-acceptance is to
practice the Law of Indirect Effort, or reverse effort, and realize
that everything you do or say to another person rebounds and causes
the same effect on you. Whenever you are warm and friendly and
courteous to another, you improve your own level of self-respect and
self-acceptance. Whenever you do something nice for another person,
you tend to feel better about yourself. Whenever you do or say
anything that causes another person to like himself more, you find
yourself liking yourself more as well.

One of the great riches of life is the self-acceptance that leads to
self-esteem and maximum performance. By being aware of and practicing
these recommendations, you can increase your self-acceptance to the
point where you can confidently move forward toward the realization of
your full potential.
About Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy is the most listened to audio author on personal and
business success in the world today. His fast-moving talks and
seminars on leadership, sales, managerial effectiveness and business
strategy are loaded with powerful, proven ideas and strategies that
people can immediately apply to get better results in every area. For
more information, please go to
The Psychology of Achievement

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*All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts.

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*We can change ourselves by changing our thoughts, attitudes and actions.

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