Success Using Creative Visualization And The Law Of Attraction

In his bestseller The Magic Of Believing,Claude M. Bristol told this
fasinating story of how a salesman used his creative visualization to
bring him success.

When I was in the investment banking business, one of the salesman, a young
chap, came into my office for advice.
"I wish you would tell me how I can overcome my fear of _______.I know I can
sell him if I can get in to see him and talk with him on his own level.As
it atands, he's got the life scared out of me and every other salesman."

The man the salesman referred to is a millionaire with a very imposing office organization. He is a portly type, with a heavy shock of hair and beetle-browed; because of his growling manner, he easily scares timid folks. However, I knew he liked people who talked up to him.

The salesman had been picturing this millionaire as he saw him and momentarily
I was puzzled, but the answer soon came and I said: 'You know he's not going
to hurt you physically. Suppose you saw him at the beach in a bathing suit, you wouldn't be afraid of him there, would you, even though he did appear to be
a pretty hairy fellow?'

'Certainly not,' replied the salesman. Then the idea of a hairy body came to
me and I asked the salesman: "Bob, did you ever see one of those clownish
dancing bears, tied to a grind organ, wearing a fez or a dunce cap? You know
they can growl, but most of them are toothless and can't bite." "Sure,"
responded the salesman."Well, you have an imagination. Just picture and
visualize our friend as one of those harmless old bears, fez, collar, and all,
and the mental hazard is gone, isn't it?"

The salesman , laughing heartily, went out. A few days later he sold the
millionaire $20,000 worth of securities, and this executive may still be
wondering how the young salesman ever got in to see him, to say nothing of
selling him. At last accounts, the young fellow was still selling this welathy millionaire.

From this story, you find that the salesman was able to use his creative visualization and the law of attraction to overcome his fear and made his
sales. You too can use this creative visualization to bring you success,
wealth and happiness in life.

Here is an article entitled "Creative Visualization And The Law of Attraction"
by Marty Varnadoe Dow.--------


“In order to use creative visualization to create what you want in
life, you must be willing and able to accept the best that life has to
offer you--your ‘good’.” Shakti Gawain

Visualization is easy to use. Like all the other tools of creation, we
use visualization every day to create our experience of reality.

Daydreaming, fantasizing, mental rehearsals, and imagination are all
examples of visualization. We have all daydreamed about an upcoming
vacation or a visit with a favorite friend. Many of us have fantasized
about winning the lottery or getting a better job.

Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge about the power of our
images, we also often use visualization to create experiences we do
not want in our lives. We mentally rehearse our greatest fears over
and over in our minds.

Have you ever imagined how you would respond if you were robbed
or attacked, mentally rehearsed an imagined argument with your
co-worker, had a daydream about the death of a loved one, or imagined
the worst possible outcome to a situation you were experiencing?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are using
the powerful force of mental imagery to create things you do not
desire in your life. Although humanity has always used some form of
mental imagery, it has only been in the last few years that the power
of visualization techniques have been taught widely in our society.

Businesses train their employees to use visualization to improve
performance and production. Coaches use visualization with athletes
because research has shown that mental rehearsal is an effective way
to increase athletic performance. Students use visualization to
improve test scores while therapists use imagery to enhance relaxation

Dieters are taught to image a thin and beautiful body. Medical
scientists have watched the power of mental imagery increase the
immune system as well as lower a person’s blood pressure and heart
rate; therefore, medical professionals often teach patients
visualization techniques to assist in their healing process.

Visualization techniques can be applied to many areas of your
life, and if you will use them to consciously create what you want to
experience, these techniques will assist you in soaring above the

Positive Visualization
The two components of an effective positive visualization
technique are a clear image of what you want to create combined with a
strong positive emotion. Mental images do not always come in the form
of a picture. Some people use words, thoughts, or sensations to create
a mental image.

You can determine what components you use to create mental images
by observing your daydreams or fantasies. Do you see clear pictures,
or do your daydreams consist of blurred images with clear thoughts?

Visualization Process
The first step in doing a positive visualization is determining
what you want to create in your life. If you do not know specifically
what it is you want to manifest in your life, you can create with
“broad brushstrokes.”

Broad brushstrokes define the general events in your life while
omitting the specific details. For instance, you may not know the
particular person you would like to have as a life partner, so you
visualize yourself in a relationship that is harmonious, joyful, and
romantic. You imagine yourself and your future partner sharing a fun
and fulfilling life. You generate the feelings of love and joy as you
create these images in your mind. Once you have created the broad
brushstrokes, you patiently wait as the God force fills in the details
of the picture you have created.

If you are certain of the specific details you want to manifest,
you can clearly imagine these events in your minds eye. There is
nothing wrong with creating something specific; however, manifestation
often comes more quickly if you leave the details of your creation to
your Higher Self.

If you need a new car, you can trust that God will bring you the
very best car possible. Visualize yourself driving a beautiful car
without seeing a particular model or color; then wait for God to
surprise you with something better than you could have imagined.

Visualization is a powerful tool of consciousness. Combine
visualization with prayer, faith, or love to assist you in soaring
above any crisis that may come your way.

Marty Varnadoe Dow, LCSW

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Success Using The Power Of Your Thoughts

A Positive Mental Attitude is indispensable to your success. You can be as positive as you want to be if you will simply take actions consistent with achieving your goals rather than actions that cause you to feel the negative emotions of worry, doubt, anger and fear. If you do what other successful people do, if you use your mind to think, to exert mental control over the situation, you will be positive and cheerful most of the time. And you will reap the benefits enjoyed by all successful people.

Here is an article on the power of your thoughts.

By Marty Varnadoe Dow

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

Thought has been the subject of many wonderful books. My earliest exposure to the power of thought was through James Allen's book, As a Man Thinketh. In this little book the author reveals how your thoughts create harmony or chaos in every aspect of life.

Thoughts affect us in a number of ways. Thoughts are a vital tool in creating the reality we experience. They create our emotional states. They affect our bodies and, therefore, our health. Thoughts influence our responses to life and our relationships. Thoughts determine our choices.

Take a moment to write down three thoughts you have had today. Do not make this too complicated. Simply write down three thoughts you have had in the last 24 hours. Any three thoughts will do. Please do this before you read the next section. It will help you to apply those ideas to your life. Record these thoughts in your journal.

Categories of Thoughts
Thoughts can be divided into three broad categories: what I want, or positive thoughts; what I can do, or action thoughts; what I don't want, or worry thoughts. Most thought is about the future or the past. Very few of us are able to stay centered in the present moment. For the sake of clarity, let us assume I have an upcoming surgery that is occupying most of my thoughts. If I am thinking about how fortunate I am to have an excellent surgeon, I am thinking positive thoughts. If I am thinking about the activities I need to do to prepare for the surgery, I am thinking action thoughts. If I am thinking about what can go wrong in surgery, I am thinking worry thoughts.

Worry Thoughts
If you were surprised to find most of your thoughts were worry thoughts, you are not alone. Most people are not aware of their thoughts. They go through the day with uncensored mental programming playing in the background of their minds. They experience feelings and reactions that they do not understand.

They believe their emotions and thoughts are something that happens to them; something over which they have little or no control. Many people feel it is their duty to worry. They adamantly defend their worry thoughts. They believe that if they do not worry they have not done all they could to prevent something negative from happening.

These people resist positive thoughts because they see no value in them. In their mind thoughts cannot affect the outcome of a situation, so why waste time thinking positive. It is almost as if the negative thoughts are preparing them for the worst possible scenario. For most worry thinkers, such mental activity is learned behavior based on faulty information about the power of thoughts.

Let us examine some of the premises upon which worry thinking is based. Note which of the statements listed below seem true to you. These may be some of the beliefs out of which your worry thinking has developed.

My thoughts are a reflection of who I am. I cannot control them, they simply happen to me.

You are not your thoughts. Thoughts are an activity of your mind. You have the right and the responsibility to choose your thoughts. Your thoughts are based on the things you believe about the world. They are a perfect reflection of your core beliefs, not your True Identity. At some point in your life you accepted certain belief systems out of which your thoughts are formed. You can change your beliefs and your thoughts.

Many of my thoughts are unconscious; therefore, I can not know what they are.

Thoughts are readily available in your mind. You may not easily see them because you do not consciously listen to your thoughts. You allow them to play repetitively in the background of your mind. When you focus your awareness on your thoughts you will be amazed at what you spend your time thinking.

My thoughts have no effect on my emotions or the events of my life.

Emotion follows thought. If you are thinking positive thoughts you will feel hopeful and uplifted. Worry thoughts create fear and anxiety. Worry thoughts inhibit the flow of energy blocking you from taking action in your life. Positive thoughts stimulate activity, assisting you in transforming your life. Worry thoughts keep you from seeing options, blinding you to possible solutions to your problems. Positive thought relaxes your thinking processes allowing you to see new ideas and recognize opportunities.

The fear and anxiety caused by worry thoughts will flow into your personal relationships, creating discord and conflict. The joy caused by positive thinking will improve every aspect of your life. Positive thought enhances the body's immune system, while worry thoughts inhibit the body's natural healing response.

If I do not worry, I have not done all I can to prevent disaster from happening in my life.

As I mentioned earlier, worry thoughts inhibit action. Action thoughts are fundamental to preventing disaster. When you have taken all the action there is to do, thinking positive thoughts is the most productive action you can take. There is no positive benefit to worrying.

If I spend all my time thinking positive thoughts and disaster comes anyway, I would have wasted my time.

I believe faith and positive thought create positive events in your life; but, even if that were not true, thinking positive thoughts has tremendous benefits for you. Positive thoughts create healing, produce enjoyable emotions, and reduce the stress in your life. Positive thought stimulates you to look for solutions to your situation and increases the energy you have to take action. Positive thought makes the journey worthwhile no matter what the outcome.

Someone once asked Patricia Sun, a spiritual teacher, what would happen when she died and found out she was wrong about the philosophy of joy she was teaching. Patricia laughed and said, “You mean what would I do if I discovered I had been having all this fun for nothing?” I am sure you can see the absurdity of the question!

If I don't worry, I won't be prepared for the worst possible scenario.

If the worst possible scenario does happen, you will have plenty of time to be upset when it arrives. Spending months in anxiety does not prepare you for anything. You can not pre-experience emotions caused by a disaster. Worrying ahead of time will simply weaken you, limiting your natural ability to cope with crisis or loss.

Thoughts As A Tool of Creation
If you want to learn to soar above every situation in your life, you must learn to use your thoughts to create the reality of your choice. Earlier we discussed the way thought affects our emotions, responses, and our ability to see options and take actions. Thoughts, combined with emotion, create specific outcomes in your life. You can use thoughts to create the events in your life and not simply to affect how you respond to events life brings to you.

Thoughts combined with emotion are fundamental to creation. When people first learn about the power of thought, they fear every passing thought. It is not random thoughts which create your reality; it is those thoughts you predominately have which produce such a powerful effect in your life.

Creating reality with thought is similar to the process of hypnosis. You must focus all of your attention on the thoughts of what you want to create. Combined with an intense feeling, your thought goes forth to produce what you desire.

--About the author-Marty Varnadoe Dow, LCSW
A Spiritual Oasis of Free Inspirational Resources.

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Success Using The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

The secret of success in anything is the law of attraction. Everything that's coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it's attracted to you by virtue of the mental images you're holding in your mind. When you think of positive things that you want, and focus on them intently, then like a magnet, you will attract those good things you desire in health, wealth, happiness and relationships.

Success requires more than just having a positive attitude. Some of the keys to using the law of attraction are:

Expectation: Expect the things you want and don't expect the things you don't want.

Gratitude: Be grateful for what you already have, and you will attract more good things.

Visualization: Create pictures in your mind, imagining yourself enjoying the things that you desire as if you already have them. Then you'll attract them.

Here is an excellent article on the law of attraction by Water Atkinson written in 1907,a chapter from the book "The Secret of Success"

The Law of Attraction by Water Atkinson 1907

There is in Nature a great Law – the Law of Attraction – by the operations of which all things – from atoms to men – are attracted toward each other in the degree of the common affinity of common use.

The reverse of this law – which is merely another manifestation of its power – is what is called Repulsion, which is but the other pole of Attraction, and by the operations of which things tend to repel each other in the degree that they are unlike, opposing, and of no use to each other. The Law of Attraction is Universal, on all the planes of life, from the physical to the spiritual. Its operations are uniform and constant, and we may take the phenomena of one plane and thereby
study the phenomena of another plane, for the same rule applies in each case – the same Law is in operation in the same way.

Beginning with the tiny corpuscles, electrons, or ions, of which the atoms are formed, we find manifested the Law of Attraction – certain electrons attract each other, and repel others still, thereby causing to spring into existing groups, combinations and colonies of electrons which being in agreement and harmony manifest and constitute what are called atoms, which until recently were supposed to be the primal form of matter. Passing on the atoms themselves, we find many degrees of
affinity and attraction existing between them which cause them to combine and form into molecules of which all masses of matter consists. For instance, every drop of water is composed of countless molecules of water. And each molecule is composed of two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen – the combination always being the
same in every molecule of water. Now, why these atoms combine in just this way – the same invariable grouping and proportion? Not by chance, surely, for there is no such thing in Nature – there is a natural law back of every phenomenon. And in this case it is the Law of Attraction manifesting in the case of these atoms. And it is so in all chemical combinations – it is called Chemical Affinity. Sometimes an attached
atom will come in contact with, or in proximity to, another atom, and then bang goes the explosion of the molecule as the atom flies away from its partners and into the arms of the other atom for which it has a greater affinity. There are marriages and divorces in the world of atoms, you will notice. And in the cases of the molecules, it is found that certain molecules are attracted to others of the same kind, under
what is called Cohesion, and thus masses of matter are composed. A piece of gold, silver, tin, glass, or other form of matter is composed of countless molecules held together tightly by Cohesion – and this Cohesion is merely another form of the Law of Attraction – the same that draws all things together. And, underlying the Law of Attraction is to be found our old Principle of Desire and Will. You may shrug
your shoulders at this mention of desire and Will in connection with electrons, atoms, molecules – all forms of matter, but just wait a bit and see what the leading scientific authorities have to say on the subject.

Prof. Hakel, one of the world’s greatest scientists – a materialist who would sneer at the teachings of Mental Science – even this man, naturally prejudiced against mentalist theories, finds himself compelled to say:"The idea of chemical affinity consists in the fact that the various chemical elements perceive the qualitative
differences in other elements – experience pleasure of revulsion at contact with them, and execute specific movements on this ground. "He also positively and distinctly states that in the atoms there must be something corresponding to Desire for contact and association with other atoms, and Will to enable the atom to respond to the Desire Law is constant throughout Nature, from atom to man – physical, mental and spiritual.

But what has all this to do with the Secret of Success you may ask? Simply, that the Law of Attraction is an important part in the Secret of Success, inasmuch as it tends to bring to us the things, persons and circumstances in accordance with our earnest Desire, Demand, and Will, just as it brings together the atoms and other particles of
matter. Make yourself an atom of Living Desire and you will attract to yourself the person, things and circumstances fitting in with the accomplishment of your Desire. You will also get into rapport with those who are working along the same lines of thought, and will be attracted them and they to you, and you will be brought into relations with persons, things and environments likely to work out the problem
of your Desires – you will get "next to" the right persons and things - all by the operation of this great natural Law of Attraction. No Necromancy or Magic about it at all – nothing supernatural or mysterious – just the operations of a great Natural Law.

You can do little by yourself in Life, be you ever so strong and able. Life is a complex thing, and individuals are interdependent upon each other for the doings of things. One Individual, segregated from all the other Individuals, could accomplish little or nothing along the lines of outer activity. He must form combinations, arrangements, harmonies and agreements with others, and in accordance with
environments and things, that is, he must create and use the proper environments and things, and draw to himself others with whom he must form combinations, in order to do things. And these persons, things and environments come to him – and he to them – by reason of this great Law of Attraction. And the way he sets into operation this great

Law of Attraction is by the operation of his Desire, and along the lines of Mental Imagery. Do you see the connection now? So be careful to form, cultivate and manifest the right Desires – hold to them firmly, strongly and constantly, and you will set into operation this great Law, which forms an important part of the Secret of Success.

Desire-Force is the motive power leading the activities of Life. It is the basic vital power, which animates the minds of living things and urges them forth to action. Without strong Desire no one accomplishes anything worthy of the name – and the greater the desire the greater will be the amount of energy generated and manifested, everything else being equal. That is to say, that given a dozen men of equal intellect, physical health and mental activity – equal in everything
else except Desire, in short, the ones in whom the greatest Desire resides and is manifested will outstrip the others in attainment – and of these winners the one in who Desire burns like an unquenchable flame will be the one who will Master the others by the force of his primitive elementary power.

Not only does Desire give to the man that inward motive which leads to the enfoldment of the power within himself, but it does more than this; it causes to radiate from him the finer and more subtle mental and vital forces of his nature, which, flowing forth in all directions like the magnetic waves from the magnet, or the electric waves from the dynamo, influencing all who come within the field of force.

Desire-Force is a real, active, effective force of Nature, and serves to attract, draw and bring to a center that which is in line with the nature of the Desire. The much talked of Law of Attraction, of which so much is heard in Mental Science and the New Thought, depends largely upon the force and power of Desire. Desire-Force is at the center of the Law of Attraction. There is a tendency in Nature to attract and draw to the center of a Desire the things, which are needed to fulfill that Desire. One’s "own will come to him" by reason of his natural force, which lies behind and underneath the entire phenomena of Mental Influence. This being so, does it not become at once apparent why one who wishes to accomplish anything should be sure
to create a strong Desire for it, and at the same time be sure to acquire the art of Visualization so as to form a clear Mental Picture of the thing Desired – a clear mold in which the materialized reality may manifest?

Have you ever come in contact with any of the great men of modern business life? If you have seen these people in action, you will have become conscious of a subtle, mysterious something about them – a something that you could actually feel – a something that seemed to draw you to fit in to their schemes, planes, and desires almost by an irresistible force. These people are all people of the strongest kind
of Desire – their Desire–Force manifests strongly and affects those with whom they come in contact. Not only this, but their Desire-Force flows from them in great waves, which occultists inform us soon manifests a circular, or whirlpool-like motion, swing around and around the center of the Desire – these men become actual cyclones of Desire into which nearly everything that comes within its sweep is
affected and swept into the vortex. Have we not evidences of this in the cases of all the great leaders of men – can we not see the operation of that mighty law of attraction which brings to them their own? We are apt to call this Will Power, and so it is in a way, back and under the Will in such cases is to be found the ardent, burning Desire that is the motive force of the attractive power.

This Desire-Force is a primitive, elemental thing. It is found in the animal kingdom, and among the lower races of men, perhaps more clearly than among the higher types of men, but only because in such instances it is seen stripped of the covering, sheaths, disguises and masks that surround the more civilized forms and planes of life. But remember this well, the same principle is manifested under and beneath the polished veneer of civilized life – the Desire-Force of the cultured leader of men is as elemental as that animating the fierce and shaggy caveman or the wild Berserker who, naked and half-mad, rushed upon overwhelming hordes of his enemy, brushing them aside like flies – that is, if you will but look beneath the polished surface. In the old
wild days Desire manifested its force on the physical plane – now it manifests on the Mental Plane – that is the only difference, the Force is the same in both cases.

While we write, there has just been produced on stage a new play that illustrates this principle. The heroine, the daughter of an old New York family of high social standing and wealth, has a dream of her life in a former incarnation, in which she sees herself torn from the arms of her cave-dweller father by the mighty arms of a fierce savage chief, whose desire is manifested through the physical. She awakens
from her dream, and to her horror soon discovers the face of her dream-captor on a man who comes into her father’s life in New York.

This man comes from the West, forceful, resourceful and desirous, beating down all before him in the game of finance. As of old, he places his foot not on the neck of his enemies – but on the mental-plane, this time, instead of the physical. The same old Desire for power is strong within him – the same old masterfulness manifests
itself. This man says:"I have never quit; I have never been afraid. "The same old Desire then flamed up in the savage now manifests in the Master of Wall Street, and between the force of its Attraction and the coupled and allied force of his Will, he repeats the performances of his previous incarnation – but on the plane of mental forces and achievement this time – mind, not muscle, being the instrument through
which the Desire manifests.

We give the above example merely as an illustration of the fact that Desire is the motivating force that moves the Will into action, and which cause the varied activity of life, men and things. Desire-Force is a real power in life, and influences not only tracts, influences and compels other persons and things to swing in toward the center of the Desire sending forth the currents. In the Secret of Success,
Desire plays a prominent part. Without a Desire for Success, there is no Success, none. The Law of Attraction is set into motion by Desire.

The majority of the principles advanced in this book have been in the nature of Positive injunctions – that is, you have been urged to do certain things rather than to not do the opposite or contrary. But here we come to a place in which the advice must be given along the negative lines – we must urge you not to do a certain thing. We allude to that great poison of the mind and Will known as Fear. We do not
allude to physical fear – important though physical courage may be, and as regrettable as physical cowardice may be considered, still it is not a part of the purpose of this book to preach against the latter and advise a cultivation of the former quality – you will find much of that elsewhere. Our purpose here is to combat that subtle, insidious enemy of true Self-Expression which appears in the shape and guise of mental fear, forebodings which may be considered as Negative Thought
just as the other principles mentioned in this work may be considered
as Positive Thought.

Fear thoughts is that condition of the mind in which everything is seen through blue glasses – in which everything seems to bring a sense of the futility of endeavor – the "I Can’t" principle of mentality, as contrasted with the "I Can and I Will" mental attitude. It is the noxious weed in the mental garden, which tends to kill the valuable plants to be found therein. It is the fly in the ointment – the spider
in the cup of the Wine of Life. So far as we know the first person to use the word "Fear-Thought" – which has now passed into common use – was Horace Fletcher, the well-known writer, who coined it to supplant the use of the word "Worry" in a certain sense. He had pointed out that Anger and Worry were the two great hindrances to a well-balanced, advanced and progressive mentality, but many misunderstood him and
urged that to abolish Worry meant to cease taking any consideration of the morrow – a lack of common prudence and forethought. And so Fletcher coined the word "Fear-Thought" to express a phase of his idea of "Forethought without Worry," and he entitled his second book on the subject, "Happiness, as found in Forethought minus Fear-Thought," a very happy expression of a very happy idea. Fletcher also was the
first to advance the idea that Fear was not a thing-in-itself, but merely an expression of Fear-Thought – a manifestation of the state of mind known as Fear-Thought. He and others who have written on the subject, have taught that Fear might be abolished by the practice of abolishing Fear-Thought from the mind – by driving it out of the mental chamber – and the best teachers have taught that the best way to drive out Fear (or any other undesirable mental state) was by cultivating the thought of the opposite quality of mind by compelling the mind to dwell upon the mental picture of the desirable quality, and by the appropriate auto-suggestions. The illustration has often been stated that the way to drive darkness from a room is not to shovel it out, but to throw open the shutters and let the sunlight stream in, and that is the best way to neutralize Fear-Thought.

The mental process has aptly been spoken of as "vibrations," a figure that has a full warrant in modern science. Then, by raising the vibration to the Positive pitch, the negative vibrations may be counteracted. By cultivating the qualities recommended in the other lessons of this book. Fear-Thought may be neutralized. The poison of
Fear-Thought is insidious and subtle, but it slowly creeps through the veins until it paralyzes all useful efforts and action, until the heart and brain are affected and find it difficult to throw it off.

Fear-Thought is at the bottom of the majority of failures and "going down" in life. As long as a man keeps his nerve and confidence in himself, he is able to rise to his feet after each stumble, and face the enemy resolutely – but let him feel the effects of Fear-Thought to such an extent that he cannot throw it off and he will fail to rise and will perish miserable. "There is nothing to fear except Fear," has
well been said.

We have spoken elsewhere about the Law of Attraction, which operates in the direction of attracting to us, that which we Desire. But there is a reverse side to this – it is a poor rule that will not work both ways. Fear will set into motion the Law of Attraction just as well as Desire. Just as Desire draws to one the things he pictures in his mind as the Desired Thing, so will Fear draw to him the thing pictured in
his mind as the Thing Feared. "The thing that I feared hath befallen me. "And the reason is very simple, and the apparent contradiction vanishes when we examine the matter. What is the pattern upon which the Law of Attraction builds under the force of Desire? The Mental Image, of course. And so it is in the case of Fear – the person
carries about the Mental Image or haunting picture of the Feared Thing, and the Law of Attraction brings it to him just as it brings the Desired Thing. Did you ever stop to thing that Fear was the negative pole of Desire? The same laws work in both cases.

So avoid Fear-Thought as you would the poisonous draught that you know would cause your blood to become black and thick, and your breathing labored and difficult. It is a vile thing, and you should not rest content until you have expelled it from your mental system. You can get rid of it by Desire and Will, coupled with the holding of the Mental Image of Fearlessness. Drive it up by cultivating its opposite.

Change your polarity. Raise your mental vibrations. Someone has said, "There is no Devil but Fear" – then send that Devil back to the place where he properly belongs, for if you entertain him hospitably he will make your heaven a hell in order that he may feel at home. Use the mental Big Stick on him.------------------------

How do you apply this dynamite law of attraction to achieve your goals? Attract more money, better health, loving relationships, satisfying job,make more friends? Become the person you want to be, do the things you desire and possess all the things you dream for ? One of the effective and certain method is reprogram your subconscious mind with the things you so desired. Once your subconscious mind is reprogramed, it will trigger the supreme creative power within the subconscious to attract your programed desires. Your programmed self-affirmations become a blueprint for your creative power to work on.The results you get are as sure as the rising of the sun.
What is crucial is you must consciously and conscientiously design your self-affirmation blueprints-EXACTLY what you want to happen in your life. The creative power within your subconcious mind CANNOT tell the nature or the difference of negative or positive self-affirmations.Negative self affirmations like worries,anger or fear will bring destructive outcome.Whereas positive self-affirmations like love, faith,forgiveness ,joy and confidence will bringforth harmony, prosperity, success results.

Therefore , it is supremely important that you only program constructive, uplifting and positive self-affirmations into your subconscious mind. That is your responsibility entirely. And you have absolute control over what go into your mind and subconscious mind. Once you do the mental programming of what you desire, your creative powerful mind will take over and just attract to you of your programmed-desires. In due time your desires will be unfold and appear in your life as conditions, circumstances and facts of life!

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Remember,the secret of success in anything is the law of attraction. Everything that's coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it's attracted to you by virtue of the mental images you're holding in your mind. Think the positive things that you want, and focus on them intently, then like a magnet, you will attract those good things you desire in health, wealth, happiness and relationships! As a man think in his heart or subconscious mind, so is he. Period.
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Success Using The Strangest Secret

Thinking is one of the most powerful stuffs we possess. Success or failure depends on how we think!

When we think positively, we get positive results; however, when we think negatively, we get negative results!

As Henry Ford once said, ‘if you think you can, you’re right; if you think you can’t, you’re also right!”

As within, so without always! That’s the unchanging universal law regardless of who we are!

As a man think in his heart, so is he.Positive thinking creates positive results.

Positive thinking effects your creative inner power within your subconscious mind positively,thus producing positive results.

Therefore, be constantly aware of what we think all day long is crucial. Earl Nightingale asserted that,”We are what we think about”.

The true secret of all successful achievement lies in how we use our own subconscious energies for succeess, health,prosperity and personal or corperate achievement

Here is an article to explore further the power of your thoughts to achieve your life goals entitled "The Strangest Secret"

----The Strangest Secret----

Know what will happen to 100 individuals who start even at the age of

25, and who believe they will be successful? By the age of 65, only

five out of 100 will make the grade! Why do so many fail? What

happened to the sparkle that was there when they were 25? What became

of their dreams, their hopes, their plans ... and why is there such a

large disparity between what these people intended to do and what they

actually accomplished? That is ... The Strangest Secret.

by Earl Nightingale

Some years ago, the late Nobel prize-winning Dr. Albert Schweitzer was

asked by a reporter, "Doctor, what's wrong with men today?" The great

doctor was silent a moment, and then he said, "Men simply don't


It's about this that I want to talk with you. We live today in a

golden age. This is an era that humanity has looked forward to,

dreamed of, and worked toward for thousands of years. We live in the

richest era that ever existed on the face of the earth ... a land of

abundant opportunity for everyone.

However, if you take 100 individuals who start even at the age of 25,

do you have any idea what will happen to those men and women by the

time they're 65? These 100 people believe they're going to be

successful. They are eager toward life, there is a certain sparkle in

their eye, an erectness to their carriage, and life seems like a

pretty interesting adventure to them.

But by the time they're 65, only one will be rich, four will be

financially independent, five will still be working, and 54 will be

broke � depending on others for life's necessities.

Only five out of 100 make the grade! Why do so many fail? What has

happened to the sparkle that was there when they were 25? What has

become of the dreams, the hopes, the plans ... and why is there such a

large disparity between what these people intended to do and what they

actually accomplished?


First, we have to define success and here is the best definition I've

ever been able to find: "Success is the progressive realization of a

worthy ideal."

A success is the school teacher who is teaching because that's what he

or she wants to do. A success is the entrepreneur who start his own

company because that was his dream � that's what he wanted to do. A

success is the salesperson who wants to become the best salesperson in

his or her company and sets forth on the pursuit of that goal.

A success is anyone who is realizing a worthy predetermined ideal,

because that's what he or she decided to do ... deliberately. But only

one out of 20 does that! The rest are "failures."

Rollo May, the distinguished psychiatrist, wrote a wonderful book

called Man's Search for Himself, and in this book he says: "The

opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice ... it is

conformity." And there you have the reason for so many failures.

Conformity � people acting like everyone else, without knowing why or

where they are going.

We learn to read by the time we're seven. We learn to make a living by

the time we're 30. Often by that time we're not only making a living,

we're supporting a family. And yet by the time we're 65, we haven't

learned how to become financially independent in the richest land that

has ever been known. Why? We conform! Most of us are acting like the

wrong percentage group � the 95 who don't succeed.

The Strangest Secret CD by Earl Nightingale


Have you ever wondered why so many people work so hard and honestly

without ever achieving anything in particular, and why others don't

seem to work hard, yet seem to get everything? They seem to have the

"magic touch." You've heard people say, "Everything he touches turns

to gold." Have you ever noticed that a person who becomes successful

tends to continue to become more successful? And, on the other hand,

have you noticed how someone who's a failure tends to continue to


The difference is goals. People with goals succeed because they know

where they're going. It's that simple. Failures, on the other hand,

believe that their lives are shaped by circumstances ... by things

that happen to them ... by exterior forces.

Think of a ship with the complete voyage mapped out and planned. The

captain and crew know exactly where the ship is going and how long it

will take � it has a definite goal. And 9,999 times out of 10,000, it

will get there.

Now let's take another ship � just like the first � only let's not

put a crew on it, or a captain at the helm. Let's give it no aiming

point, no goal, and no destination. We just start the engines and let

it go. I think you'll agree that if it gets out of the harbor at all,

it will either sink or wind up on some deserted beach � a derelict. It

can't go anyplace because it has no destination and no guidance.

It's the same with a human being. However, the human race is fixed,

not to prevent the strong from winning, but to prevent the weak from

losing. Society today can be likened to a convoy in time of war. The

entire society is slowed down to protect its weakest link, just as the

naval convoy has to go at the speed that will permit its slowest

vessel to remain in formation.

That's why it's so easy to make a living today. It takes no particular

brains or talent to make a living and support a family today. We have

a plateau of so-called "security." So, to succeed, all we must do is

decide how high above this plateau we want to aim.

Throughout history, the great wise men and teachers, philosophers, and

prophets have disagreed with one another on many different things. It

is only on this one point that they are in complete and unanimous

agreement � the key to success and the key to failure is this:


This is The Strangest Secret! Now, why do I say it's strange, and why

do I call it a secret? Actually, it isn't a secret at all. It was

first promulgated by some of the earliest wise men, and it appears

again and again throughout the Bible. But very few people have learned

it or understand it. That's why it's strange, and why for some equally

strange reason it virtually remains a secret.

The Strangest Secret CD by Earl Nightingale

Marcus Aurelius, the great Roman Emperor, said: "A man's life is what

his thoughts make of it."

Disraeli said this: "Everything comes if a man will only wait ... a

human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it, and nothing can

resist a will that will stake even existence for its fulfillment."

William James said: "We need only in cold blood act as if the thing in

question were real, and it will become infallibly real by growing into

such a connection with our life that it will become real. It will

become so knit with habit and emotion that our interests in it will be

those which characterize belief." He continues, " ... only you must,

then, really wish these things, and wish them exclusively, and not

wish at the same time a hundred other incompatible things just as


My old friend Dr. Norman Vincent Peale put it this way: "If you think

in negative terms, you will get negative results. If you think in

positive terms, you will achieve positive results." George Bernard

Shaw said: "People are always blaming their circumstances for what

they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in

this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances

they want, and if they can't find them, make them."

Well, it's pretty apparent, isn't it? We become what we think about.

A person who is thinking about a concrete and worthwhile goal is going

to reach it, because that's what he's thinking about. Conversely, the

person who has no goal, who doesn't know where he's going, and whose

thoughts must therefore be thoughts of confusion, anxiety, fear, and

worry will thereby create a life of frustration, fear, anxiety and

worry. And if he thinks about nothing ... he becomes nothing.


The human mind is much like a farmer's land. The land gives the farmer

a choice. He may plant in that land whatever he chooses. The land

doesn't care what is planted. It's up to the farmer to make the

decision. The mind, like the land, will return what you plant, but it

doesn't care what you plant. If the farmer plants too seeds � one a

seed of corn, the other nightshade, a deadly poison, waters and takes

care of the land, what will happen?

Remember, the land doesn't care. It will return poison in just as

wonderful abundance as it will corn. So up come the two plants � one

corn, one poison as it's written in the Bible, "As ye sow, so shall ye


The human mind is far more fertile, far more incredible and mysterious

than the land, but it works the same way. It doesn't care what we

plant ... success ... or failure. A concrete, worthwhile goal ... or

confusion, misunderstanding, fear, anxiety, and so on. But what we

plant it must return to us.

The Strangest Secret CD by Earl Nightingale

The problem is that our mind comes as standard equipment at birth.

It's free. And things that are given to us for nothing, we place

little value on. Things that we pay money for, we value.

The paradox is that exactly the reverse is true. Everything that's

really worthwhile in life came to us free � our minds, our souls, our

bodies, our hopes, our dreams, our ambitions, our intelligence, our

love of family and children and friends and country. All these

priceless possessions are free.

But the things that cost us money are actually very cheap and can be

replaced at any time. A good man can be completely wiped out and make

another fortune. He can do that several times. Even if our home burns

down, we can rebuild it. But the things we got for nothing, we can

never replace.

Our mind can do any kind of job we assign to it, but generally

speaking, we use it for little jobs instead of big ones. So decide

now. What is it you want? Plant your goal in your mind. It's the most

important decision you'll ever make in your entire life.

Do you want to excel at your particular job? Do you want to go places

in your company ... in your community? Do you want to get rich? All

you have got to do is plant that seed in your mind, care for it, work

steadily toward your goal, and it will become a reality.

It not only will, there's no way that it cannot. You see, that's a law

� like the laws of Sir Isaac Newton, the laws of gravity. If you get

on top of a building and jump off, you'll always go down � you'll

never go up.

And it's the same with all the other laws of nature. They always work.

They're inflexible. Think about your goal in a relaxed, positive way.

Picture yourself in your mind's eye as having already achieved this

goal. See yourself doing the things you will be doing when you have

reached your goal.

Every one of us is the sum total of our own thoughts. We are where we

are because that's exactly where we really want or feel we deserve to

be � whether we'll admit that or not. Each of us must live off the

fruit of our thoughts in the future, because what you think today and

tomorrow � next month and next year � will mold your life and

determine your future. You're guided by your mind.

I remember one time I was driving through e a s t e r n Arizona and I

saw one of those giant earthmoving machines roaring along the road

with what looked like 30 tons of dirt in it � a tremendous, incredible

machine � and there was a little man perched way up on top with the

wheel in his hands, guiding it. As I drove along I was struck by the

similarity of that machine to the human mind. Just suppose you're

sitting at the controls of such a vast source of energy. Are you going

to sit back and fold your arms and let it run itself into a ditch? Or

are you going to keep both hands firmly on the wheel and control and

direct this power to a specific, worthwhile purpose? It's up to you.

You're in the driver's seat. You see, the very law that gives us

success is a doubleedged sword. We must control our thinking. The same

rule that can lead people to lives of success, wealth, happiness, and

all the things they ever dreamed of � that very same law can lead them

into the gutter. It's all in how they use it ... for good or for bad.

That is The Strangest Secret!

Do what the experts since the dawn of recorded history have told us to

do: pay the price, by becoming the person you want to become. It's not

nearly as difficult as living unsuccessfully.

The moment you decide on a goal to work toward, you're immediately a

successful person � you are then in that rare group of people who know

where they're going. Out of every hundred people, you belong to the

top five. Don't concern yourself too much with how you are going to

achieve your goal � leave that completely to a power greater than

yourself. All you have to do is know where you're going. The answers

will come to you of their own accord, and at the right time.

Start today. You have nothing to lose � but you have your whole life

to win.


The Strangest Secret CD by Earl Nightingale

For the next 30-days follow each of these steps every day until you

have achieved your goal.

1. Write on a card what it is you want more that anything else. It

may be more money. Perhaps you'd like to double your income or make a

specific amount of money. It may be a beautiful home. It may be

success at your job. It may be a particular position in life. It could

be a more harmonious family.

Write down on your card specifically what it is you want. Make sure

it's a single goal and clearly defined. You needn't show it to anyone,

but carry it with you so that you can look at it several times a day.

Think about it in a cheerful, relaxed, positive way each morning when

you get up, and immediately you have something to work for � something

to get out of bed for, something to live for.

Look at it every chance you get during the day and just before going

to bed at night. As you look at it, remember that you must become what

you think about, and since you're thinking about your goal, you

realize that soon it will be yours. In fact, it's really yours the

moment you write it down and begin to think about it.

2. Stop thinking about what it is you fear. Each time a fearful or

negative thought comes into your mind, replace it with a mental

picture of your positive and worthwhile goal. And there will come a

time when you'll feel like giving up. It's easier for a human being to

think negatively than positively. That's why only five percent are

successful! You must begin now to place yourself in that group.

"Act as though it were impossible to fail," as Dorothea Brande said.

No matter what your goal � if you've kept your goal before you every

day � you'll wonder and marvel at this new life you've found.

3. Your success will always be measured by the quality and quantity of

service you render. Most people will tell you that they want to make

money, without understanding this law. The only people who make money

work in a mint. The rest of us must earn money. This is what causes

those who keep looking for something for nothing, or a free ride, to

fail in life. Success is not the result of making money; earning money

is the result of success � and success is in direct proportion to our


The Strangest Secret CD by Earl Nightingale

Most people have this law backwards. It's like the man who stands in

front of the stove and says to it: "Give me heat and then I'll add the

wood." How many men and women do you know, or do you suppose there are

today, who take the same attitude toward life? There are millions.

We've got to put the fuel in before we can expect heat. Likewise,

we've got to be of service first before we can expect money. Don't

concern yourself with the money. Be of service ... build ... work ...

dream ... create! Do this and you'll find there is no limit to the

prosperity and abundance that will come to you.

Don't start your test until you've made up your mind to stick with it.

If you should fail during your first 30 days � by that I mean suddenly

find yourself overwhelmed by negative thoughts � simply start over

again from that point and go 30 more days. Gradually, your new habit

will form, until you find yourself one of that wonderful minority to

whom virtually nothing is impossible.

Above all ... don't worry! Worry brings fear, and fear is crippling.

The only thing that can cause you to worry during your test is trying

to do it all yourself. Know that all you have to do is hold your goal

before you; everything else will take care of itself.

Take this 30-day test, then repeat it ... then repeat it again. Each

time it will become more a part of you until you'll wonder how you

could have ever have lived any other way. Live this new way and the

floodgates of abundance will open and pour over you more riches than

you may have dreamed existed. Money? Yes, lots of it. But what's more

important, you'll have peace ... you'll be in that wonderful minority

who lead calm, cheerful, successful lives.

Learn more about Earl Nightingale and his many timeless books and

audio programs.

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Beyond The Power Of Positive Thinking

Does positive thinking really work? What is beyond positive thinking?
Norman Vincent Peale,author of the world bestseller The Power Of
Positive Thinking,emphasized how to achieve well being, vitality,
enthusiasm and effectiveness in life.It outlined how to think
positively about your problems.

Yet there is more than just thinking positive,you need to know how to
put the positive thoughts into action, and by believing and having
faith in you own inner power, succeed in achieving what you want out
of life. Faith and positive thinking alone cannot provide fulfilment.

The acievement of everlasting fulfilment is an active process.
ACTION is necessary to defeat the daily assault of doubt, hesitation,
fear, worry, and spiritual depression; all of which block the road to
complete fulfilment. Peale said that,"Positive action, supported
strongly by belief, bouyed up brightly by love of God, cannot ever
lose the Battle of Life."

Anyway,how to use positive thinking to change your life? Do
self-affirmations work? What is the role of the law of attraction in
changing your life conditions and situations to be more successful,
prosperous and more healthy? What about reprogramming your mind on
what really want? Is happiness attainable? What are some of the
secrets of life to change your life for the better?

To answer these questions, you may find some practical insights in
reading the following transcript.

This transcript is entitled "The Power of Positive Thinking" which Larry King interviewed Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Michael Beckwith, John Demartini and J.Z. Knight to find out the power of positive thinking and beyond. This CNN Larry King Live was aired November 2, 2006 - 21:00 [ET].

"The Power of Positive Thoughts - Larry King Live"

Category: Religion and Philosophy

LARRY KING, CNN HOST: Tonight, unhappy with your love, your job, your
life, not enough money? Use your head. You can think yourself into a
lot better you. Positive thoughts can transform can attract the good
things you know you want. Sound far-fetched? Think again. It's
supported by science.

Ahead, an hour that can change the way you think about the world and
alter your life forever. It's next on LARRY KING LIVE.

KING: Good evening.
A special edition of LARRY KING LIVE tonight; we're calling the
program beyond the power of positive thinking, how to change your
life, how to use the power of your imagination, and mine, to create
what you want in your life.

Our guests can help you do that. They are Bob Proctor, who went from
high school dropout to best-selling author. He spent the last 40 years
coaching individuals on how to attain their life ambitions.

John Assaraf, as a teenager John risked the potentially fatal
consequences of a turbulent lifestyle which could have easily landed
him in jail or the morgue. But today, he's written a "New York Times"
best-selling book and built four multimillion dollar companies.

Michael Beckwith, founder and spiritual director of the Agape
International Spiritual Center, which celebrates its 20 anniversary
this fall.

John DeMartini, the founder of the DeMartini Foundation and the
Concourse of Wisdom School, one of the world's largest personal and
professional development organizations.

And, JZ Knight, the (INAUDIBLE) member of our group is CEO of JZ K.
Inc. and author of her autobiography "A State of Mind."

We'll start with Mr. Proctor. We're calling the show the power of
positive thinking. Define that for me.

BOB PROCTOR, BEST-SELLING AUTHOR: Well, there is power to positive
thinking if you internalize it. I think there's a lot of
misunderstanding on it. People they think if they just think positive
the world's going to change.

It's not going to change. What they're going to do is heighten their
frustration because they're looking for change and it doesn't happen.
We think on our conscious mind, on a conscious level. It's our
educated mind but it's the subconscious mind that's controlling the
vibration we're in, controlling the results we're getting.

So, if the positive thinking is going to change our life, we've got to
internalize those positive thoughts, not the easiest thing to do but
you can do it.

KING: How do you harness that, John Assaraf?

JOHN ASSARAF, CO-FOUNDER, ONECOACH: I think you've got to make a
decision, Larry, you know. We've got two choices to make with whatever
the situation is. Number one, it could be negative or it could be
positive. Our choice is what makes the biggest difference in all of
the equation is making the choice to look at something positively,
even though the negative side is there. I think that's what we have to

KING: Michael Beckwith, was Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's famous book,
"The Power of Positive Thinking," was that too pedestrian?

Well, I didn't read that for a number of years. I entered into this
way of teaching because I had a spiritual awakening and began to see
that we were surrounded by a presence, an energy, a life force, call
it God, call it the divine energy.

KING: He called it God, right?

BECKWITH: Yes. And that through that immersion into that awareness I
began to see that, yes, there is power in your thinking but it's not
positive thinking. You know you could be positive that you're broke.
You can be positive that you're rich.

So it's really, I call it affirmative thinking, having an affirmative
realization that the nature of the universe is good and when you
surrender to it, when you align yourself with it, when you embody, as
Bob Proctor was talking about, as you internalize it, then your life
begins to change.

KING: You're saying, John DeMartini that this is doable?

but we do it every day because what happens is the quality of our life
is based on the quality of the questions we ask and it's not what
happens to us on the outside. It's how we ask questions and filter it
and perceive it on the inside.

And so, we have an event and we ask how is that event that we think is
so terrible, how does it serve us and how does it help us fulfill what
is really most important to our life? Then what happens is we
transform through the perception of that action into an opportunity
that we can now use as a resource for our life. KING: Where do you
learn this, Ms. Knight?

positive thinking because that would suggest that we're all negative
and the connotation of negative is that we're all bad. And it's
difficult enough to survive in the world and have self-esteem without
thinking that you have to think positive because you're already bad.

KING: What do you call it?

KNIGHT: I call it being wonderful.

KING: What's the law of attraction, Bob?

PROCTOR: The law of attraction is based on the law of vibration. The
whole universe operates by laws. Dr. Werhner von Braun said that the
laws are so precise that we don't have any difficult building
spaceships, sending people to the moon and you can time the landing
with the precision of a fraction of a second. But, attraction and
vibration are hooked together. The vibration we're in is determined by
the ideas that you're emotionally involved with.

KING: And how do you grab that, Michael?

BECKWITH: You need to have a vision for your life. Most of the time
people are concentrating on what they don't want to happen. They can
articulate it very well. "I hope this never happens to me." And when
you ask the average person they don't know exactly what they want.
They cannot describe a reality they want to live in.

Now when you begin to describe it and begin to generate those kind of
feelings that you're already living in it, the universe will compel
you into right action. You'll begin to do things differently.

KING: Dr. DeMartini, does this apply to the law of physics? Are we
talking about something that you could look it up in a book?

DEMARTINI: Yes, actually, because what happens just like in the law of
life and the law of physics, just like a magnet has two sides and if
you try to get rid of one side of the magnet, the negative side, it
keeps following you. You always have two sides. So, you have to be
able to take both sides and use them to your advantage.

KING: JZ if the day is cloudy or rainy and we're bothered by that
we're determining to be bothered by that right?

KNIGHT: Absolutely. Absolutely.

KING: We're making it. If rain ain't doing it, we're doing it.

KNIGHT: We're doing it. We are creating the nature of our reality by
what we choose, how we choose to think about our life and the outside

KING: Coming up, wouldn't you like to be excited about your day when
you wake up instead of being stressed? Find out how to make it
possible next.


BECKWITH: And from the very being, the nature of your being, you must
say "So what?" That's the strongest affirmation that you'll ever hear.
When I was quite young attending college there were two things going
on simultaneously. One, I was having a spiritual breakthrough, a
spiritual opening while, at the same time, I was ending a career in
selling marijuana.

The real miracle of living is when you're no longer intoxicated by
praise or depressed by un-appreciation.

And, I just started crying. I just started sobbing and I turned my
life over to God, surrendered my life to the universe, surrendered my
life to love, to be an instrument to bring about love and harmony and
peace, however the presence wanted to use me. My life would be
dedicated to that for the rest of my life.

And if you begin to open up through your affirmation so what! You'll
begin to move into the consciousness of what's so. So what contains
the what so.

There's a dimension of us that has never been hurt, harmed, or
endangered in any way and with intention, with practice, with love,
prayer, meditation, you can uncover that dimension of your life that
has no beginning and has no end and let it shine in this incarnation.

What is so? God has always loved you. What is so? Wholeness is inside
of your being. What is so? Infinite supply surrounds you. What is so?
It doesn't matter who's in the White House. Who's in your house? Who's
in your house? Who's in your house?



KING: We're back with this extraordinary panel and we're learning how
to make things better in our lives. We can't do better than that for

Michael Beckwith, what are some simple steps a person can do to change
his or her own life?

BECKWITH: Well, first of all, when we think about what reality is, we
think about this unified field of awareness that's everywhere that's
operating for us. So, what an individual has to do they have to begin
to have an inner talk of uplift, men of inspiration of affirmation,
begin to agree with themselves that it can be better.

KING: Every day?

BECKWITH: Every single day. It has to be a practice until that
practice becomes a way of life. KING: What do you do though, John
Assaraf, about bad events, I mean terrible events, your house burns

ASSARAF: Yes. Everything that happens to us we have a choice again of
making a decision how we perceive that and how we react to that. And
we can have our house burning right in front of us and things could be
devastating in front of us but our decision to interpret that is what
makes the entire difference and we always have that choice.

KING: That seems, Bob, like a hard thing to learn.

PROCTOR: It is a hard thing to learn. And, I was thinking as John was
talking about it, I was taking my mind back to when I was always
focused on what was wrong, the bad circumstances they dominated my
thinking. It took a long time to change it.

I had Earl Nightingale's record. I played it over and over and over


PROCTOR: Earl is a good friend. I worked with Earl for five years in
Chicago. But it was the repetition of listening to that that changed
it. That's how it was programmed in the first place. That's how it can
be changed.

I think that JZ was mentioning the secret. There's a movie "The
Secret." If a person would keep watching it over and over again they
will reprogram their mind.

KNIGHT: But also, if I may interject here, there is a beauty that
rises up in us, a greater mind that rises up in it that comes to the
surface that is all beauty and originality.

KING: Are you saying you don't have bad days?

KNIGHT: I have bad days if I decide to feel sorry for myself.

BECKWITH: When we begin to think in a particular way it definitely
overrides and transcends those genetic...

PROCTOR: Your thoughts.

KNIGHT: Absolutely.

BECKWITH: And to grow in this way simply means that we're eliminating
the filters. We're eliminating the obstructions. We're eliminating the
faulty beliefs. We're not adding anything to us whatsoever. All
spiritual growth and all growth towards success or progress is an
elimination of that which is hindering.

ASSARAF: And we are genetically wired a certain way and 50 percent of
our propensity is the way we think and behave are genetic in nature.
Then we're raised by the same people who gave us their genetics. And
so we get conditioned to believe and think and behave consistently day
in and day out. We call it a self fulfilling doom that we get into.
And the first part is awareness. The first part is awareness that I
don't have to live this way anymore. I don't have to do this anymore.
I don't have to think this way anymore and become aware of it. That's
number one.

Then you set a new vision for yourself and scientifically just the
latest brain research suggests that it takes at least 30 days of
mental reprogramming to start seeing the differentiation between your
old self and the new self.

KING: John DeMartini, one of the definitions of insanity is repeating
the same act expecting a different result. If that's true, first of
all, half the globe is insane, right? We all have done that.

DEMARTINI: Or asleep.

KING: Can you break that?

DEMARTINI: Yes. Every human being has a set of values and through
those values they filter their reality. Whatever is highest on their
value they tend to bring discipline and order to and they tend to
focus on them spontaneously, innately.

Whatever is lowest on their value they tend to have chaos around and
disorder around. And, if they're trying to set objectives that is not
really truly aligned to their highest values, they tend to self defeat
because they tend to unconsciously keep creating what's really on
their value system. So, when you set objectives, if you don't set them
congruently and aligned with your highest values, you tend to self
defeat and have negative self talk.

KING: But to change you have to want to change, right?

DEMARTINI: You have to identify and set objectives according to what's
truly valuable to you, what's truly inspiring to you, or you're
automatically going to have the feedback system called the negative
thought I think personally.

PROCTOR: I think all you have to do is become aware that you can
change. I didn't think I could change.

KING: What changed you?

PROCTOR: "Think and Grow Rich," the book and Ray Stanford, a guy that
got me to read it and he convinced me that I could do better than I
was doing. I think I believed in his belief in me. I didn't believe in
me. But he was so adamant that I could do better and he said, "Just
read the book and do what it says." And I started to read it and
that's what led me into Earl's material, one thing to another and I

KING: What did you, Michael, what changed you?

BECKWITH: Well, in terms of change one of my favorite statements is
pain pushes you until the vision pulls you. So, you grow in two ways
either through pain or through insight.

So, some people will get sick and tired of being sick and tired and
begin to make that decision, begin to articulate a vision for their
life, begin to walk in that direction.

Others will have insight, an ah-hah will happen to them and they'll
see life in a much wider perspective and then from that wider
perspective make a decision to begin to walk.

KING: Are we to blame, John, for most of the time for what happens to

ASSARAF: Are we to blame? Well, we can blame other people and that's
the easy thing to do because we can point the finger.

KING: That rat.

ASSARAF: Yes, we can just blame everybody else. There are certain
things that happen to us, Larry, that are inconvenient that we don't
like and we can put blame on somebody else or ourselves. I think we've
got to take full responsibility for our reality and how we approach
anything that happens to us.

BECKWITH: Absolutely.

KNIGHT: I agree.

PROCTOR: I don't think we're to be blamed. We're not to be blamed for
our programming but we're responsible for changing it.

BECKWITH: Absolutely. Yes, I don't like to use the word blame. No one
is to blame but ignorance.

PROCTOR: That's right.

BECKWITH: Ignorance is the only thing that is to blame. And once you
enter into he awareness of forgiveness releasing shame, blame, and
regret, you can change your life.

KING: John DeMartini, does it require brains?

DEMARTINI: You know I think...

KING: I mean you have to be smart to do this.

DEMARTINI: I think that it requires awareness.


DEMARTINI: But I think the greatest awareness occurs when we're
grateful and our heart is open.

KING: Just ahead can you really wish for your soul mate and find him?
Our panel knows how to make it happen. They'll share it with us next.


PROCTOR: You know when a person has no hope they are lost, absolutely
lost. I was losing. I was unhappy. I was sick. I was broke. I think I
was earning $4,000 a year and I owed $6,000.

For the first time I realized that I had choices. I could choose what
I wanted to do. Now it was vague and I didn't have a whole lot of
confidence in it but I was starting to know it.

It took me nine years to figure out what I had actually done to change
but I found out something interesting. Most people that are highly
successful cannot articulate on why they are.

If you don't make the hard decisions you have wasted your time coming
here. You know what the decisions are. I don't know what they are for
you but you know what they are.

Positive thinking is nothing if you don't internalize it and you don't
internalize it once. It's through repetition
It's your life. You only get one bite at the apple. If you don't treat
you right, who's going to?



KING: OK, we'll start with John DeMartini in this. How do you find the
true love of your life?

DEMARTINI: Well, I'm going to say something that's probably different
than a lot of people. But I really believe that we are actually
surrounded by it and it's either in one form, in one person, or we
diversified it to a group of people in our lives but every single...

KING: Six soul mates?

DEMARTINI: Our soul mate. Every single thing that we're searching for
we unconsciously are creating around us but sometimes if we've had
extreme pain associated with a relationship with one person we
diversify all the things that we like into people around us.

KING: You've lost your wife, right?

DEMARTINI: Yes, my wife passed away about just under two years ago.

KING: Now are you on a search?

DEMARTINI: Well, it's interesting. Six weeks before she passed away
she held my hand and she looked me straight in the eyes and she said,
"It's now time to look for another star woman, another star girl." Her
name was Athena Starwoman.

And three weeks after she passed away, I ran into a lovely woman named
Star in Las Vegas. She happens to be here today. And, if it wasn't for
her saying that, my former wife saying that, I don't think I would
have noticed it (INAUDIBLE).

KING: How do you find a soul mate, JZ?

KNIGHT: Well, a soul mate is equal to who we are, so the first thing
we have to do is fall in love with ourselves. We have to like who we
are. Otherwise, if we don't, we're going to get frequency specific
with people in our life that...

KING: Bad choices.

KNIGHT: ...reflect back to ourselves. So, first thing fall in love
with yourself. Be to you what you would love to have in another

BECKWITH: Absolutely.

KNIGHT: Then that person comes.

KING: Michael.

BECKWITH: What you're looking for you're looking with and so as you
begin, as JZ was talking about, to really fall in love with and tap
into those qualities of love and caring and generosity and kindness
and appreciation you begin to radiate those kind of qualities into
your life.

KING: Is it hard, John Assaraf, to get rid of the bad person in your

ASSARAF: Is it hard to get rid of the bad person in your life?

KING: Yes, well let's say it isn't working but you hang on.

ASSARAF: It's very, very hard. We get so accustomed to our
surroundings and our environment and the relationships that we have.
Anytime that that is a part of our life releasing that is very, very
difficult. We don't like to change our environment. We don't like to
change our environment at work. We don't like to change our
environment with our relationships. It's very, very difficult.

Anything that we get accustomed to having in our life is very hard to
let go of.

KING: We're doing things a little differently here tonight. We do have
a studio audience and we're going to take some questions. And we'll
start with Lisa, are you there?

LISA: Hi. My question is how does the law of attraction apply to
relationships because I can see how you could attract individual goals
but it's harder to see how you could visualize a specific person that
you want?

KING: Who wants to grab that, John?

PROCTOR: You shouldn't put a face on the person. See yourself with all
-- with the person with all those qualities. You're going to move into
that vibration and you'll attract them.

ASSARAF: I think it's important to understand, Larry, that, you know,
if we go back to the premise that all we are is energy and that we
will attract everything that we resonate with, so if we are focusing
on what we want in the person with all the attributes and what he or
she has and we believe with our whole heart and soul that that person
will be found and we allow the universe to do its part while we, as JZ
said, become that person filled with love and beauty that we are, we
will attract that person.

KING: Michael.

BECKWITH: I think it's clear, Lisa, also we have to define what
relationship is. And relationship is a joint participation in the good
of life or in the good of God. So, you're not going into a
relationship to get something from someone.

You're going into a relationship to be more yourself so that you're
with somebody this is the individual in which you get to -- you feel
comfortable being loving, giving, sharing, kind and forgiving. But if
you think you're going to get something from the relationship, you're
setting up a resistance there already.

KING: Why do we choose often, Bob, the wrong person?

PROCTOR: I think it goes back to what JZ said. We don't know who we

KNIGHT: We don't know who we are.

PROCTOR: And we're searching for something outside of ourselves so we
see someone and think she's pretty. He does this, you know. And so,
you know, we're looking to get something there. It's like Michael
said, it's not what you get.

It really comes back, what Stanford taught me he said, "Get to know
who you are." And he said, "And start to understand yourself and take
control over your life. And until you do that, nothing is going to
work right."

ASSARAF: It's also -- sorry, Michael. It's also a function of our self
image of ourselves so we have an image, an unconscious image of who we
are, what we believe we can attract, what we deserve, and we will look
for that match in our life as long as we don't change the internal
image in our own mind, nothing will change.

KING: When we come back, I'll reintroduce the panel.
And, what if you wish for a million bucks, will you get it? Find out
when LARRY KING LIVE returns.


ASSARAF: Your past results, OK, do not, do not represent what you're
capable of achieving. Well, from the age of 13 to about 19, I was
involved with a group of kids that spent a lot of time on the streets.
And what I really wanted to do was make money. I came from a family
who had wonderful love and wonderful environment but money wasn't
something that my family knew how to make and I wanted to live a
better life.

And, I really took myself to educating myself about what does it
really take to make money? What does it take to build a company? What
does it take to have a great life? And fortunately for me when I was
19, I found some wonderful mentors who asked me some great questions.
And so if you don't believe in your -- if you really, really, really
don't believe in your product or service, stop doing it. Stop telling
yourself a story that you've got to do it just because I need the
money. I need something to make an income.

And part of me believed them because they always told me that if you
didn't go to school, if you didn't get a degree, you couldn't get a
job. You couldn't take care of your family. So, there was something
that was nagging at me my whole life was, you know, that's what people
that I respected told me, not my parents fortunately but everybody
else said that.

To win in the game of life you've got to focus on winning the game of



KING: Our panel is Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Michael Beckwith, John
DeMartini, and JZ Knight. JZ, you say you treat the universe as a
shopping cart and all you got to do is ask.

KNIGHT: I teach people that.

KING: Ask for $1 million and you get it?

KNIGHT: Well, what I teach people is, is that money comes as a result
of ingenious thoughts, creativity, because we're born creators, and
that when we create our day and we start out with our day and say,
"This day I will access information about the future, technology and
genius." And during that day great thoughts come that start you on a
journey of creating something of value that as a consequence of that
you get paid for it.

KING: Money follows.

KNIGHT: Absolutely.

KING: "Time" magazine had an article, "Does God Want you to be Rich?"
For several decades a philosophy has been percolating in the 10
million strong Pentecostal wing of Christianity that seems to turn the
gospels on its head. In a nutshell, it suggest that God who loves you
does not want you to be broke. It's been propelled by Joel Osteen's
four million selling book, "Your Best Life Now." Does he want you to
be rich?

DEMARTINI: Absolutely.

BECKWITH: Absolutely.

PROCTOR: Absolutely.

KNIGHT: Absolutely.


ASSARAF: But most people don't understand...

KING: What does God care?

KNIGHT: But what isn't God?

KING: Why does God care if you've got $10 or $100.

KNIGHT: Isn't that small? Isn't that cheap?

ASSARAF: I think God cares because we work with business owners...

KING: Just asking.

ASSARAF: Larry, we work with business owners all over the world.
That's what we do. And the first thing we tell them is, if you could
figure out how to serve another human being, if you could figure out
how to give them your product or your service, and figure out how to
get that to the masses and serve them and do well for them, you'll be
rewarded with riches. Why wouldn't God want every human being to be
serve another?

PROCTOR: See, the possession of money is so ridiculously out of
balance. One percent of the population has about 96 percent of all the
money. We go through school, no one teaches us how to earn money. We
don't learn at home. And we grow up with the idea you go to work to
earn money. Working is the worst way to earn money. You should go to
work for satisfaction. You provide services to earn money. You do.
Wealthy people all have multiple sources of income.

BECKWITH: The way I look at it is like this. We're here to deliver our
gifts, our talents and our capacities, and develop ourself to our
fullest potential and express ourself. Now, the universe, the power,
the presence, the love of God, whatever you want to call this
presence, wants your structures stable so that God can express more
through you.

KING: Another question from the audience from Kelsey -- Kelsey.

KELSEY: I love where I work. But I live within my means. However, each
month I'm living seemingly paycheck to paycheck. How do I value what I
earn, versus the satisfaction I get from working at a career that I'm
passionate about? PROCTOR: I don't think you should mix them up.
You're looking at your job as where you get your money. Your job is
where you get your satisfaction. Set up different ways of serving
people where you can earn money. You don't have to be there. You can
earn it while you're sleeping.

ASSARAF: You also can't look at your present circumstances and allow
it to control your thinking, because then you're going to create more
of the same circumstances. You've got to get out of that loop and ask
yourself, what I do really want to do, and then follow that.

KING: John, I came into my office today upstairs, on my door was a
vision board.

ASSARAF: We saw it.

KING: It had the kids, it had the wife, it had the job, the palm trees
for retirement. Forget the palm trees. OK.
And do you -- what are vision boards? I understand you have a story
about this, about the visualization.

Many years ago, I looked at another way to represent some of the
materialistic things I wanted to achieve in my life, whether it was a
car or a house or anything. And so I started cutting out pictures of
things that I wanted. And I put those vision boards up. And every day
for probably about just two to three minutes, I would sit in my desk
and I would look at my board and I'd close my eyes. And I'd see myself
having the dream car and the dream home and the money in the bank that
I wanted and the money that I wanted to have for charity.

Five years later, my one son Keenan (ph) came up to my office and he
sat on the boxes and said, you know, Daddy, what's in the boxes? And I
said, they're my vision boards, and they've been in those boxes for
five years. And so he didn't understand. So I pulled out one of the
vision boards, after opening up the box, and there was a nice car and
another little trinket that I wanted to buy. And when I opened up, or
pulled out the second vision board, there was a picture of the home
that I was living in right now, that I had been living in for a year,
had renovated it, and didn't even know -- I swear to...

PROCTOR: He phoned me. He phoned me within two or three minutes of
that. I saw it on the board.

ASSARAF: The house that I live in.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We teach to do that, draw on a piece of card what
it is you want to manifest, and simply look at it and be present with
it. That's called creating a time trial to the future.

DEMARTINI: Our innermost dominant thought becomes our outermost
tangible reality. When I was 17 years old, I almost died. I lived on
the North Shore of Oahu in a tent. And I had the opportunity to meet
Paul Brag (ph), who's an amazing teacher who's 93 years old. And he
told me to write down my dreams -- not only for myself, but my family,
my community, my city, my state, my nation, and my world -- and write
it for at least 100 years. Today, all of these years, 34 years, I've
been master planning my life and one of the things that I actually
dreamed of doing is sitting here facing you, saying what I'm about to
say. So I know that it works.

KING: If one of you have a vision board with my picture on it, I'll go
to break.

Still ahead, can you make yourself healthy or just stop smoking just
by thinking about it? Find out more after this break.

DEMARTINI: One day leaving this health food store, I saw a little
flyer on a door, special guest -- guest speaker, Paul C. Brag, Sunset
Recreation Hall, North Shore of Oahu.


DEMARTINI: The quality of your life is based on the quality of the
questions you ask. And ask questions inside, pull them out of you.
What do you really love to create in your life?


DEMARTINI: And that night, I don't know how to describe it, it's just
something came over me and I said, I know what I want to do. I want to
become like this gentleman. I want to travel the world. I want to
dedicate my life to the study of universal laws, as he was talking
about, and I want to become a great teacher and philosopher, and step
foot in every country on the face of the earth and share my research
findings with people.


DEMARTINI: Because if you don't plant the flowers in the garden of
your mind, everybody, you're going to be pulling weeds out from
everybody else's.


DEMARTINI: And he said to me, every single day from the rest of your
life, say I am a genius and I apply my wisdom. Now here I sat there,
I'm a genius, I'm thinking, there's no way I'm a genius. So I said it
over and over again. And he made me say it until I had my eyes closed
and my body was congruent with it. And he patted me on the shoulder
and says, you never miss a day for the rest of your life.

And that was the beginning of a journey of teaching, healing and
philosophy. I went on to be a scholar in school, I went premed honor.
I ended up being a chiropractic because I love the power and
philosophy of chiropractic. And it was just the most amazing thing,
because it believes the power inside us is what heals


DEMARTINI: If you're going through life and you want to create an
amazing life, you better have a vision that far exceeds that. You want
perpetuity, you want a foundation that goes beyond it, you want a
vision that goes beyond it. There is an immortal calling in all of us
to do something magnificent with our life, that's way bigger than our
mortal body can see.



KING: We're back.

J.Z., can you remove an illness just by thinking about it?

KNIGHT: Yes. I was a heavy smoker, and I was developing emphysema.
Most women like to smoke, most people that I knew did. And I went and
got a CAT scan, and when I saw the CAT scan of what my lungs were
doing, I knew I wasn't going to be alive very much longer.
And so I simply said, I'm going to go live somewhere in my brain where
I have always been well. And in that moment, I simply moved what I am
to a different neuronet in my brain.

KING: How, Michael, do we form the habits we have?

BECKWITH: Just doing something over and over and over again,
oftentimes unconsciously.

KING: But why would we do it, even if we don't like it?

BECKWITH: Well, it goes back to what we were saying at the earlier
part of the show. You have genetic programming and then you an
environmental influence. So you end up copying what you see around

DEMARTINI: And many times the very thing we're doing that we're trying
to get rid of, unconsciously, we have associations of benefits. We
underlying benefits that we're actually...

KING: How about those thing, though, Bob, like, drug addiction?

PROCTOR: Well, drug addiction is -- it's a habit. And it can be
changed. No, it can be changed. Many people change it.

KING: A habit that becomes a need.

PROCTOR: Millions of people change it, so it can be done. Millions
don't but there is millions that...

BECKWITH: Individuals that are addicted oftentimes are looking for
something that they're finding temporarily, in a counterfeit way,
through that drug or through that momentary high. And your brain can
produce that without the drug.

PROCTOR: See, I think the problem goes back -- we don't know ourself.
We can go right through our educational system, the best schools in
the world, and come out and know virtually nothing about ourself.

ASSARAF: There's really two parts of our brain, One is the conscious
mind,, which we now know is only responsible for only two to four
percent of our behaviors. So we could have the desire, the want, the
need, the passion for change, but there's another side of our psyche,
the nonconscious mind, that we now know controls 96 to 98 percent of
our conditioned way of doing, being, seeing and behaving every single

So you can have the desire, but you this program running at a
nonconscious level that's going to keep you at your status quo,
whether you're a drug addict, whether you're broke. That's why most
people, Larry, who win the Lottery, for example, 86 percent of them
give away all the money, is because they are conditioned at a
nonconscious level to be broke. Their self-image and their self-worth
is going to dictate their self-wealth. And that, by the way, I heard
from this great guy, John DeMartini. He's absolutely right.

PROCTOR: If we're coaching people to change, we have them in a 13
month program.

KING: Does rehab work?

DEMARTINI: It all depends. I go back to the value system because the
hierarchy of one's values dictates their destiny. And so if they have
an unconscious motive and unconscious value to continue doing
something, all the comments to them really don't mean anything. They
have to have an unconscious drive to accomplish what they want to do.
And so what I do, and I have people that are so-called label addicts,
I go in there and ask them all the benefits that they're getting out
of it and bring the unconscious conscious first. And when they
discover 100 benefits that they're unconsciously getting out of being
the drug addict, it blows their mind to realize why they're really
doing what they're doing.

KING: Michael, what causes relapse?

BECKWITH: Exactly what he's saying here. The benefits, the temporary
benefits of getting that momentary high. They haven't yet seen

KING: You miss it, so you want it?

BECKWITH: They're craving, the body, the mind, the chemicals that are
being produced. They don't quite understand that those chemicals,
those endorphins can be produced from a sense of connection.

KING: But we're in a drug conscious society. Look at all of the legal
drugs to stop your pain, make you feel better, do this, do that.

ASSARAF: Absolutely.

DEMARTINI: A pill for every ill. KING: A pill for every ill.

ASSARAF: We've got the best pharmacy in the world, right here, in our

KNIGHT: It's true.

ASSARAF: No pharmacy can compare with the human mind.

PROCTOR: There's a genius system built within us to keep us in
excellent working order if we were to understand it. Understanding is
the key.

ASSARAF: We become addicted to the emotions.

KNIGHT: We are addicted to our emotions. That's the greatest addiction
there is.

PROCTOR: You did your show a little while ago. I was watching where
you had the fellow on that took Proverbs over 31 days.

KING: Yes, Solomon.

PROCTOR: Yes, well. What did Solomon say? He said, in all your
getting, get understanding. And the opposite of understanding is doubt
and worry. The only way to get understanding is to study, there's no
other way to get it.

KING: We'll be right back. And just ahead, what are you doing that
prevents your own happiness?
Don't go away.

KNIGHT: So I sort of grew up and I -- knowing every day that if I
prayed to God, that everything that I asked for would always get taken
care of. I just thought everybody did. As I grew into a mature woman
and got married and had children, I just went on my destiny knowing
that there was something big could happen in my life.


KNIGHT: This day I love God. This day, the wisdom and love of God
shines through me. It is my reality. I say that all of the time.


KNIGHT: All these years, it has been to help people to understand,
first off, that they're divine, the capacity is inside of them to do
marvelous things, are innate in them, that things that happen to them,
it is not things happening to them, but the source leaking out of


KNIGHT: All of this, is spiritual because spirit is thought. It's the
intangible ghost of reality that reality comes from. (END VIDEO CLIP)

KNIGHT: And in creating your day, the first thing you have to say is,
that I'm wonderful, I'm filled with wonder. I am my greatest mystery.
And this day what I say will manifest and I will experience the wonder
of myself.


KING: We're back.

What a show tonight. We promise to do more on this.
Let's take another question from our audience. And start with Valerie.

VALERIE: Hi. I'm self-employed and staying focussed and clear- headed
about all my goals, both professionally and personally, can be really
challenging. What's your advice for staying positive and patient with
so much uncertainty in my professional life?

BECKWITH: It comes down to your practice. Everything that we've talked
about here, it comes down to the word practice, that you begin to
develop the habit of doing something every single day in your life.
Describe your life and how it's going to be. Begin to tell yourself
that life is for you and not against you. Begin to be aware that
there's something trying to emerge through you right now.

Since you are an infinite being and you're here to progress, there is
always something trying to emerge for you right now. So you're not
sitting around waiting for the New Age. You're on the new edge.
Something is trying to happen.

KNIGHT: And you're wonderful. And everything that you think matters.
So you're worries matter. So what you have to do, you have to get up,
first thing in the morning and create your day, and say this day, I'm
a genius. Not only am I a genius, I create a new reality that is
fulfilling and without worry. All day long.

BECKWITH: Practice.

KING: OK, another audience question. And this one is from Bonnie.

BONNIE: I's like to know how do you change a negative perception of an
aging body and mind into a positive acceptance of the same age and
body and mind?

KING: You are what you feel?

DEMARTINI: Well, you know, I think we're blessed because as we mature,
our eyesight tends to get a little bit weakened and our hearing tends
to go. So I think what the universe has done is make sure that we
can't see what we see in the mirror. So the best thing to do is honor
your sight as it starts to fade and you can appreciate what it does.
No, but every single day it is wise to concentrate on what you do love
about yourself, instead of focussing on what you don't.

KNIGHT: May I ask you tomorrow morning, if you want to be 30 years
younger, your genes, here everything you say...

BECKWITH: Absolutely.

KNIGHT: ... you have a code for your entire attitude. When you wake up
in the morning and decide, today, I am going to be 30 years younger
and fabulous. And if you do that, you start creating proteins in your
self that replicates that attitude.

KING: Wow.

PROCTOR: Quakers have a saying, pray and move your feet. I think what
you've got to do is get out and exercise. I went over to a gym, a guy
named Eli Palmer (ph), he took a look at me and he said, you're just
going keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger around the waist. And
I started to work with the guy, get up at 5:00 in the morning, I'm in
the gym at 6:00 in the morning and work for an hour. I taken three
inches off my waist.

KING: You're all saying happiness is attainable?

PROCTOR: Absolutely.

BECKWITH: Happiness is the natural state of our being.

KNIGHT: It is a natural state of being, without fear. Without fear.


ASSARAF: It's not condition based.

DEMARTINI: I think when we're authentic with our true values, we have

KING: One more audience question from Bernie -- Bernie.

What is the best way to retain a positive attitude while investing in
a volatile stock market?

PROCTOR: Quit investing in the volatile stock market.

KING: Don't do it.

PROCTOR: And don't do it. Change your behavior.

ASSARAF: Even if you're investing in a volatile stock market, you've
got to keep one thing in mind, and that's not the stock market. It's
your perception of the stock market. There are people who invest in
volatile stock markets that don't get affected emotionally by it.

BERNIE: Right.

ASSARAF: And so if they don't get emotionally affected by it, then
it's not the stock market. It's the individual's perception of the
stock market. So when you change the way you look at something, the
thing you look at will change.

KNIGHT: Remember, you create reality. You have it in you.
Consciousness and energy creates reality. What you think matters. Your
opinions help to affect the whole and your eventual outcome in

DEMARTINI: If the stock market goes up, you're paying more dollar per
stock share. If it goes down, you're getting it for less. So there's
blessings on either side. Knowing that both of them are valuable and
staying long-term with it.

KING: I got to get a break.

But Michael, do affirmations work?

BECKWITH: Affirmations definitely work. They help you keep your
attention, allowing that kind of energy to flow. They're not going to
make something happen, but they make something welcome.

KING: Ahead in our final segment, how you can jumpstart your new life.

Stick around for more of LARRY KING LIVE.


KING: We're back with our final moments with our outstanding panel.
We're going to do more of this and we just brought up a good topic.
I just said the air conditioner's not working in here.

BECKWITH: And now it is.

KING: And that bothers me. And you said, live with it. Right?

BECKWITH: No, I said I'm cool. And now it's working.

KNIGHT: We know how to create a reality.

KING: You just got cool.

KNIGHT: Come to class, Larry.


KING: You've all written books, right?


KING: Is that the best way for anyone watching to jumpstart, read one
of the books? I mean, what is -- how do we...

PROCTOR: I think the best way to start is get a CD or a DVD and
play it over and over and over again.

KING: By one of you?

PROCTOR: Well, the best one -- the best thing I have seen in 45 years,
Larry, is the DVD "On the Secret". To get it, go to It
was made out of Australia. It is the best thing I have ever seen done
in this industry.

KNIGHT: I think you would be very simple -- everybody gets up and
says, what kind of life I do want from this day forward? And I'm going
to write it down and I'm going to say this is who I am.

BECKWITH: Absolutely.

KNIGHT: To say, this is who I am. And negotiate your day through what
you said. That's how you start.

ASSARAF: If anybody wants to have more, whether it's a business,
whether it's more money, they have to become more. And the only way to
do that, OK, first is to educate yourself. And our society has gotten
lost in teaching children how to memorize. Education is when we learn
something, we get instructions on how to do something, and then we
experience it. That's really the education that we want. And so that
for me is pick a lane, pick something that you can choose, to move
your life forward to the next level.

PROCTOR: There is three of us, Dr. Martini, Michael Beckwith and
myself, are going to working together next week -- is it two weeks --
at PSI Seminars. I don't own the company, but it is the best course
I've ever seen. And it is all up and down the West Coast, it's in
different parts of the world.

KNIGHT: Our course is the best course I've ever seen.

PROCTOR: Well, I think the program that...

DEMARTINI: All of our courses are outstanding.

KNIGHT: All of our courses are fabulous.

DEMARTINI: My mother said to me, when she was putting me to bed when I
was four years old, she said, son, before you go in the dream world,
be sure to count your blessings, because those who are grateful for
that they have, they get more to be grateful for. And I always say
that that's the best way to start each day and end this day is in the
state of gratitude.

BECKWITH: I'd like to say something about that. I absolutely agree
that it's so powerful. The enlightened give thanks for what most
people take for granted.

As you begin to be grateful for what most people take for granted,
that vibration of gratitude makes you more receptive to good in your

KING: J.Z., isn't change the hardest and most feared thing we do?

KNIGHT: It is the most feared thing that we do because we're afraid of
reprisal as a result of it. But change is a natural order of our
being. We are creating reality every day. We're here to make known the
unknown. It is innate in us, it's a part of our mechanism, it's a part
of how our brain works. It's what we do best, but it's in a society
that doesn't celebrate that.

PROCTOR: And change is inevitable, but personal growth is choice.


BECKWITH: But we are here to change. We are here to grow, develop and

unfold. We are progressive beings that have infinite capacity.

KING: But we all fear it.


BECKWITH: We do until embrace the fact that we are here to grow. So
that you say, how you to jumpstart? You wake up every day and you want
to be different at the end of the day. You don't want to be the same
person you go to bed at night. You want to have had an insight and a
haha, you want to have done a new action. You would have said
something new, so that you want to see yourself changing and becoming
more yourself on a regular basis.

DEMARTINI: I was -- I had the opportunity to speak for Mary Kay Ash
(ph) many years ago. And I had the opportunity to interview and chat
with her afterwards. And I said, Mary, if there's any advice you could
give me -- I was in my 20s at the time -- for me in my life, what with
a you say?

And she said every single morning before you get and start your day,
to sit down and write down the seven highest priority actions you
could do today, because whoever sets the agenda brings the destiny
about. And I started doing that. And I started compiling a list of the
things that were truly important to me. And I noticed I increased the
probability of those happening in my life just because I concentrated
and I took...

KNIGHT: And we do them every day. We do that every day. I do that
every morning.

DEMARTINI: At the end of the day, be grate grateful for all the
different things that you accomplished. Those two things make a huge


PROCTOR: ... taught me the same thing. He said six things, same

BECKWITH: Awareness. Awareness. Choice is a function of awareness. And
he's just described how you build your awareness.

KING: You have been an outstanding panel. I hope to do this again. I
learned a lot of secrets about life here tonight. We hope everybody
takes advantage of them.

Our guests have been Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Michael Beckwith, John
Demartini and J.Z. Knight.

And our subject has been "Beyond the Power of Positive Thinking: How
to Change Your Life".

We hope we've helped you.

Good night.
-------------Interview End--------------------------------

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