Burn The self-Image Of Success Into Your Brain-pt 2

What is this self-image anyway?

It is the design of your personality that you have created.
You may have developed it carefully, or you may have done
it carelessly--in any event, the personality you have is
your own creation. It's no good saying that you are like you
are because of an unsatisfactory upbringing or previous difficulties.
The opportunities you didn't get don't count anymore.
All these things arebthe unchangeable past--your life is
the controllable present.

You will live that life in accordance with the chart of it
that you've given your subconscious mind.Your self-image is
the chart, the map, the blueprint of yourself--It's the layout
of what you want from life.

The greatest power that anyone or anything can have over us
is our self-image. That power is so great that it would be
terrifying except for one saving thing.

Since we are the ones who developed our own self-image, we
have the power to change it any time we choose to do so.

When we do change it, our new self-image takes over and runs
our life along the new lines we've set up.

In other words, the self-image of yourself that you have created
is the one that you will live up to--or down to.

Build your success self-image into your brain!Say affirmatively
often enough the following new self-image blueprints:

"I love success.I work smart and hard for what I get, so I
deserve it all."

"Nobody makes me feel guilty about being successful.If anybody
can't handle my succes, that's tough. I'll find new friends who can."

Build the following new self-image for your Business Goals:

I begin each day with enthusiasm and joy.
All my actions are divinely guided.
Ideas come to me easily and effortlessly.
I am now attracting all the right people into my life.
I now desire to better my life and those I care about.
I awake each day with happy, loving and joyful thoughts.
I create positive images of a success.
I act and move toward my goals easily and effortlessly.
I Feel powerful, excited and passionate about today.
I take positive actions towards my goal.
My business is divinely guided in all ways.

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