Burn The Self-Image Of Success Into Your Brain

Your self-image control everything you do. Since your actions
and inactions are the largest influnce on what happens to you,
over a period of time your self-image not only controls
everything you do,it also controls everything that happens
to you.

Luck,misfortune, and the forces of nature and nations
might seem to be totally beyond our control; in reality we
always retain far more power to cope with how these events
will affect us than we ever use.In the deepest sense, we create
the results that those events have on us--by doing what our
self-image tells us to do.

Boost your self-image by learning to see who you really are.
There are ways you can maintain a positive outlook,
improve your confidence, and feel better about yourself.

Assess what is truly important in your life. Making a list
of priorities in terms of career, travel, education, or
relationship commitments can put body image into better perspective.

Turn your attention toward something other than your weight.
Weight loss is a long-term commitment; for a short-term
confidence boost, try a new hair style or get a makeup lesson.

Stop thinking negatively. If something negative comes to mind,
write it down and then think of a positive statement to counteract it.

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