How To Succeed With The Law Of Attraction

There is a Law of ATTRACTION operating within us.
We are ‘living magnets’. We attract people, events
and circumstances that ‘harmonize with our own dominant
thoughts’. As the saying goes,
” Like Attracts Like,Always.”

Here is an article by Byron Stuart,enjoy!

—The Law Of Attraction-What It Is And How To Use It.—-

There is one very important thing you need to know about
the mythical Law of Attraction and that is that it is
not a myth. Perception is projection, we all have the
ability to make choices to change our perception and
therefore what we project. What you focus on in your
thoughts matters as your subconscious will direct your
conscious mind to get that which you think about. If you
are convinced that you are going to fail at something you
most likely will, you need to focus on ensuring your actions
contribute to positive outcomes.

The Law of Attraction dictates that your thoughts, words and
deeds will attract similar thoughts, words and deeds from
those you have contact with, as the Bible states
“as you sow, so shall you reap”.
Once you understand The Law of Attraction you can make a
conscious effort to radiate positive energy. You should
analyze how you treat others and look inwardly to discover
your true motivation. Apart from changing your thoughts
you can start by smiling more and frowning less, a smile
will actually improve your mood as well as that of others.
If you find negative emotions re-entering your life then go
back and examine your thoughts again, ask yourself questions
like “Am I manifesting these emotions into my life with my
thoughts?”. Do not be discouraged when you find yourself
slipping a little, it’s OK, step back, reflect and refocus
your thoughts.

The Law of Attraction fundamentally requires you to recognise
your own self worth and have a positive self image. You’ll need
to be careful about your thoughts as well as your actions as
what you believe about yourself will attract like minded individuals.
Spend time in quiet reflection or meditation to enhance the
peaceful vibrations you send out. Be at one with the lifeforce
of the universe (God or whatever your belief is) for this is the
source of real love. Tap into the power of incantations, say
your positive self beliefs out lound with emotion, use present
tense as if you already possess the qualities you desire.

Do not allow yourself to think negative thoughts, you’ll get what you
focus on. Ensure that any decisions you make have a self honoring
outcome. Keep thinking about the energy you’re projecting,
if it’s not the sort of energy you want back then you’d better
change it.

There are other laws that work in conjunction with The Law of
Attraction, The Law of Pure Desire, The Law of Paradoxical
Intent and The Law of Harmony.

The Law of Pure Desire requires belief and surrender. Be motivated
by love and chase your desires passionately. Incant what
you’re hoping for and let your subconscious drive your beliefs.
Do not self sabotage by believing yourself unworthy.
Visualise your future often and with feeling. Trust that
the outcome you desire will come, totally surrender any attachment
to it. Be prepared for answers that are not quite what you
anticipated but nevertheless achieve the result you were
looking for.

The Law of Paradoxical Intent above all requires trust,
letting go and knowing that happiness will come to you.
Be very clear about your intent and do not allow yourself
to be distracted. Be calm and relaxed, desperation will
not achieve what you want. Your happiness must be measured
internally, not by external factors. Be thankful for what
you have and do not concern yourself with what you have not.
You cannot control the future, revel in the present and enjoy
the journey or fear may get in your way.

The Law of Harmony is about not judging people. Create loving
relationships with everyone and everything you come into
contact with, the universe will pay you back in kind. All things
in moderation, try and be balanced as to how you spend your
time, honor yourself as well as others. Life is not a
competition do not live as if it is. Be on the lookout for
opportunities to be compassionate, one day you may need it
yourself. Be motivated by love to serve, guilt has no place
in attracting light. Seek unity with your fellow human beings.
Will you choose to focus on beauty, peace, happiness, and love,
or to dwell on the faults of others or the world? It’s up to you.

Remember your subconscious mind does not know the difference
between your imaginings and reality so your focus can become
your destiny.

Let your true desire guide your thoughts, let
your thoughts guide your words and actions, The Law of
Attraction will take care of the rest.

>>>>>By Byron Stuart.Copyright (C) 2005 My Life Primer Helping
people find their life path

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