The Secret of Wealth - Affirmation Tool

Here are some basic guidelines for repeating affirmations or positive self talk:
1. The subconscious mind does not recognize the future tense. When repeating affirmations, always use the present tense. You want to achieve your goal now, not in some indefinable future time. Using phrases, which imply that what you want to accomplish is happening in your life right now. For example, if your goal is to find a job, don’t say, “I will have a job”, using the future tense. Say, “I have a well-paying and wonderful job, which I love and enjoy”.
2. Affirmations need to be positive and made up of positive words.
3. They should be specific. Tell your mind exactly what it is that you want.
4. It is advisable to keep the affirmations short and easy to remember.
5. You should also include feelings and strong desire. You should feel and believe that what you are saying is already true. Feelings and emotions give life to your words.
6. You may repeat affirmations at any time you want or at special times during the day. Immediately after waking up and before falling asleep are two very appropriate times, as at these times it is easier to get to the subconscious mind.
7. Affirmations can be repeated aloud, mentally or by writing them down.
These are just basic instructions, but they will surely bring you results, if you follow them sincerely. If you want to reap the full value of the power of affirmations, there is much more to know and do. You can find complete guidance, instructions and advice, as well a list of affirmations appropriate for almost every goal or situation using Affirmations available at: Affirmation Software

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