Visualization Plus Affirmations Activate Subconscious

How do you activate your creative inner power within subconscious

mind to create wealth, health and happiness?

Visualization and affirmations do activate subconscious power to your advantages in creating wealth!

Charles F Haanel in the Master Key System affirmed that,"The power

to create depends entirely upon spiritual power, there are three

steps-idealizaion, visualization and materialization.

How do you use your power of visualization to realize your desired

goals in life?

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By Marty Varnadoe Dow, LCSW, A Spiritual Oasis of Free

Inspirational Resources http://www.ifcl.com

“In order to use creative visualization to create what you want

in life, you must be willing and able to accept the best that life

has to offer you--your ‘good’,” Shakti Gawain.

Visualization is easy to use. Like all the other tools of

creation, we use visualization every day to create our experience of

reality. Daydreaming, fantasizing, mental rehearsals, and

imagination are all examples of visualization. We have all

daydreamed about an upcoming vacation or a visit with a favorite

friend. Many of us have fantasized about winning the lottery or

getting a better job.

Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge about the power of our

images, we also often use visualization to create experiences we do

not want in our lives. We mentally rehearse our greatest fears over

and over in our minds.

Have you ever imagined how you would respond if you were robbed

or attacked, mentally rehearsed an imagined argument with your

co-worker, had a daydream about the death of a loved one, or imagined

the worst possible outcome to a situation you were


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are using

the powerful force of mental imagery to create things you do not

desire in your life. Although humanity has always used some form of

mental imagery, it has only been in the last few years that the power

of visualization techniques have been taught widely in our


Businesses train their employees to use visualization to improve

performance and production. Coaches use visualization with athletes

because research has shown that mental rehearsal is an effective

way to increase athletic performance. Students use visualization to

improve test scores while therapists use imagery to enhance

relaxation skills.

Dieters are taught to image a thin and beautiful body. Medical

scientists have watched the power of mental imagery increase the

immune system as well as lower a person’s blood pressure and heart

rate; therefore, medical professionals often teach patients

visualization techniques to assist in their healing process.

Visualization techniques can be applied to many areas of your

life, and if you will use them to consciously create what you want to

experience, these techniques will assist you in soaring above the


Positive Visualization

The two components of an effective positive visualization

technique are a clear image of what you want to create combined with

a strong positive emotion. Mental images do not always come in the

form of a picture. Some people use words, thoughts, or sensations

to create a mental image.

You can determine what components you use to create mental

images by observing your daydreams or fantasies. Do you see clear

pictures, or do your daydreams consist of blurred images with clear


Visualization Process

The first step in doing a positive visualization is determining

what you want to create in your life. If you do not know

specifically what it is you want to manifest in your life, you can

create with “broad brushstrokes.”

Broad brushstrokes define the general events in your life while

omitting the specific details. For instance, you may not know the

particular person you would like to have as a life partner, so you

visualize yourself in a relationship that is harmonious, joyful, and

romantic. You imagine yourself and your future partner sharing a fun

and fulfilling life. You generate the feelings of love and joy as

you create these images in your mind. Once you have created the

broad brushstrokes, you patiently wait as the God force fills in

the details of the picture you have created.

If you are certain of the specific details you want to manifest,

you can clearly imagine these events in your minds eye. There is

nothing wrong with creating something specific; however,

manifestation often comes more quickly if you leave the details of

your creation to your Higher Self.

If you need a new car, you can trust that God will bring you the

very best car possible. Visualize yourself driving a beautiful car

without seeing a particular model or color; then wait for God to

surprise you with something better than you could have imagined.

Visualization is a powerful tool of consciousness. Combine

visualization with prayer, faith, or love to assist you in soaring

above any crisis that may come your way.

The Secret

Remember, when you visualize, see the desired picture more and

more complete, see the detail, and, as details begin to unfold the

ways and means for brining it into manifestation will develop. One

thing will lead to another.

The architect visualizes his building, he sees it as he wishes

it to be. His thought becomes a plastic mold from which the

building will eventually emerge, a high one or a low one, a beautiful

one or a plain one, his vision takes form on paper and eventually

the necessary material is utilized and the building stands


Start using your power of visualization to achieve success,gain

health and wealth,loving relationship and happiness of life.

Use your visualization power to make all the money you so desired?

You got to master the secrets of KNOW HOW TO BE RICH!

Furthermore, you can make your visualized-goal to appear faster by

using self affirmations tool.Affirmations have long been recognized

as a powerful tool in manifesting desires. That's because the

subconscious mind cannot differentiate between actual reality and

suggestions. Therefore, it processes suggestions (or affirmations)

as being real -- and goes about using its powerful creative ability

-- and that of the nervous system -- to actualize those


For this reason, people from all walks of life -- from athletic

coaches, to sales professionals, to religious leaders, and peak

performance experts (like Anthony Robbins) promote the practice of


Affirmations are powerful in and of themselves. But now... imagine

multiplying the power of affirmations exponentially so that the

results would not only be more dramatic -- but would also manifest

your desires in record speed.

How is that possible? By leverage the advanced technology

of Affirmation

.Apply affirmations and visualization to create wealth!

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