The Secret of Success Or Failure Revealed

There is a magnetic power within our minds.

It can attracts whatever circumstances, conditions,people,

facts,events and happenings to us according to the same

"vibrational frequency-dorminant thoughts" we held in our minds.

This is the great law of attraction that's working within us.
Think good thoughts; you will eventually attract good things.
Think bad thoughts, you will ultimately attract bad things.
The mechanism may be complex and difficult to our understanding,
just as how the earth able to bring forth the fruit from the seed.
But we knew that good tree bears good fruit; bad tree bears bad fruit.
So, the working principle of this phenomena can be boiled down to

this --"like attracts like".
It works that way always,without fail in the spiritual and mental realms.

Another way to coil it is embeded in the following truth,
"As a man think in his heart ,so is he."
So,think healthy thoughts with its associated feeling, you will

eventually get healthy;
think wealthy thoughts,you will one day be prosperious;
and the opposite is equally true.

You must prepare your mind to receive that, for which you are

asking before you can attract it to you--before the God Power within

can help bring it to you!

How is this done? By giving the God Power within the right mental pictures

to work with--reinforced by your faith in God as well as in yourself.

This is the key principle , the surest way in the world to attract success or failure.

The choice is entirely yours!

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