The Ageless Success Principles

The Ageless Success Principles

The principle of all possibility:
The principle of all possibility is the basic nature of this universe
we live in. It is the basic nature of all things on this physical
planet. whether it is an automobile, a human body, a dollar bill, it
all obey the principle of all possibility. By understanding this
principle, our perception about this physical world we live in will
shift instantaneously, and our mental attitude will no longer be the

Then what is this principle of all possibility? The principle of all
possibility says that the universe we live in is a field of all
possibilities, everything in this universe is a field of all
possibilities, and it is a function of our observation. Let me make it
clearer to you, this principle simply means every material thing comes
into existence only due to your observation. Once you withdraw your
observation, it becomes a possibility. For example, the room that you
are living in comes into existence only because you are looking at it,
once you keep your attention away from it, it will suddenly vanishes.

This sounds magical, but it is true. Scientists have already proved
this is a truth. As you have already known from my previous articles
that everything in this universe is made up of subatomic particles,
which is the basic building block of this universe. The strange thing
about these particles is they have never been seen, we know their
existence by observing the trails they left behind. Another interesting
thing about these particles is that they only exist only when we
observe them. When we put our attention on it, it magically appears as
a space time event. Now we have been clear that everything will not
possibly exist without your observation or attention. This universe is
a field of all possibility.

What does this principle have to do with us? It has everything to do
with us, because everything we desire is also a field of possibility.
Everything we desire, no matter it is an automobile, a health body, a
divine relationship, is already existing in this field of all
possibility that we call universe. You can bring them into reality
through the power of your attention. Remember this "Everything that can
possibly exist exists now. Even the version of you living a life of
abundance, experiencing unlimited riches already exist in this field of
all possibility. The reason you have not seen it or experienced it is
because you did not put enough attention on it. At the moment you start
to put your attention on it, the universe will begin to bring it into
your reality. As you think, the universe moves. The universe follows
your instruction exactly, so you must be careful how you are
instructing. The only way the universe receives your instruction is
through your vibration, you must be very sensitive to how you are
vibrating. Your vibration is determined by your attention at this
moment. As soon as you notice your vibration is not in harmony with
what you desire, it is time to shift your attention. The universe
follows your instruction exactly, no matter good or bad, so you must be
sensitive to your vibration moment by moment. This is the key message
in this article.

How to put this principle into practice?

1.From this day onwards, train your mind to see things differently.
Whatever you see, don't see it as a solid object, remind yourself it is
a space time event brought into existence by your observation.

2.Monitor your attention moment by moment, keep you attention on your
desires, knowingly the universe is working perfectly to bring them into
your reality.

3.Remind yourself as many time as possible during the day that
whatever can possibly exist exists now, you can decide to experience
your desires now by shifting your attention.

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