Your Million Dollar Meditation

The Million Dollar Meditation

Here is the Million Dollar Meditation for people who are seeking
financial freedom and abundance.
Dr. Robert Anthony's Million Dollar Secret-Rapid Manifestation Program
Here it goes....

Start by relaxing every muscle in your entire body. Imagine a warm,
healing energy and light caressing and entering every single cell
inside you.

When you are deeply relaxed, repeat the sound “Ahhhhhhhh” out loud, or
in your mind. This is the same sound you would make if you had a big
epiphany or were watching the most exquisite sunset. Let the sound come
out effortlessly, releasing and relaxing your being deep inside.

Let the sound flow gently and naturally out of your lungs and vocal
chords. Don’t force it out. Let it relax you deeper.

Then, imagine a golden liquid light running up from the base of your
spine, through your heart, and showering out the top of your head.
As it fountains out the crown of your head, the liquid light cascades
down over your entire body. You become a fountain of energy, bathing in
golden vibrant goodness.

With each in-breath the energy flows up your spine to the top of your
head. With each out-breath it flows out your crown, cascades down
around your body, and drenches your skin, muscles, bones and cells with
warm golden healing energy.

After 7 minutes of bathing in your golden shower, take the remaining
time to imagine hundreds of millions of dollars (in $100 bills)
floating down from the clouds above, dumping all over your
neighborhood, entering your house, and filling up your room!

Visualize yourself swimming through the money, touching the millions of
dollars around you! Look outside your window and see how EXCITED and
ECSTATIC everyone is! It is raining millions of dollars in everybody’s
home! There is more than enough for everyone.

Let yourself experience this abundance, and feel that you have more
money than you could ever spend or ask for. Experience the feelings of
JOY, SECURITY, and EXCITEMENT this money brings to you.

Allow this feeling of being infinitely rich to sink to the core of your
heart, mind and soul! Know that you are a God created being, and you deserve

As with all manifestation techniques, keep in mind that juicing up your
emotions — really FEELING the joy and excitement outlined in the
meditation — is the best way to kick the attraction power into high

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The more you can relax into your body during this visualization, the
easier it will be to experience feelings of abundance, and actually
attract more funds into your bank account. Receiving this increased
abundance is also about releasing the attachment to your fear of
poverty and financial failure.

This fear dissolves when you know in your heart that God will always
provide for you. This feeling of deep sufficiency occurs when you
realize that you are a God created being and every cell in your body is
vibrating with the Universe’s abundance!

In order to fully maximize the power of this meditation, set a strong
intention to maintain this abundant feeling and vibration all day long.

It feels good to bathe in these feelings of abundance all the time, so
consciously refocus your energy on these feelings whenever your mind
strays back to poverty thinking.

The instant a fear arises, breathe through it, and IMMEDIATELY return
to complete 100% sufficiency and abundance! Start walking, talking and
acting as if you have already attained that ultimate goal you wanted to

This is an exercise in trusting God, yourself, and the natural
manifesting process. So take your time and be patient with yourself.
You will learn as you practice it.

What thing so ever you desire, when you pray,believe you receive it
already, and you shall have it. Mark11:24

By using Dr. Robert Anthony's Million Dollar Secret-Rapid Manifestation Program , you can manifest anything - now!

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