The Power Of Vision

There is power in vision.
What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.You need to create a vision-a visualised goal for your subconscious mind to work on before it can realize your dream.You can do that by creating a vision board.

How to use a vision board to achieve your goals in life?Here is an article.

>>>>>Creating a Vision Board<<<<<
If you are not familiar with a vision board, let me explain what it is. A vision board is simply a collage of pictures of your goals and dreams pasted on poster board giving you a visual for what you want to attract into your life. Search through magazines, brochures, circulars, and the internet for pictures that depict exactly what you want. Cut out the pictures that speak to you. Place you vision board in a prominent place where you can look at it and FEEL yourself in the images.

One of my dreams is to be interviewed on the Oprah show!!! So, ideally, I would collect pictures of guests on Oprah's show and insert my picture instead, creating a visible reality for my dream. In other words, I have a visual reminder to focus on and feel myself in my dream.

The same would hold true if your dream was a new car, a new house, or a new job. You create the dream on a poster board with all the accompanying pictures to attract exactly what you want. It's important to use the exact image of what you want to attract since this will become your reality. To make your vision board even more effective, try adding affirmations. For example, if your dream is to have more family time, you could add an affirmation that says, "I am enjoying spending quality time with my family" or if it's a new car, you are dreaming of, paste a picture of you next to the car and the affirmation would be "I love driving my 2-seater Mercedes" (oh, that's my dream!). You get the picture, don't you?

Although I created my vision board quite a while ago, up until now I hadn't realized just how unfocused it was. It really was a hodge-podge of pictures and quotes mixed together without a real focus.

Some experts say that each area of your life should have its own space, for example, one board for family, career, health, prosperity, etc. I agree with that because I did feel scattered looking at my vision board and I must confess, I didn't have a clear focus for my dreams, at least not on the poster board.

I have now created 4 smaller vision boards that take up no more space than the large unfocused one I had been using. And, already, I see how much difference this makes. I have attracted new speaking opportunities and additional work (career). Of course, just by creating a vision board without believing and taking action is like sitting around waiting for the tooth fairy. You must believe in your dream, envision it and take action to achieve it. It won't happen if you just sit around looking at a poster board - you must act!

Another idea is using an artist tablet to create your vision. For some people, it accomplishes the same thing as the vision board. Personally, I prefer to have my vision board "visible" where I can see it every day. But, if the tablet works for you, by all means use it. Either one can be a powerful visualization tool. The important thing is that you look at it every day until you manifest what you deserve and want.

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Apply your mind power for your success now.Dare to dream.Have great vision for your life and use the technique of Vision Board.It certainly works!

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