Right Attitude Towards Wealth And Money

To be prosperous and wealthy and make lots of money, you need to

develop the abundant mindset.Think wealth,feel wealthy and act upon

your wealth plan of action daily.Your thinking and feeling of

prosperity are vital in your journey of wealth.

Here is an article to pay close attention to if you want to have lots

of money.

"Deserving Wealth & Money" by Lori Hamann

What are your beliefs about money and wealth? Do you deserve to be

wealthy? Do you deserve to have money? Answer those questions in an

honest may find that there is a part of you that feels that

you don't deserve to have money, that you haven't worked hard enough

for it, or you haven't paid your dues. Listen closely to what your

logical mind says versus your gut level responses. There may be a

belief standing in the way of your prosperity!

Maybe - you think that you deserve money but you think that your

"awful boss" or "greedy neighbors" don't deserve it. Have you ever

felt negatively or felt that life was unfair when observing another's

prosperity in comparison to your own? If so, you are buying into the

fact that having money only goes to those who play by certain rules.

What if you don't play by those rules at some point in your life?

Then you won't deserve money either. Right?

These beliefs don't serve you or your ambitions.

So, let's think about the rules that society has made up about being

deserving of wealth. A person should...
~Make few mistakes
~Be kind all of the time
~Share nicely with the rest of us
~Like money but not too much
~Have gone to college and earned it
~Have lived a hard life and have earned it
~Have worked really really hard for it and earned it

And that is just a few. We have many beliefs and rules around money,

and who should get it - and who gets our permission to have it without

our resentment. Seriously think about what you believe to be true

about money in this way. Beliefs such as these only serve one

purpose, and that it to become a block in your ability to manifest all

the money that you want in your life.

The truth: We all deserve money. We all deserve to create as much of

it as we want. We we born creators, and thus we were born with the

right to create our hearts desire, what ever that maybe. Money is not

attached to deservingness - it's only attached to our willingness to

create and cultivate our wants and desires...and that takes passion

and positive attitude.

Let's get logical around money. Negative emotional ties about money

only jam up your flow of prosperity. It's best to look at money as

something that comes and goes in your life, something that is just

energy, and something that you can have a love affair with. Think of

yourself having full access to as much money as you want - at all

times. My daughter calls the bank "the money store"...doesn't that

feel a little easier? Bringing envy, jealousy, or negative rules

about who should have money will only make less of it for you.

Feeling that you don't deserve money will only show up in your life as

less and less money in your life. Why? Because you don't deserve it

and you will go out and create that reality based on your thoughts and


Who's money rules to you want to play by? Society's or your own?

Make up new rules about money! It's time to redefine your level of

deservingness about money. Start here..
~I deserve to create and have all that I desire.
~I love having money and I know that I can have as much as I want at

any given time.
~God/Higher Power/Universe provides for me and I trust that all is

well and that all of my prayers are answered.

Be happy for people who have money - no matter what. If you find

yourself cringing and feeling that others are greedy or you find

yourself judging them, instead bless them for their passion and drive.

Look for the positives in others so that you may attract that unto

yourself. And, be happy for yourself when wealth comes into your

life in anyway, express gratitude and thanks. Focus on the money that

you do have, you will notice more wealth coming into your life. Take

charge and disconnect the beliefs that are not serving have

the power to do this. Live consciously!

Lori Hamann © 2004--Lori Hamann, MSE : Lori works with her clients to

"attract" abundance and prosperity in their lives. She has a very

eclectic approach, & integrates the principles of the Law of

Attraction into her coaching. Lori is the author of this newsletter

and can be visited at

If you want to have lots of money or to make money easily in your

busines,you must develop a right attitude toward money.

On the other hand,develop a consciousness of prosperity and wealth if

you want to live abundantly.Your magnetic mind power will attract

prosperity and wealth to you.That is the law of mind and the law of

attraction.Be diligent in building this wealth mentality of
Wealth Consciousness.

It always pay for you to Think Rich all the time!

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