What Riches Mean To You?

HOW would you define the word riches?

The answer you give is exactly what this book will mean to you.
When the word riches is used, it will mean riches according to your interpretation.
Some of you will visualize riches as an unlimited supply of money; a regal estate; a yacht; an airplane, etc. And if this is your objective—fine.

Build upon it in your imagination and, as you continue reading this book, you'll find it will be well within the realm of possibility to make your dream a reality.
Perhaps you interpret riches as meaning leadership: leadership in politics, in
industry, in commerce, etc. Should your desires fall in this category, the contents of this book will put you on the right track to fulfillment.

You might think that wishing for both material riches and riches in personal power is expecting too much. But it is not. In fact you can hardly have one without the other. But beware! To wish for both—or even one—would get you nowhere. Be careful of that word wish! It can do you more harm than good as you'll later learn.

I once heard a definition of riches which may apply to some of you.

Edel and I were visiting the cozy bungalow of a day laborer and his family.
The house was small, but very tastefully furnished. It contained most of the modern conveniences. The small yard showed evidence of a green thumb. The mortgage on the house had been fully paid off. The husband had an income on which the family could live comfortably, and he was assured a pension when his day of retirement arrived. The total physical assets of this family would not exceed $12,000.
"I consider ourselves to be the richest family in town," she said with great pride. "We have no financial worries" she continued, "and perfect harmony reigns throughout our house."

If you have not attained this level of riches, you can think of it as your first plateau and use the power you will gain from this book to lift you up to it. Upon reaching this standard you can raise your sights once more and continue your climb to higher and higher realms.

There are those on this earth who possess practically nothing of a material nature, but who consider themselves rich, because of their happy minds and healthy bodies.
I do not believe any one of us should aspire to be a Croesus, because material riches can engender unhappiness as easily as they can raise one to the heights of ecstasy.
At this point I am going to ask you a very pertinent question: "What is the greatest good one may expect from riches?"

To have money in the bank; to own a palatial home; to be able to entertain lavishly; to be able to travel anywhere anytime—in first-class manner—and to have a wardrobe which would be the envy of all, are a few of the things you might consider as being the advantages of riches.

Think of these things and anything else which might be associated with money and you will still be wrong as far as an intelligent answer to the question is concerned.

The real reason for wanting riches is to be happy. This is the end result of all accomplishment. Although one thinks his goal is riches, in reality he is seeking the soul-satisfying happiness which comes with achievement; the riches are his reward for attaining his objective.

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The Secret to a Successful Life is The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is one of the Universal or Natural Laws of this Universe. Like gravity or electricity, it works with mathematical certainty. It is energy in motion.

Whatever you are consciously or unconsciously focusing on in your life, you will attract more of, to you. Your inner world defines your outer physical experience.

Your job, when you have awoken from the "adamic dream", is to take control of both your conscious and unconscious minds and to focus them both on what you would like to experience from life.

Perhaps you don't know what you want or why you are here?

Read on...

Your subconscious mind is your operating system and is filled with beliefs and values which unconsciously direct your experiences. It is your inner world.

Your conscious mind is the only tool that you have to change the content of your subconscious mind.

Each habit that you desire to acquire must be put into your subconscious mind by focusing on it for whatever period of time it takes to create a new subconscious habit. When you have a new subconscious habit that you are happy with you can move onto the next thing that you wish to master.

A new habit takes about 30 days to acquire, so there are a limited amount of habits that you can acquire in your life time , so choose well what you want to achieve and then input the habits .

Habits form your character.

You are your habits.

Who you think you are is simply the sum of the predominant programs in your subconscious.

You cannot delete a habit that you no longer desire, you can only input a new habit that you wish to acquire and which will override the old unwanted habit.

Some habits are easy and some are not so easy to acquire. If you have any addictive behaviors then overcoming those will require discipline and single minded determination.

An addictive behaviour is anything that you do without consciously choosing to do it.

You vision for your life is the map which your subconscious will follow.

If you have no vision you will merely be playing out what you don’t want on a daily basis, or someone else's plan for your life.

Generally you know what you don’t want because it is not you. It is the habits and beliefs that were given to you by other people.

Once you are awake you can work to override what is not you with what is you.

Your feelings will guide you. If something feels good then it is for you , if something feels bad then it is not you.

There are really only two feelings, good and bad. Take action to override the bad with what makes you feel good. You will know the right moves to make by developing your intuition , or your sixth sense.

This is your spirit communicating to you through your subconscious mind.

Your spirit is also you.

Learn to quieten you conscious mind so that you can receive messages from your subconscious mind.

Communication with your subconscious mind is like learning a language.

You need to be able to clearly communicate what you want in a way that your subconscious mind understands and takes action to focus you on what you want so that the law of attraction can bring it to you.

And you need to be able to understand what your subconscious mind is communicating to you so that you can direct your conscious mind to forming new habits and focusing on what it is that will manifest your desires for you.

That is it.

That is the game of life.

Your soul has a purpose and when you find that purpose you will be in mind body spirit harmony .You will be "Living your Bliss".

As we all know, changing can be difficult. Some things are easy but others are like climbing a mountain. That is because the things that you want to change are a part of you and you need to bring in a new part that is not yet you so that it becomes you.

Every one is different. No two people are the same because no two people have the same content in their minds, the same experiences... the same programs running them or the same soul purpose.

So no one solution is going to work for all people .

There will be things that you do which will give you shifts and take you onto the next challenge . Life is like a never ending mountain with a series of climbs and plateaus . Some of the climbs are steeper than others and some of the plateaus are shorter than others but it never stops, so the enjoyment of life comes from enjoying the journey.

The journey is the reward and the goals achieved are like birthday presents. They will give you happiness enjoying them, for a while , but then you will need new challenges to encourage your passion.

You can find your purpose in life and when you do find your purpose you will enjoy every day as you will be doing what you are loving to do.

Most of the world does not enjoy what they do or how they live and so find no passion in daily life.

They react rather than choose what they want to do. They follow other people's dreams.

If you decide to find your passion and follow it then you will find the means of finding it. More on The Master Key System in Mp3.

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