Abundant Thinking Brings Wealth

How to attract prosperity and abundance, and create your own

Millionaire Mindset and become Wealthy?

Abundance thoughts will attract abundance into your life.Wealthy and

successful people dwell on the richness of everything they touch.

As they saturate their minds with success, wealth, health and

prosperity thinking,the law of attraction work for them to bring to

pass whatsoever they so desired.

Focus on success, you will be successful; focus on prosperity, you

will be wealthy. Here is an interesting article by Sandy on rich


Enjoy the following article on building an abundant mentality-
"Focus on Abundance"by Sandy Forster-Australia's Leading Prosperity


Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity, Financial Freedom – we all crave it,

not just for what the money will do, but for the choices it will give

us, for the fun we can create with it, for the life we can live with

it. Why is it that some people seem to attract money and riches so

easily, and others live their entire lives struggling to make ends


Why does it often seem that the rich just get richer and the poor just

get poorer? Well guess what – it’s not about how MUCH money you make,

but how you THINK about money and what you DO with that money that

will make all the difference between whether you will live a life of

Prosperity or one of continual money challenges. But no matter what

your situation – it CAN be changed. If you desire MORE Abundance in

your life – then read on!

Living the life of your dreams instead of just dreaming about it is

all about creating a Millionaire Mindset. And that’s my specialty! I

have been a Prosperity Mentor for over 4 years with clients from all

over the world. I love to share different strategies, skills,

exercises and ideas on how to keep your mind focused on raising the

levels of Wealth in your life. Because the more you focus on

something, the FASTER you will attract it into your life.

Take a moment to think about where your focus or predominant mental

attitude is. And if it’s more on your bills, debts and lack of money,

then you MUST begin to focus on wealth, riches and prosperity – or you

will never be able to attract it into your life. A surprisingly simple

but amazingly powerful exercise to attract prosperity to you takes

less than a minute a day, and if you do this daily, you’ll be amazed

at what you begin to attract into your life. This exercise is called

Abundance Breaths and basically all you need to do is breathe. Well,

actually, it’s a little more than that…

As already stated, you become what you focus on. Too often, it can be

challenging to know exactly what you do want. You get caught up in

trying to make up your mind - “Do I want this or that? What if I get

that and I really would have preferred this?” “I thought I wanted

this, but now I think I want that”.

Sometimes it’s easier if you can just focus on the feeling of

abundance, rather than the specifics of what that abundance will be.

It is the feeling that has the attraction power anyway. You can get

specific when all the money comes in!

What you should do before this exercise to create avalanches of

abundance and prosperity is find a comfy chair and sit down with your

feet flat on the floor, back straight and hands resting in your lap

with palms facing up. Gently close your eyes and keep them closed.

Before you get started just imagine that you are now surrounded by

tiny, minute particles of abundance; that you are immersed in a sea of

prosperity and you can reach out and touch it and bring it into your

life whenever you desire (which you can!).

When you’re ready, take a long, slow, deep Abundance Breath in to the

count of three, totally expanding and filling your lungs. Imagine all

the while that you are breathing in those particles of prosperity and

they are filling every fibre of your being. Feel that feeling of being

flooded with abundance. Hold your breath for the count of nine and

feel every atom, every cell in your entire body being plumped up with

prosperity, filled with abundance, vibrating with riches. And then

slowly, to the count of six, breathe out that Abundance to circulate

throughout the Universe – really force all that air out.

Once again, take another long, slow, deep Abundance Breath in, and

this time, see your body light up from the inside out, glowing with

prosperity, sparkling with riches, dazzling with wealth. I like to

imagine that my body is glowing from the inside out with that same

golden glow that radiates from Scrooge McDuck’s millions, or the gold

in Aladdin’s cave! Once again, hold for the count of nine, seeing that

glow, feeling that glow, then on the out breath, once again breathe

out the abundance to circulate throughout the Universe.

One last time, slowly breathe in a huge big Abundance Breath for the

count of three, and while you hold that breath for the count of nine,

imagine and feel what it’s like to be totally abundant, amazingly

wealthy, to have achieved financial freedom and be rich beyond your

wildest dreams. Feel how that feels; feel how light and free and good

that feels. Expand that feeling; feel it flood through your body.

Embrace that amazing feeling throughout your body, mind and spirit.

And for the last time, slowly breathe that abundance and prosperity

out to circulate throughout the Universe.

And when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes, feeling prosperous,

feeling wealthy, feeling rich, rich, rich! As I said, this is a very

easy, very powerful little trick you can do daily or many times, if

you want to attract MORE into your life. It only takes a couple of

minutes, but has amazing money-magnetizing powers. Once you get really

good at your Abundance Breaths, you won’t even need to close your eyes

– you will be able to feel those feelings, see your body glowing with

prosperity and really feel you are beginning to attract money anytime,

anywhere – what fun! Remember, the idea is to focus on what you DO

want – and that’s a life filled with prosperity, abundance, riches,

wealth and happiness!

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So let's build your Wealth Consciousness-It's key to get wealth.

You first build a consciousness of abundance and wealth in you

thinking mind,then your creative power within your subconscious mind

will help create the facts in the physical realm.

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