Using Self-Affirmations To Create Wealth

One of the secrets to influence your subconscious mind for wealth is to use self-affirmation.Many wealthy and successful people use the principle of self-affirmation effestively.

How do you apply the power of self affirmations or autosuggestions, as Napoleon Hill has called it,to create wealth,health and happiness in your life now?

There is dynamic power in affirmations! Our self-affirmations control us because we keep repeating them over and over to ourselves-and often to anyone we can get to listen.Hour after hour, that little voice in our head keeps telling us things like:

*I better not try that
*They'd probably just turn me down anyway
*What if I call him and he says no/
*If I miss the next one, I've had it
*She wouldn't go out with me
*I don't have a chance to win this one now

These kind of negative self-affirmations are tension-building and confidence-destroying affirmations that many of us wash through our brains all day every day. No wonder we're afraid to try new things--we always lose when we do.Which is what we expected. Which is why we did.It's a closed loop. Expected failure keeps on breeding more failure, which in turn breeds more expectations of failure.
We can just as well tell ourselves to succeed!

That is, we can just as well set ourselves up to keep on breeding the expectation of success, which will breed success, which will breed the expectation of success. That's a closed loop too, and it's what flipping our switch from failure to success, from lose to win is all about!We start by telling ourselves that we can do it.

Here is an effective system to change form losing to winning, from failur to success.

1.Make up a set of new self-affirmations.Let these self-affirmations be carefully thought through.

2.Then they'll be written out.

3.Finally, most importantly, they'll be reviewed frequently as a conscious act.

In other words, they are different because these self-affirmations are completely under your control. This means that you can make them completely positive to what you want to do now. Write your new self-affirmations on 3 x 5 inch cards, one to a card.Carry your pack of self-affirmation cards(not more than 12 cards at a time) with you. Review them as soon as you can in the morning, whenever you have a spare moment during the day, and before you go to bed at night.

This system works.Beautifully and constantly with astonishing power.Review your new self-affirmations at least 3 times a day. and you have to take enough time to visualize being who and what that affirmation is about with keen emotional force.

Following are some power affirmations which we can affirm to ourselves to produce powerful results of attaining wealth,success,health,achievement in the shortest possible time:
*Every day, I get closer to my goals
*Today I'll meet the right people in the right place at the right time for the betterment of all
*I always prepare thoroughly for every important thing that I do.That is one reason why I accomplish so much in my business
* Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
* I now feel happy and blissful just being alive
* I am a radiant being filled with light and love
* Everything is coming to me easily and effortlessly
* Day by day in every way I am getting better and better
* I find time to relax and be me
* I set goals and achieve them easily and effortlessly
* The light of God is creating miracles in my life here and now

How to you use your power of affirmation to attract wealth and make money for yourself?

Here is an motivating article on The Power Affirmations for Attracting Money-By Jeff Staniforth
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So you desire to gain material things in life? Affirmations are usually effective in this respect - maybe even more so than with other desires because material desires often come with stronger emotional attachments.

You'll recall that in my previous article, "Why Do Some Affirmations Work - and Others Don't?" I emphasized that affirmations that are emotionally charged are the ones most likely to work. So when you are emotionally connected to your desire for material things, you can use the power of affirmations to see how quickly your need is manifested!

Power Affirmations for Attracting Money.

If your desire is to have an abundance of money to fill your needs, practice this affirmation: "I always have an abundance of money to meet all my needs." Repeat it several times, then stop affirming. Be silent while knowing, visualizing, and feeling how it is to already have the amount of money you desire. Feel as though it has already happened, and that all your needs are more than satisfied. While in this state, hold yourself open to all the ways and means by which you will have money flow into your life to meet your every need.

Following are other power affirmations for abundant supply. Choose the affirmations that feel appropriate to you --those that resonate with you, or strike an emotional chord. It is important that the words feel comfortable to you and are in line with who you are. Feel free to create one for your specific need by substituting other words that have special meaning to you:

Affirmations of Abundant Supply:

* I am now open to receive.
* Life is easy, I have an abundance of whatever I need.
* I now have surplus, all my needs are being met.
* I have unlimited abundance.
* I now give and receive freely.
* This is a rich universe and there is plenty for all of us.
* I now live in a rich and loving universe.
* Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
* I am always supplied with whatever I need.
* I move forward with an expectancy of my greatest good.
* I look for and receive a bountiful supply.
* My greatest good is coming to me NOW.

The last affirmation was a turning point for me personally.

I've since created about 20 variations of this affirmation, and created a screen saver I call "My Ideal Relationship With Money". And, for a limited time only, I am giving this "Invest in your future" screen saver away for Free when you purchase the Sculptor 3 program. For details, Affirmation Software!

TIP: How to Maintain the Emotional Charge of Your Affirmations

Most people who practice affirmations experience the challenge of maintaining the emotional charge of their affirmations. That's because although the power of thought is amazingly strong, it remains strong for a short period of time. Its quality changes and tends to diminish with each repetition.

For example: Suppose you recite an affirmation such as: "All my needs are met instantaneously." The affirmation produces a feeling, and you understand and connect with the affirmation at a certain level. But when you continue repeating the affirmation, "All my needs are met instantaneously," again and again, the thought seldom maintains the same level of emotion previously achieved. With each repetition, you tend to lose the mental picture of what the words mean, and they start to have less meaning.

Affirmations that are meaningless fail to reach deep enough to touch the limitless powers of your subconscious mind.

To prevent this from happening, I've developed the software program called Sculptor 3, which combines affirmations with 7 of the best results-amplifying technologies that are tested and proven to increase the power and speed of manifestation. Discover how to tap into the power of computerization to take the power of your affirmations to the highest level at Affirmation Software!


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