Develop A Prosperous Millionaire Mindset

As a man think in his heart, so is he. You need to develop a

millionaire mindset before you accumulate your wealth outwardly.

Think abundance. Knowing that there is so much to share and to enjoy.

Here are some abundant thoughts which will help you to develop a

millionaire mindset.

"Top 10 Tips to Prosperity",
by Sandy Forster - Australia's Leading Prosperity Mentor

Experiencing a life of effortless prosperity, total financial freedom

and outstanding success is available to everyone - even YOU - but you

have to know the secrets! Here are 10 from the International

Bestseller How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST - make them a part of your

daily experience and you'll begin to see more money, riches, wealth

and abundance in your life than ever through possible!

1. Create a Millionaire Mindset

You will create more of whatever you focus on consistently. If you

desire to become Wealthy and Abundant - you must THINK like the

Wealthy and dream Abundant thoughts. Once you have conditioned your

mind to focus on Riches, Abundance and Prosperity MORE than poverty,

lack and limitation - that's when MORE Money will begin to flow into

your life!

2. Know what your Money is doing

If you haven’t mastered this one, you could seriously be strangling

your flow of Abundance. If you spend recklessly, don't pay bills on

time, have no idea what money comes in and what goes out, on a

subconscious level you could actually be repelling Wealth. You may be

pushing it out of your experience because deep inside, you realise you

wouldn’t know how to handle more money even if you had it. You will be

amazed at how you ‘magically’ tap into MORE Prosperity when you become

a master at managing your Money!

3. Constantly see the money already in the Bank

Visualising the Riches you desire in your life will accelerate the

money into your experience at lightening speed. See yourself in your

minds eye already using the things you bought with your mountains of

money, living in the house you built with your wildly wonderful

wealth, driving the car you purchased with your cash. Enjoy this one

– add those delicious feelings of love, satisfaction and gratitude at

the same time as you see your picture of wealth for even faster


4. Be consistently grateful for your Abundant Riches

Gratitude is one of the most powerful, yet underestimated prosperity

tricks you can use. The more you are grateful for – the more will be

given to you for you to be grateful for. This is a challenging concept

if you are currently experiencing financial or personal hardship – but

it’s well worth it. At the end of each day, write down at least 5

things you are grateful for – anything at all – the sunshine on the

water, the birds singing in the trees, a cuddle from your children,

the fact that the day is over and it’s time for bed (when I first

began studying prosperity I had to use that one on a number of

occasions!). Do this consistently for the next 60 days and be amazed

at the abundance that begins to flow into your life.

5. Do something that makes you feel Rich

Whether you can afford to do this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis,

just make sure that you consistently do something that you KNOW rich

people do! Have a massage, buy fresh flowers, go to a day spa, hire a

Porsche, go to a restaurant and don’t even look at the prices, have

someone come in and clean your house, take your best friends out to

lunch. Or do something that is FREE – pick a bunch of flowers, take a

picnic to the beach at sunset, go for a drive in an expensive estate

and imagine which house you now own. Whatever it is for you – just DO

it! The more you practice this feeling rich, the faster it becomes a

part of you. Just a quick note – do NOT go into debt to practice this

one, make sure you spend only what you have in cash.

6. Create a space for your Prosperity

This one is EASY! The Universe abhors a vacuum. Create a space for

your prosperity and it will be filled. Get rid of the clutter in your

life – the books you don’t read, the paperwork in your drawers, the

old clothes that don’t fit, the boxes of junk in the garage. When you

clean out the old, you make room for the new – so start creating that

space for abundance today.

7. Laugh and have fun

I’m serious! One of the most important things you can do on a daily

basis to move easily and effortlessly into the flow of prosperity is

laugh. Having fun moves your energy into a place of attraction – use

this time wisely to attract to you the prosperity you desire. When

you are playing with your children, watching a funny movie, spending

time with your friends, laughing loudly at a joke – just for a few

seconds while you’re in that fabulously funny space, imagine yourself

as a multi-millionaire, feel the feelings you would feel knowing that

you now have more money than you could ever spend, and feel SO GOOD

about it.

8. Celebrate your Wealth

Do something grand or do it small, but celebrate today! Have a

Prosperity party and invite your friends around complete with

tuxedoes, ball gowns and waiters. Everyone (even the not so rich) must

pretend for the evening that they have over $50,000,000 net worth and

chat about which jet they are taking on their next overseas jaunt,

what luxury car they are driving or the spending sprees they are

planning. If that’s out of your price (and comfort) range – gather a

group of friends and sing ‘Money, Money, Money’ at the top of your

lungs as you dance around the house. Maybe you’d prefer to sprinkle

100-dollar bills and rose petals over your bed and roll around

joyously with your lover. And make it a habit to shout thank you to

the Universe every single time more prosperity flows your way –

whether that’s finding 1c on the street, an unexpected $100 in the

mail or a $10,000 windfall – celebrate it all!

9. Share your good fortune

Tithing is an age-old secret that Millionaires have known about

forever! Plus, they didn’t wait until they were rich to begin

tithing, they did it before, during and after they accumulated their

wealth. Universal Law states that the more you give of something, the

more you receive. If you want more smiles, give more smiles, if you

want more love, give more love – if you want more money give more

money. Generally tithing means to give 10% of all you make back to the

person, place or institution who feeds you spiritually or empowers you

to be your best. Having said that – don’t get too hung up on where the

money goes, just GIVE! Whenever you do give money to others, bless it

and expect it’s ten fold return back to you – you will be amazed at

the abundance that pours into your life.

10. Prosperity is more than just masses of money, outrageous riches

and Avalanches of Abundance

Prosperity and Abundance are worthless if you don’t have your health,

loved ones in your life and something to do each day that makes your

heart sing. On the other hand, if you’re continually struggling

financially, it certainly takes the shine off all other areas of your

life. Why not have it all? It really IS possible. How would you

feel if you could spend each day with friends that inspire and uplift

you? Only work because you love what you do. Be able to spend your

time doing what you choose and when you choose and continue to

experience greater and greater levels of abundance, wealth and

prosperity year after year.

When you continually and persistently create a Millionaire Mindset,

manage your money wisely, visualize yourself as wealthy, are grateful

for the richness already in your life, feel abundant, clean up your

clutter, laugh, celebrate and share your wealth - you will unleash

such a flow of prosperity in your life - you will finally believe you

CAN Create Outrageous Riches, Plentiful Prosperity, Wildly Wonderful

Wealth, Fabulous Financial Freedom and Mountains of Money NOW!

© 2004 Sandy Forster


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