Bruce Lee's $10 Million Dollar Secret Exposed

Bruce Lee's $10 Million Dollar Secret

By Gary Ryan Blair (The Goals Guy)
Creator of Your Personal Strategic Plan

Here's a message which I'm sure you'll love, and find
immediate value from.

At Planet Hollywood in New York City, there is a letter
hanging on the wall that martial artist and actor
Bruce Lee wrote to himself.

The top of the letter, which Lee WROTE and
dated January 9, 1970, has stamped on it "SECRET."
It starts out, "By 1980 I will be the best known
oriental movie star in the United States and will
have secured $10 million dollars."

The most interesting part of this letter, however,
was the second part-the part, often omitted when we
sit down with ourselves to set goals.

Lee goes on to write, "And in return I will give the
very best acting I could possibly give every single
time I am in front of the camera and I will live in
peace and harmony."

How fascinating that Bruce Lee wrote he would have
peace and harmony after he said what he would do to
obtain his goal.

There are two kinds of goals: product and process.

A product goal is what you are going to achieve, such as,
"I will become a Vice President of Sales by next June,"
or "I will weigh 118 lbs, wear a size 2, and look fabulous
on my birthday."

A process goal is what we will do to get it, which means
developing a "prescription for success." This is a plan
that winners will follow very closely in their daily work
habits and periodically evaluate themselves on.

To learn how to apply Bruce Lee's product and process
"SECRET",listen to the audio at the following link and
enjoy the message.

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