A Secret To Feeling Good

Technique No 2: Capture Magic Moments

We don't remember all things happen in our lives,
but we remember some moments. Unfortunately, most
people only remember the unhappy moments, and forget
those happy moments. These unhappy memories only make
them more unhappy, and they don't even notice.

The purpose of this technique is to help you
consciously memories those magical happy moment
so that they will make you more happy. It is very
simple, keep a magical journal, every night before
you go to bed, recall all the good things happened
in your day. Note down things you enjoyed, things
you learned, and most importantly things you have
achieved. Every week, record down top achievements
during the week, and every month, record down top
achievements during the month. You will be amazed
by how many things you have achieved, and wander
why you did not notice them before.

Take your 10 day challenge, you will love the
positive changes in your life. Till you find your
ability of feeling good increases, you will really
live with your true purpose.
Rapid Manifestation

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