A Powerful Technique To Feel Good

A Powerful Technique to Live With
Your True Purpose by Song Chengxiang
Whenever I ask people this question,

"what do you really want in your life?"

They will usually give me answers as follows.

"I want to have more success in my life."

"I want to have more money."

"I want to have a better relationship."

Then I ask them " What will success give you?"
" What will money give you?" "What will a good
relationship give you?"

They will always come down to one answer" Feeling Good!"

Yes, "Feeling Good is the Ultimate Needs of any
human being." Nothing is important than feeling good.
Therefore, the quality of your life comes down to
one thing --your ability to feel good.

Did I say that? Yes, feeling good is an ability.
It is like your muscle, the more you use, the stronger
it will become. You either use it or lose it.
Unfortunately, majority of the people today have
forgotten how to use this powerful ability.

Today I will give you some powerful techniques, as
long as you use them, they will awaken your ability
of feeling good. The quality of your life will
increase dramatically, you will have tremendous
amount of energy, live a life of total fulfillment"
These techniques are so simple that you couldn't
believe it. I only ask you to keep a ten-day commitment,
use them for ten days, see how your life will change.
After ten days, you decide keep them or not. I bet
you will get addicted to it. Ok Let's Begin.

Technique No 1: Flip Switch

Although we know the importance of feeling good, most
of time in daily life we forget about it. We are so
busy at dealing with the "important matters" we meet
everyday, and we forget the more important matter
" Feeling good, live a stress free life". At the
moment we realize it, we are already in a deep state
of negativity.

The Solution is to do a "Flip Switch" throughout the day.

What is Flip Switch? Flip Switch is a technique that
you hold in mind a positive image, a moment of past
that you feel really good, or just an imagined event
that makes you feel good. Hold it for a few seconds.
At the moment you do your Flip Switch, it will cancel
out all the previous negative emotions. The key is
to do it often. Don't wait until your negative emotions
get big, and dominant you thoughts. Kill the monster
when it is little.

Do this exercise throughout the day, you will see
the changes in your life simultaneously. I can't
stress more how powerful this exercise is, try it
out yourself.

Some people find it is hard to hold a image, my answer
to them is just pretend you see. The importance is
not how clearly you see, but how strong you feel.

The idea of Flip Switch comes from Dr Robert Anthony,
to get more detailed instruction and other powerful
techniques, check out his programs

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